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I was present to see the first time the new beekeepers inspected the hives. The photo gallery tells more of the story! West Plains Beekeeper George Purkett uses the smokers to calm the bees before opening the hive. Beekeeper George Purkett quizzes the incarcerated beekeepers on the health of the bees the bees are doing great! Photo by Emily Passarelli. Honeybees are so docile you can pet them! They were warm and fuzzy. After finding the queen, Mr. Purkett marked the queen with a special marker. She had to stay in the queen bee holder until the ink marking dried. After the queen was released, the other bees surrounded her.

Can you see her? Varroa mites are one of the major honeybee killers. To test for them, George took about bees and shook them with sugar. Later, the bees enjoy cleaning and eating the sugar off their bodies! The sugar pops the mites off. Thankfully, this hive is clean from mites! Congrats to the newly certified staff and incarcerated beekeepers! These two were particularly energetic and engaged, always participating in everything: they asked great questions, brought insight to environmental discussions, and were willing to hold snakes when needed!

It is stranger yet that many of the people I interacted with in prison will remain there for years to come. He bridged the gap between SPP and the incarcerated students and made sure the workshops were successful for everyone. To me, the story of working with the Sustainability in Prisons Project SPP is one of cooperation, patience, and unlikely friendships. I was troubled by prison in many ways and became more cognizant of institutional discrimination. At the same time, I also encountered such beauty. I have seen in-prison gardens expand to cover acres and beehives spread across the state.

I have seen a room of 80 grown men geek-out over octopuses and vultures and climate science. I have seen hardened corrections officers shift to a focus on rehabilitation and education and understanding. I have seen how—given sufficient opportunity—hope, happiness, progress, and creativity can flourish in any environment. Here he says goodbye to Liliana.

Chris is already so excited to get to know Erin and create more positive changes, like hosting workshops in the visiting room! These valuable experiences will never leave me. As I continue my academic path, I will not forget about those behind bars or other vulnerable populations who are suffering. However, I will also remember the good people working in these institutions who are partners, fighting for change in the ways they know how. With all parties being valued, challenged, and heard, I know great things can happen.

Now the time has come for me to say goodbye and thank you to SPP and everyone with whom I partnered. I am proud to have been a part of this unique endeavor and look forward to watching it continue to grow. With a focus on policy and passion for changing our system of incarceration, I know she will breathe new life into the program and continue its evolution. In Washington, more than incarcerated students have graduated from the 50 hour course since More about the program here. Roots of Success was created by Dr. Originally, this curriculum was designed to increase environmental literacy, academic literacy, and job readiness skills.

Spiritual Survival Guide for Prison and Beyond - AbeBooks - Fred Nelson:

This has historically made the process of returning to their communities difficult. After taking the course, many inmate have exhibited a profound change in their attitudes and social interactions with other inmates. At the date of this article, several of the AHCC Roots of Success facilitators are successful graduates of the good time restoration pathway program. To find how Roots of Success has led to graduates caring more for their communities, one need to look no further than the City of Spokane, Washington, where they will find blankets made out of reclaimed used clothing made by graduate volunteers , and fresh vegetables grown by graduates.

These resources are generated at AHCC by volunteer inmates, at no cost to tax payers, and donated to Spokane charities to help combat the cold and hunger felt by local children, individuals, and families in the Spokane area. Libya, once an island of stability, has become a battleground for warring factions as well as a gateway for mass African-Islamic immigration into Europe and hence more No Go zones, more rioting in the streets of Paris and Malmo, more terrorism and gangbanging, etc. Allowing a mass third world migration into Europe or America would have been seen as having the same end as the Romans inviting, say, the Vandals to settle in Hispania or Africa.

But we live in more ideological times. Making the distinction between civilization and barbarism will not gain the candidate any points on their PhD committee nor win any corporate-government grants. Expecting the system to defend the interests of White people just may be an exercise in futility these decadent days.

Whites need to self-organize, form their own warlord bands, and carve out a space for a new civilization. And in that Whites may create their own triumph. It is a mind which learns to play with counters and arrives at answers which work — in a bourgeois environment.

There is a world of terrifying reality to which the tidy moralities of an Anglican parsonage do not seem applicable. Sorry, but it has zero to do with white nationalism and everything to do with spontaneity and free will. Spontaneity and free will, i. Dionysian and Apollonian. Like I said, Nietzschean. Thanks for the comment and observations.

