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The introduction by Aihwa Ong and Li Zhang presents assemblage as a concept for studying China as a unique postsocialist society created through interactions with global forms.

Human Act - Tales From Humanity [Full EP]

The authors conduct their ethnographic fieldwork in a spectrum of domains—family, community, real estate, business, taxation, politics, labor, health, professions, religion, and consumption—that are infiltrated by new techniques of the self and yet also regulated by broader socialist norms. Privatizing China gives readers a grounded, fine-grained intimacy with the variety and complexity of everyday conduct in China's turbulent transformation.

Privatizing China : Socialism from Afar.

Li Zhang , Aihwa Ong. Cornell University Press , Emerging Class Practices.

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Accumulating Land and Money. Struggles over Income and Revenue. Negotiating Neoliberal Values.

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Apple and the Occupiers help get everyone involved, and in , the stranglehold of the two-party system is broken when we elect the first Independent president. Lady Gaga orchestrates a music project that heralds a new era of personal responsibility.

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Facebook releases a new feature that helps us lose weight, save money, and become the people we had always hoped to be. Eventually Facebook becomes the center of the digital universe and later founds the world's largest financial institution. Please enable JavaScript.

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