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Statue measures approximately Superman features all new metallic paints, and an all-new Wonder Woman head sculpt. Bunker; the gay Mexican team member must fill our quotas! Or Buck Off! Then after our comic-ish relief, we're treated to a sombre scene when Danny the Street appears too, having somehow survived and then the Team must take him home and he won't survive Our next issue has Kid Flash a name which everyone mocks openly running into 3 Dino-teens Apparently if you're aiming a book at teens you should have dinosaurs Here's some of the actual "dialogue": Kid Flash, while Fighting Dino-teen 1: "Seriously, why so testosterony?

Let's have a smoothie and chat. About how comic book movies hire Aussies? Guess what? There ain't gonna be no Teen Titan movie, and if it ever happens? Also, who calls themselves "Twentysomethings"? I'm quite sure I know no one under the age of 50 who's ever used that word. Then Superboy and Red Robin try to stop her from killing a bunch of people. She blabbers the whole time until her ex shows up What a edgy, cool name dude!

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Yadda yadda yadda, shit happens. The last 3 pages actually managed to be stupider than the stuff that came before Shockingly, this IS possible. OK make sense right? OK I think I'm done. If any of you is a masochist and likes to cause harm to yourself, please read more wonderful "making the pictures talk" by Scott Lob otomy patient dell.

View all 8 comments. Jun 04, Orla rated it it was ok. I really liked the Teen Titans at first, because it reminded me of Young Justice which had worked so well as a tv series but this went off the rails like seven issues in and there were suddenly like fifty characters, it didn't make sense unless you'd read their individual publications never a good move and it was hard to follow. Dec 28, Matthew rated it did not like it. Is it just me or are a lot of comics written really poorly? This is another example of terrible writing and bad dialogue.

The story has poor continuity as it jumps around between chapters. Aug 30, Ivy rated it really liked it Shelves: superheroes , crime-novels , published-in , checked-out-from-library. Good story. Can't wait to find out what happens next for the Teen Titans. Mar 04, Nico rated it it was ok Shelves: comics-and-graphic-novels , dc , teen-titans. Confusing as all get out, and impossible to understand without reading every single issue about all the individual characters involved, this gives Graphic Novels a bad name.

The collection wasn't a collection as much as an abstract collage of a few issues tossed in here, and a few more tossed in there. Just to mix it up. Thanks God for the DC Wiki. The dialogue was usually really rocky and confusing keeping up with the current theme , and the char I The dialogue was usually really rocky and confusing keeping up with the current theme , and the characters intentions were very unclear. I mean that in the way that they seemed completely determined to do one thing, and then turn around and do another thing, completely opposite of what they were going to do in the first place.

That plus the authors complete inability to write Tim, and how much I had to fight with myself just to finish this volume signals the end of this particular torture for me. Also, screw you Cassie, Tim belongs to Stephanie!!! Feb 03, Anna rated it liked it. More like 2. Best line in the book is Kid Flash describing Teryx, one of the Dino-Teens: "Wow, he's cool in that kind of we-have-to-cast-an-australian-actor-because-american-twentysomethings-are-all-metrosexual-pantywaists way.

If anything, it's completely dropped in favor of Cassie's aka Wonder-Girl "origin" and subsequent coming-to-terms-with-your-demons plotline. I don't know, this whole book was a lot lamer than I expec More like 2. I don't know, this whole book was a lot lamer than I expected after liking the first one quite a bit.

Also, the ending really makes no sense. I guess it's just a way to tie the whole mess into the over-reaching "Death of the Family" storyline.

Teen Titans, Volume 2: The Culling

Um yeah, whatever. To which I say, fuck you DC. Jun 19, Chris Lemmerman rated it liked it Shelves: comics-and-manga-read. I'm ignoring issues in this review because they're related to The Culling, and make no sense on their own, yet DC collected them here anyway. The rest of this volume is a mixed bag, with some good issues like issue 10, and some poor ones like issues It all rings of poor plotting and no real aim for the story, especially in the wake of The Culling.

Fabian Nicieza's scripting in later issues helps, but this is all mostly just mediocre storywise. The art is almost always good, with Brett I'm ignoring issues in this review because they're related to The Culling, and make no sense on their own, yet DC collected them here anyway.

The art is almost always good, with Brett Booth and Ig Guara's contributions being excellent, whilst Ale Garza's would probably be better if not for the bland, rough colouring it receives. Teen Titans started out so well, and yet now it seems to be floundering. Jan 20, Koen rated it did not like it. Nope, I'm out! This issue was complete BS, from front till back, don't even know where to begin my review!