Nonetheless, perhaps the time has come for me to re-read Nietzsche, whom I confess to not ever having liked overmuch. Even at 17, Zarathustra seemed a bit over the top. Is the movie a white nationalist movie? Upon rewatching the film, I have to conclude that there is little to no Zen in it. But again, even apart from being generic, Mannheim says it in a rather defeatist manner, which is not consistent with one who has transcended such distinctions.

There is nothing faggy or homoerotic in the film. That the Ubermensch is not a Zen idea is both true and irrelevant. The Mannheim character is an expression of ideas or ideals that are Nietzschean and also inspired by Dostoyevsky. The film takes place in Alaska, and uses the arctic environment to excellent effect. Buckley with respect to Europe and its culture and civilization and its importance to human culture and civilization as a whole. Good luck to you folks, and thanks for your contributions.

I suspect most commenters here are far younger than I, so I respectfully submit a suggestion based on long and varied experience: lighten up a bit when taking into account experience versus ideas. Manny and Jonah are brothers. The relationship between Manny and Buck is that of an older and wiser man to a younger and less experienced one. There is zero hint of pederasty or anything like it. Or childless hedonist alcoholic skirt-chasers — who will eventually become the former, at best. Some have argued that there is a homosexual element in Nietzsche. I only referenced his understanding of Nietzsche.

You seem to consistently conflate my remarks with those of other commenters or with some vague notion about what everyone associated with this site supposedly believes, and thus you end up disagreeing with statements that neither I nor anyone else made. I never said that the film is white nationalist, nor did anyone say anything about other groups not having worthy cultures. I live in the southern hemisphere, South America, Southern Cone. I moved here 13 years ago for a number of reasons, not least of which was my belief that the multi-culti trend is almost certainly irreversible and one would be wise to best adapt to that projected reality.

I thus chose a country that has very, very few blacks and is not likely to have any in the foreseeable future. The local mestizos are nothing like what one finds in the USA and this village could pass for Mayburrito, USA, given the friendliness of all, the total absence of crime, etc. Thanks for the reply. An anecdotal example: we are about to celebrate a major holiday here and the main feature of it is an equestrian parade with the riders in traditional costume; nearly all wear ponchos and wide-brimmed hats, but my three-year-old grandson blond and blue-eyed wears a top hat, frock coat and lace-trimmed shirt and his pony is led by a local police officer on foot.

I suspect it will last longer than you may think. Up there? I also want to point out the subservience of blacks to whites in the movie. At the boxing match it is a black homosexual that is up-and-shaking his booty in Daisy Dukes at the audience. Blacks are definitely displayed as inferior. A mudshark brought her two white daughters to the library, and the nigger just talked to the teenaged girl like she was a piece of shit while the mudshark mother stood around with her head hung down.

Excellent review. Would you be willing to disclose that final revelation to a curious reader? I keep thinking about it and my reading list is already long. Thanks for the answer. I relented and bought the book and went straight to that area. You were right. It does make sense. So you have an academic who blinds himself to the influence of race on the subject matter in his book. A man joins a gang in prison in order to survive. Then he gets busted and goes back to prison.

Interesting tidbit about Edward Bunker that he co-wrote Runaway Train. It was originally a screenplay by Akira Kurosawa, and it is quite simply the most Nietzschean film that has ever been made. Jon Voight IS the splendid blond beast. I would like to see Trevor Lynch tackle this one. I have long thought it should be included in the lists of white nationalist films. You have Kyle T. Heffner bragging that he created the system, and that he would spank that trains big fat ass. You have Stacy Pickren playing a clueless white, blonde, bimbo, assistant to Heffner.

You have T. Carter playing a bumbling, black, assistant to Heffner. You have Jon Voight the Nordic, blond, berserker, beast who is always at war with the system. Feeling of being allergic to all these dense energies coming through. Trying to be guided by the light. Alicia Confusion in the country. Molly Mountains to climb.

Dark cloud over the mountain. Light on the horizon. Tina International Tower of Pisa looks grey and drab. There are few tourists. An image of the Coloseum looking blackened, as though burnt. Feeling that Italy is depressed economically. There is a beach and a dead baby, white and poor Andrew Progressives are coming together in Europe. Doris I see an upsidedown maple leaf. Ed Note: could be a problem with Canada. Brexit falls apart. May cannot get a deal.

