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In doing so, I challenge some of the assumptions attached to the character, specifically her representative significance in the context of the cultural climate, shifting gender dynamics, and the position of women in the public sphere during and after World War II. I argue that despite popular contention that the spider woman is symbolic of the independent working woman, a textual analysis of the character does not support this.

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Google Scholar. University of Queensland Australia. Personalised recommendations. Although survival rates have increased over the years, thanks to improved treatments, the outlook is still bleak. The one-year survival rate for lung cancer is around 50 percent, yet the five-year survival rate is only 16 percent.

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Prostate - 29, male deaths in Prostate is the second-leading cause of cancer-related death in men, and an estimated 1 in 6 men in the United States will be diagnosed during their lifetime. Survival rates are directly associated with early detection, so men are advised to get screened every year. Males who are diagnosed early have a 98 percent survival rate.

Over time, these cells become cancerous.

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Screening is recommended for men over the age of 50, earlier if the patient is at an increased risk of development, to detect the polyps before they become cancerous. Pancreas - 19, male deaths in Because pancreatic cancer progresses rapidly, and no method of early detection has been discovered, it is one of the most dangerous types of cancer.

The one-year survival rate is 25 percent, and the five-year survival rate sits at only 6 percent. While the cause of pancreatic cancer is still not well understood, obesity and tobacco use are known to increase the risk. Liver cancer is dangerous because it does not cause symptoms until it is in later stages, and early detection is difficult. The rate of female deaths associated with lung cancer increased steadily for decades, in conjunction with the increasing number of women who smoked, and only recently leveled off in Women can also avoid lung and bronchial cancer by avoiding the use of tobacco products.

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Breast - 39, female deaths in Prior to , breast cancer killed more females than lung cancer. Though breast cancer now sits at No. Like males, females should begin receiving colon cancer screenings at the age of 50, and earlier if there is an increased risk of development. Thanks to early detection from these screenings, colon cancer incidence rates decreased by 4. Pancreas , female deaths in Pancreatic cancer develops quickly and with few symptoms, making it one of the most deadly forms of cancer.

17 Deadly Women Through the Ages: True Crime (Bus Stop Reads)

In addition, pancreatic cancer has shown resistance to chemotherapy, so new clinical trials are taking place to develop alternative treatments. Ovary - 14, female deaths in More than 20, new cases of ovarian cancer occur in the United States each year. Because ovarian cancer does not usually cause symptoms or has symptoms that tend to be associated with other issues, early detection is difficult.

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