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Okay, let's try: - The "culling": we got the beginning and the ending in here.. Okay, normally I'm like the "tie in guy", but I've had it Just give it to me straight and stop jumping Very annoying especially when you don't have those issues! There's nothing being built - no story, no drama, no n Nope, I'm out!

There's nothing being built - no story, no drama, no nothing.. Don't want to dive in any deeper.

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Just forget about the TT for now and move on to the next Oct 13, Connor rated it liked it Shelves: graphic-novels , dc. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths. I started reading this series because of the old Teen Titans cartoon series on Cartoon Network. I watched the DVDs over and over when I was little. My parents have lots of pics of me running around the house in my Robin costume. I still can sing the theme song. And this Teen Titans series has made made me start remembering how much I use to like the Titans. That is good, but I Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.

That is good, but I do miss a lot of the old things — like the T shaped tower. But the story is okay. At least, the issues that deal with Wonder Girl and the Silent Armor were easy to understand and pretty cool; a guy stealing armor and trying to use it to conquer the world was just what I wanted to read about. What I liked about this book was the characters. They are really interesting and cool. Each one having a lot to like and dislike.

Of course, we have the romance stuff starting up with Wonder Girl and Superboy, but I sort of guessed that would happen at some point. The way these guys talk and act around one another remind me a lot more of Young Justice than the old Teen Titans, but that is okay, because I always liked Young Justice. What I hated about this book Other than the Culling story line.

The drawing was not that good in my opinion. Not at all. Like I said, I thought this was an okay book. Well, I hope you liked this review, and friend me any time to talk about my reviews or comic books. After i finished the book i painted my wall and watched it getting dry. Honestly it was more fun. View 1 comment. I have to say that this volume was a bit of a letdown after how great the first book was.

Part of that has to do with the fact that if you haven't read the other books that crossover with Teen Titans in the Culling storyline, you don't get the whole picture of what happened. Superboy and Legion Lost are two of those books that are in The Culling story, but I think that there is another book in there too.

Aside from the fact that the first two issues are part of a crossover, I thought that the re I have to say that this volume was a bit of a letdown after how great the first book was. Aside from the fact that the first two issues are part of a crossover, I thought that the rest of the story was great. Scott Lobdell still serves as the main writer for the series, but he didn't write everything. Issue 9 was plotted by Lobdell, but was scripted by Tom DeFalco. Issue 13 was also plotted by Lobdell, but was scripted by Fabian Nicieza.

Scott also plotted out 14 and co-wrote it with Fabian. All of the writing seemed pretty good and consistant except the issue penned by DeFalco. Something about the way things were worded and what the lines that the characters spoke seemed a little off from the rest of the series. The stuff Fabian Nicieza wrote, though, didn't seem any different at all from Scott Lobdell writing.

If there had not been a different name on the book, I'd have never known that someone else wrote it. The main point of this story is to give us Cassie's New 52 origin. Since she's my favorite character in Teen Titans, this was my favorite part of the book. The writing for this part of the book would get 5 stars, but The Culling story in the first couple of issues brings the writing score down to 4 stars.

Issues 11 and 12 have a back-up story featuring Kid Flash. These two back-up stories bookend issue 12 of DC Universe Presents where the main story of this little arc takes place. Since Superboy, Tim, and Cassie all had their chance to shine in the last few issues of Teen Titans, this story is a chance to appease the Kid Flash fans. Since Solstice and Bunker haven't been around long enough for anyone to really get attached to, Wally was the only longtime character not featured in the main story.

He got his chance to shine in this short arc by Fabian Nicieza, The writing here seemed to be on par with the writing done by him and Lobdell in the main arc. This gets 4. When I turned the first page in this book, I was disappointed that I didn't see Bret Booth's amazing art. Instead, there was the art of Ig Guara, who I keep wanting to call Iguana. Some od Guara's work looks really good, but other panels are a mess. Most is just decent.

This is yet another artist that seems to throw a lot of panels in where the focal point is a good distance away. These panels lack any sort of details. Who can be bothered to actually draw a face? The panels where the focal point is a zoomed in view of one character is the best work by this artist.

The medium range shots are the fairly decent looking ones. The art for the 2 issues drawn by this artist gets 3 stars. Thankfully, Bret Booth returns in issues Now Deathstroke and Rose hunt for the Titans. Collects New Teen Titans 2nd Series Results Pagination - Page 2 1 2 3 4 5. Shop by Category. Genre see all. Grade see all.

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