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What adventure did you get up to on the weekend? Take the time to check in with the men in your life and start a conversation. Speak out, because talking really can save lives. Find readers to suit your every mood. We think the white frame and black arms combination makes these look killer!

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Our Havana's are a must when packing for any holiday. Shop The Edit. Stay sleek with these simple sunnies. It comes with a complimentary gift card, bookmark and numbered puzzle token. To those who have read my story: Thank you for taking the time to read, for prioritising this in your busy lives. It means a hell of a lot to me.

I celebrate you — and your courage to do so. As you can see above, Tom also signed my copy of my book. Actually — I am not OK. So, this morning, if you ventured to ask me R U OK? Or would it? See, for someone like me, who just published a very raw and revealing book detailing the internal workings of…everything; this territory is a bit challenging. Some say my story is raw, real, brutally honest and full of unspoken words. Just this week — I received this feedback from a reader, a new connection.

In the spirit of trying to move the conversation about mental health into non-stigmatised dialogue, Annette has allowed me to share her comments publicly. As someone who has had my own battles with anxiety, I am always so grateful when someone bravely shares their experience and how they have found a way of perhaps not curing themselves, but managing their condition.

The more I talk to people about mental health, the more I realise we all have some sort of struggle going on. I think we all need to keep talking. Thanks Sue for sharing your story. This topic, is important to me. The added twist is the not-so-easy public sharing of my deeply, personal story and that of many around me.

We live with such dis-ease in our minds and our souls. Some times, we as human beings just cannot deal with the immensity and volume of it all. I know that the intent of this campaign is to actively work toward raising awareness and encouraging a more outward-thinking community of human beings, who are authentically concerned for one another and their mental — emotional wellbeing.

From both sides askers and those being asked , we society are still learning how to respond to this very loaded and difficult question. In all reality — the answers, are not simple, quick or straight forward to resolve. If you are asked R U OK? Just letting you know. No need to call, thank you. For me, today, I have taken a positive step forward, by writing this post. Friends are telling me to go easy on myself, rest up and just ride on through the coming months.

This is the tale of a woman who bravely opens doors and thus has astounding adventures and enlightenments. All in the context of what can only be called an adventure story and an extraordinary life. Come celebrate with me at one of my author talks and work with me in making stronger connections in publishing and community. The reality is for most people who choose writing and publishing as their career path, it seems, that it leads to success for very few.

To make a living from the craft and business of writing, you need to diversify into other forms of media, channels and platforms — not just publishing and selling books. That was only 6 months ago 1 November — yet I guess in reality, I started researching and considering what I needed to do if I aspired to write and publish, in March when I came up with the crazy idea to write my story. Reality IS biting though — about the money aspect. Here is my reality: I should not expect to live off the efforts of my writing at the moment or any time soon.

And, I will — but right now, I need to keep plodding. With Gloria Steinem Can you guess how many kms? In my last newsletter and just before Christmas, I put out a call for volunteers to help with the preparation and service of lunch on Christmas Day at Gethsemane Community in Petersham. Read more and see the video to refresh your memory. Thank you to everyone who contributed goods, gifts, food, time, energy, attention and support to make this day run so smoothy and so well. One of the key outcomes of this short but intense lead up to this festive season service is, that after 4 years of volunteering for Gethsemane, a very key connection was made.


When Vic asked for my input into a community lunch that he has run for 3 years at a church in Darlinghurst, I said yes. I help feed people without any other agenda than to make a difference IN that moment. Just finished reading your book Accidental Aid Worker. What a pleasure to get to know you further through reading your memoirs and of course, to have you on our team at our C3 Cares Community Lunch.

I was invited to speak at the second meeting of SDC about my experiences in Sri Lanka after the tsunami in and I have been active and involved in helping keep our development community connected with SDC, as part of the steering committee, helping with events including the cook-in event in February at Our Big Kitchen and social media.

Find out more about SDC. This beginning has led to over 12 years of getting hands-on and often, in too deep, in far flung places like Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and here at home in Australia. Leaving 35, dead and , displaced, Sue felt compelled to DO something and she did — rallying her friends to chip in, donate and give whatever they can. What she finds is far removed from her expectations of good will and the experience plunges her into the challenges that all of us face in the development landscape.

The book extends far beyond the aftermath of the tsunami though. Through her experience in Sri Lanka, Sue finds she has a passion and skill for community work. Sue is also a woman of the world, with skills in demand by corporations. It is a brave and honest book. Sue passionately, and always honestly, leads us on a path through the cultural challenges and the rewards that the community development sector can bring — and many humorous and heartfelt tales involving nuns, a tuktuk accident, refugees and orphaned children and so much more.

This is a fundamental principal and critical challenge for all of us working in development. By putting her own achievements, mistakes and the personal impact of her efforts in writing, Sue holds up a mirror to the sector — allowing readers to reflect on our own struggles.

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Sue is one of us. We appreciate her honesty and energy because it keeps us focused on what is important in development work: passion and impact. Yes — the process of writing and producing my own story and work took enormous time, commitment, focus, creativity, trips to the Chiropractor, learning a new craft and industry and tenacity AND money.

It was a mighty effort to push through without completely burning out again and I made it through with sanity intact. I have to create my own context and terms. No — this is not the same and if you think being a self employed consultant is easy no one does — then try entering a new field and writing a book! Sure — all of that — but what about my dreams?

Yes -I went there.

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You can read comments from readers here. I did — that was nerve wracking and exciting. You can listen to the interview here. Yes, it matters to me, because as a self funded, self publisher and a business woman. I want to see my investment in putting myself on the line and also my financial investment bare fruit.

Based on this modest success, I have to evaluate if, how and when I will publish again. Enjoy exploring our news, author talks and tours, photos, media gallery and shop. Thank you for continued interest, support and celebration of community! Thomas Keneally said Accidental Aid Worker is an epic memoir, which touches many sensitive aspects of your life, with which I can identify. This unique journey is indeed rich with memorable characters, events sensitive reflections. Looking forward to Part2.

What a beguiling, beautifully written, heartfelt journey. A true treasure, you should be proud. We had the pleasure of having author Sue Liu come to our library on Thursday 28 March Her talk really brought to life everything she has been through from her passion for travel to the decision to volunteer overseas and beyond. Her accounts of assisting her friends in Sri Lanka after the Boxing Day tsunami and also mentoring and supporting people in Cambodia really struck a chord with the audience.

Club members were enthralled with her emotive talk and saluted her bravery, her energy, and her compassion for people who found themselves in dire and tragic circumstances. Members had many questions for Sue, the hallmark of an engrossing talk. This workshop gave me valuable insights into publishing a book and the realities of the industry.

Sue was very engaging and inspiring, providing helpful insights into the daunting world of publishing, self-publishing and self-promotion. Your name:. Your email:. Say Hello by Carly Findlay. Congratulations to Carly on Say Hello. This is a difficult task and I will now attempt it, in my way. Carly, IOU these promised thoughts into words, but before I do… Carly and I met about 18 months before the publications of her memoir and first book.

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I am officially, a Carly fan-girl. That good. Sue x. Zulu to YOU — all good news. Email Format html text. Australia-China Friendship Society — with Prof. Bashir and an upcoming author talk! High praise! Announcing: new book in the making. Accidentally, with Purpose. Sue heading to Hedgebrook for writing residency.