Bin A ferry capsizing. Bernie In the news: Men in red soldier uniforms guarding a prison. Eric Assassination attempt on a world leader. Miriam Nuclear power accident Ukraine. Baba There is a poison in the air. It is chemical. An attack. Turkish president addresses German Turkish community — not positive. The weather continues to be strange and volatile. Jeanne Mayell Paying more attention to national weather reports night after night because the climate is getting so hostile.

Kristin Apple crops and prices in the news. Sinkhole in the Midwest in the news. Julie The climate is screaming for us to stop the insanity. Molly Lots of snow, cold, extreme blizzards in the U. Rare snow storms in the northwest Puget sound. Very icy and cold. Michelle M. Midwest extreme low temperatures.

A prevalence of wild weather, extreme weather, unexpected weather patterns, jolting of earth, volcanoes brewing coinciding with the Collective knowing that vulture capitolism is harming us. Extreme weather in the Midwest as temps expected to soar by 80 degrees in one day. Gusts of wind, flights cancelled. Storms and gusty winds making plane flying difficult. Sea rough. Europe winter weather. Finding people from the sea, two men. Seaweed increasing in the oceans, choking marine life. Bernie Penguins on Australian shores.

Not normally their home. Bernie The northern lights in the news. March U. I see the image of the Tower from the Thoth Tarot, especially the big red dragon breathing fire. This portends a major crisis is unfolding this month. Weather was cold in March and Trump was facing questions about Mueller report that he was not exonerated. Trump has been put in restraints and six or so men are trying to push and ultimately carry him, head first, up the stairway of a private plane.

This scene is the opposite of June 16, , when Trump descended, arrogantly and unrestrained, down the golden escalator and officially announced his candidacy for president. CDeanne More major revelations by Michael Cohen. Trump is livid. Like a rock dropped in the water, the ripples keep multiplying. There are major realignments in the Congress because of these revelations. Some Republicans break ranks. Bluebelle Uncovering more information about Trump. Many Triump political operatives involved in the coverup.

Fear in the public about economy and climate. Collective anxiety Trump lashing out more. Bright Opal. After this reading was done, the shutdown was suspended in February and a date was set of March 15 for final decision. Trump is fearful, shadow cast over White House and Capital.

Alisa Someone going to jail from Trump administration. Bernie U.

12222 Predictions Made before 12222 in Detail by Month

Karen The mood is a little lighter, but still very serious. Molly A feeling of pressure, unsettledness. Not sure what it portends. Bin Tents, old style pup tents in green fabric. Jordan Feel peaceful. Break in the craziness. Eric Evil is showing its faces finally to the world.

Molly A lot of snow in the Midwest. Duckworth and Murphy in the news. Gun control with veteran support. Luminata Shutdown ends in March from overwhelming personal involvement in reconciling the stalemate. Luminata International Dryer weather. Too much Paula Still fighting about Brexit March. Baba Cloud of exhaust from a fighter jet over desert mountains.

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The fighter jet is out of control,but does not crash. Villager Things feel quieter. The commotion has been subdued. Betty Tension in the collective has reached new heights. England is scared, there is no resolution to Brexit. They are asking with baited breath for Brussels to give them an extension. I originally placed the prediction for February because I had erroneously thought the deadline was March 1, not March Siobhan Gentle waves, not tsunami or hurricane waves, coming into shore and taking things out to sea. Metaphoric not literal. Bernie Northern lights in the news. Julie Tulips in the Netherlands in the news.

Baba April U. White House A big question mark about Trump and what will happen now. Some federal institutions are holding firm—mainly the judiciary and the Justice Department. Congress still waffles around even though more Republicans are speaking out against Trump. Mitch McConnell is nowhere to be seen. Bluebelle Old guard of Republican party hiding.

Trump freaks out, tweets shit storm. Sue Arrests in the administration. Julie Getting the sense that it will be over soon for White House and Trump. Baba Trump getting sick. Bernie The IRS can barely function because of the length of the shutdown and all the confusion surrounding it. Collecting taxes, doing tax returns is chaotic. People distrust federal bureaus even more now, which is what many on the ultra Right now want. They want chaos surrounding all the government agencies. Government open, McConnell shuttered.

Luminata Legal impeachment started. Vagabeau U. People upset about smaller tax refunds this year. Stardust particles being observed under microscope. Alicia Amusement park disaster. Bin Wedding bells for someone famous. Bernie [Jonas brother and star from Game of Thrones tie the knot. They have no idea where to go or if they should stay. Miriam International Putin photo opp. Rotten wood.

