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Note: Some of the information provided in this article may be affected by updates to the Tourism Amendment Bill Any person who, for monetary or other rewards, accompanies people who are travelling through or visiting any place within a country, and who furnishes those people with information or comments concerning a place or objects visited is defined as Tourist Guide.

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Many tourist guides may also wish to run their own tour operations in which they are both tour guide and tour operator. Note that a new NQF 4 qualification has recently been registered and this replaces the qualifications. Several unit standards, within the different areas of specialisation, have been clustered together to form skills programmes addressing areas of specialization, and aimed at persons wishing only to complete the specialized minimum area of learning required to guide.

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The applicable unit standards are registered on the NQF. In order to register as a site guide specialising in culture, nature, or adventure guiding you need different combinations of unit standards.

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Note that the requirements for guide registration, including what learning programmes or courses are needed for which category of guiding, is the competence of the Provincial Registrars of Tourist Guides. All tourist guide trainers and assessors have to be accredited by CATHSSETA to be able to train according to the nationally recognized standards and qualifications network. The duration of the course, course content, dates and time of training, and the fee structure are determined by each training provider.

The guiding qualifications are made up of a collection of unit standards or building blocks. Each unit standard represents knowledge that a person must have, specific to his profession. These unit standards were devised in close consultation with tourist guides and other stakeholders. Each guide will be assessed against these standards.

Tourist guides are free to choose any training provider or assessor to work with. Recognition of prior learning RPL is the type of assessment used for those who have been working as unregistered guides in the past as it takes into account all the qualifications, work experiences, life skills etc. Once the tourist guide has completed this a meeting with the assessor will need to be arranged in order to complete the assessment.

According to the Tourism Second Amendment Act no 70 of , any person who wishes to be registered as a tourist guide must apply to the relevant Provincial Registrar refer to the list at end of this article.

In order to be registered as a tourist guide in South Africa, a person must meet the following minimum requirements:. Registered tourist guides are now identified by new ID cards which all tourist guides are required to have in their possession whilst guiding. Official tourist guide badges must also be worn whilst guiding.

The Provincial Registrar will issue badges and ID cards to new guides only once their application for registering as a tourist guide has been approved. The ID cards indicate the category of guiding, the regions for which the tourist guide was found competent to guide, as well as specialities that the guide might possess.

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For a full list of Provincial Registrars refer to the table at the end of this article. Fines of up to R1 can be imposed on illegal guides. Operators found to be using illegal guides can be fined amounts up to R10 The code states that a guide:. They are often the first, and invariably the last, person that tourists come into contact with and are therefore responsible for creating lasting impressions and fond memories of the country. This being the case, are tourist guides remunerated in accordance with their importance in the tourism value chain?

Backpacking Beyond Boundaries A South Africans Travels by Ramsden & Tim

BOX Email: Mbuyi. Siyo ecpta. Please amend and remove my name. I have been fielding calls on my private mobile relating to Tourist Guiding. I am no longer the Registrar since Thank you for the informative article. I have a question regarding some rumers that I have heard by people that I know In the Industry. They say that the requirements to qualify for a guide badge are changing from next year. Instead of a bout a 6 week course followed by an assesment, it will become much harder and more expensive with the course being anything from 6 months upto a year! Is this true or is it just talk?

I would like to become a guide in cape town soon and would also like to look at doing overlands up country, should I head the rumuors and rush to do a course now before the new legislation kicks in even though I cant afford it right now and I dont have the time? I hope some one can give me some kind of clarity on this issue.

Any idea where to find proof, ie written legislation stipulating the proclaimed limitation of 8 or 9 passengers a tourist guide may drive? My name is Junior from Krugersdorp in South Africa. I love tourism and wish to persue my dream as a provincial tour guide. Thank you. Hi we are looking for Tourist Guiding Trainers and Assessors.

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I have completed a level 1 field guide course. Why is it so difficult to get work? And so expensive to continue studying. Now there is no excuse for adventure guides not to comply with the act.

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Cathsseta is the body responsible for NQF Certification. Starting to get hard to be positive with the roads in such poor condition. Immigrating to Canada, he founded a record label before working in a music agency with clients including Coldplay, Norah Jones and Avril Lavigne. Once he discovered travel writing however, his own rock star began to shine.

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Backpacking in South Africa

Find out more about Robin on his:. Julia Dimon is a TV host, writer and travel expert who has traveled around the world four times, in over 80 countries, across six continents. This show follows the real lives of two top travel writers as they jet set around the world, under pressure and under deadline. Co-creator, associate producer, co-writer and co-host of Word Travels, Julia Dimon has just finished filming the third series, set to air in March Julia Dimon has partnered with Kayak. This year alone, she's trained as a gladiator in Rome, camel trekked the Egyptian pyramids, confronted Santa Claus in the Arctic Circle, eaten deep-fried guinea pig in Ecuador, watched a lion chase a warthog in Kenya, run with bulls in Portugal and learned to speak Klingon in the Star Trek town of Vulcan.

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