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Cloak & Dagger - Season 1
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She st first thought it was mayhem until they found a melted shovel. He tells Tyrone that Tandy is the white privileged girl who gets away with stuff he could only dream about. This is actually a shout-out to one of the first arguments Tyrone and Tandy had. The sad part is, there is a lot of truth behind it. Andre tells Tyrone that Tandy probably skipped town on a bus and was two cities away by now. Continuing, Andre tells him that when the reaper comes he would pay the price for her sins.

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The only light hearted part of this episode is when Tyrone smiles and poofs off the bus and the girls are all confused. Mayhem continues changing the discs and Tyrone sees the ambulances and realizes that he has to follow in one. Poofing into one of the passing ambulances, Tyrone knocks the driver out and steals it.

Clever and Original Episode 139: Cloak and Dagger, New Assassin's Creed location reveal and more!

That his pain is just part of his journey of ascension to becoming a Loa. Chantelle sees Mayhem but says nothing, after telling Andre that he has become power hungry, he offers her the only way out, a quick death.

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger S01XE03 Review - GWW

The minute her heart beat record stopped and she died I was heart broken. Chantelle was an awesome character and Angela Davis played her so well. But as we all know, death is part of drama and this will dole sure bounce back on choices that Evita has to make going forward. She is finally being able to help solve that case. Tandy is still waking up from being drugged heavily. When she wakes she confronts Andre. Lia brings in Del, one of the missing young women. She tells Tandy that her parents abandoned her and Lia along with Andre take care of her for a price.

REVIEW: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – Season 1

Tandy tries to escape when Andre leaves but is caught. Lia then forces Del to drug Tandy with a paralyzing drug. While Tandy is laying in bed paralyzed and dazed, Lia tells her about how she grew up with brothers and how playing dress up was her escape. She also lets her know that she knows her mom is looking for her. As the man approaches Tandy, her light daggers appear and she goes through the hotel rescuing the girls.

This episode was a hard one to watch. When you realize things like this actually go on, it breaks your heart.

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