Maybe a dance or a sporting event. Julie People are gasping over the news. New Zealand attack Middle East conflicts is growing. There are problems in Saudi Arabia. Alisa Image of cheese and wine. Something is not quite right with these products. It feels like harvest or trade problems. I see rivers overflowing their banks. Siobhan Boys in the river, thigh deep in mud. April and May were months of flooding in south.

Tulips under water. Weather threat to the Netherlands. Rising sea levels have become an issue. Awareness is growing and a movement is rising. Paula Green nuclear waste is in the news. Tina Rain. Wild horses are in the news. Baba May U. Public and government are splitting. A lot of women. Guns and roses.

What happens in Cleveland? Still tension in the collective, but there has been some relief. Molly I feel nervousness. Markets are jittery like Jell-O. Long lines at airports. Bin Fear increasing, feels like panic. Molly [Kamala cross examines William Barr. Bar Possible pipeline problems in the North Central U. Luminata May seems very sad Michelle M. I see children, a dark haired boy and a girl are swimming.

There is a lot of stress in this scene. Might be at the border. Bluebelle Something happening to a tennis professional. Italian tennis star has tantrum during game, throws chair into the stands and is sanctioned. Initiative in Indonesia. Paula Drought in Australia. Baba I see a beautiful blue sky and ocean, yet I feel fearful.

The beautiful scene is deceptive. I also have a sense of a large iceberg floating in the ocean. Bad racial thing in Central Florida. I am seeing a mobile home ablaze. It is humid, a stork flying. Andrew In the news I see urban kid laughing and running in the City of Chicago. Andrew Mueller is in the news.

It feels like Trump has become rigid. I see his arms folded and they are carrying him out like that sideways, arms still folded and body rigid. Jeanne Mayell Trump administration falls apart, members leaving. Bin Pence goes down. Irrefutable evidence is presented that he is involved in the Russian conspiracy. Trump is next. Miriam Pressure building. Tea pot whistling, everyone seems ready or explosive, buzzing energy. Alicia Lots of trouble in June, people upset, lots confusion, anger. In June, the NRA is officially rebuked and good gun laws passed.

Julie International Italy and Pisa in trouble. I see the tower of Pisa tumbling, or threatening to fall. Venice is under water again. Paula Coast of Britain. There are no fishing boats in the water, it looks deserted. Villager Heat in Australia despite it being winter Baba Rocket ship in the news. Tina A submarine accident.

Bernie Italy earthquake. Baba The continent of South America is all yellow. Note: Not a good sign. Andrew I see moths. There are record numbers of moths. They make driving hazardous. Bluebelle Government finally working toward mitigating climate change, too late. Sun is becoming white hot. Caroline Hawk flying over burning landscape. Red sun. Eric Floods in Midwest.

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Julie Wet, rainy West Coast. Bin Cooler than usual across the US.

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Baba Outbreak of a disease waters in trouble around Florida panhandle. Problems with ocean, fish supply, global warming, ice melt. Alisa July U. Kamala Harris is smiling at a parade and rally wearing a white blouse. Melissa F. Children are released from the internment camps at the border. Bluebelle Someone is screaming takedown! Alicia July is strong month for markets, business. Alisa Something happens that makes us all laugh. Julie Fireworks and repression in US. Baba Something to be hopeful about.

Alisa Crowds of jubilant cheers of freedom. Eric Governmental chaos in US. Sue As a country we are in our head not guiding with heart.

Spiritual Survival Guide for Prison and Beyond

Alicia New hotel chain in US. Baba The stars and stripes, then it moves left in a swirl and becomes huge wave crashing to the right. Lots of white water in wave. Kristin Citizens stepping in to handle things where government fails. Sue Terrorist activity at a July 4th celebration.

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Siobhan International Men with shinny dress shoes walking into a tunnel. I think they bought it at a very low price. Vagabeau People on an island waving for help. Large bags of Flour and other supplies being sent. Bernie Pope names female saint. Villager I see people scrambling, screaming, and bombs blowing up. The words Syria or Greece come to my mind. Betty Deflection in Middle East. Luminata Mohammed bin Salman problems. Iran again raises its head. Bin Baking in the hot sun. Karen Trouble with crops all around the world.

Water logged fields. Potatoes wet. Paula I see a big great white shark in the news. Jeanne Mayell Feedback loops in climate change unstoppable. A disaster which could have been prevented with proper EPA oversight. Miriam August U. Bluebelle Trump is gone. Bluebelle Final blow for Trump — Mueller testifies in House. Leads to more legal action and impeachments of members of Congress. The investigations mean Kavanaugh impeachment possible. Luminata Nancy is in charge now Molly U.

Jeanne Mayell I see a huge gorilla in the news, must be a movie. Jeanne Mayell Men in suits. Wall street barons. Jordan School starts with only pencils, paper, and desks. They are making do with little else. No more vying for supplies. Karen Blah, blah, blah. We are all sick of hearing about something. Julie Protests, people want change now, want to end use of fossil fuels and support a green economy. A bomb strikes in a hospital. Karen Hawaii in the news. Baba Navy ships in the water.

Heading somewhere in a hurry. Tension in the air. Villager International Lancaster in the news. Alicia An airliner flying to England is in the news. Very hot. Jeanne Mayell The land is parched. Dry from California, to the Rockies and beyond. The dry line marches eastward. Julie Huge wave of water in Asia. Eric I see a desert, drought in Arizona Bin Crop problems due to lack of water.

Baba Peach crops are in the news. Carson End of summer extreme heat East Coast. End of summer extreme heat on East coast. Melting sidewalks in some countries. Jeanne Mayell I sense earthquakes in unexpected places. I see Russian forest fires. Betty September U. I see a big, thick legal book with a judge presiding over a court. The book represents all the new cases, judgments, laws and various legal activity over the past several years. He ceremoniously turns a page which means, justice will prevail and these things will never happen again. Bluebelle America forgotten.

No one listening to anything to do with Trump. Corruption out in the open. Paula Grey skies over Washington. Bernie Major public unrest by the poor, ugly side of whatever is good. Chicago and St. Andrew School in the news , trouble of some kind. In the news: More funding for schools and students are getting better teachers. Bin Big changes for US citizens, more healthcare. Molly A bright, golden star on top of something.

Might be an illuminated sign. Jordan I see a big, thick legal book with a judge presiding over a court. A very long white banner, stretching far into the distance, is being held up by many. Behind the banner are tens of thousands of smiling, even jubilant individuals. This is what we can do! Karen Amber waves of grain. Patriotism above politics. There is a group that comes together to bridge the parties.

Julie Sailing, I hear pirates in the news. Baba I got a cold chill in my body that was very uneasy in September. Carson Start of new school year delayed because of some disaster, regionally, along coast, eastern seaboard. Acela Amtrak train derailment. Acela is on the Northeast corridor between Washington D. Bin People feel the sun again. Luminata There is a focus on gun safety in U. Siobhan There is a minute of silence in the US. I see men and women in office attire. Betty Major cancer break through. Andrew International Sailing, I hear pirates in the news.

I see a young woman or girl being carried by a fireman. Jeanne Mayell Schools openings delayed because it is too bloody hot! Miriam October U. It looks like the map of the US is on fire. Stress in the collective and in the environment. Jeanne Mayell A lot of stress in Texas. Jeanne Mayell Gas pipeline demonstrations in the Dakotas.

Bluebelle The field of candidates for President is full! So many people. Julie Government operating more smoothly now. Sue Male and female politicians on a rollercoaster ride on the Golden Gate bridge. The women on the ride are not worried. Villager Trump is deteriorating mental and physically in the White House. I see him melting into orange goo. Betty International Tower of London, a flag half mast.

Bernie Some kind of insect swarm, Australia. Baba Jordan More legal ramifications for all players in the worldwide conspiracy to overthrow democratic governments. Alicia I see a tornado; the biggest tornado ever recorded in the US. Jeanne Mayell Lots of wind, wind storms. Alicia Wind gusts unusually high in Boston. Bin November U. It looks like the U. Am unsure if this is political or environmental stress.

A lot of distress in the southwest and Texas. Jeanne Mayell The tipping point comes in US politics. Baba Suspicious packages are mailed to prominent people. Julie Airline crash or plane issue in news. Trump is at Arlington cemetery, flanked by security personnel. The staff around him can barely hide their contempt.

The military and citizens have contempt. He has a short moment of feeling insecure and falters in his stride. Andrew Huge hurricanes. A reality check on climate change. Then I hear icy corn. Betty December U.

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My stomach is hurting. I see Pence with ruddy cheeks, smiling. He is seated in an Oval office chair. Villager The White House is quiet, no-one is there to celebrate. Molly Trump Tower is dark. The family is gone.