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It has a timeless quality and will continue to entertain comic fans for generations to come. Great art does that. Brain Pickings has a nice article about it. My ex-boss even asked me if I wanted to return to my old job. I spent years sending submissions to syndicates in my early 20s and still have the rejection letters somewhere. It just goes to show how much of an impact Watterson and his creation have made on all of us. A lot of you are asking if this will be available as a print … probably not. Considering Mr. Remember that Mr. Truth be told, if you make this this comic available as a print with Mr.

I was so inspired by this piece that I would very much love to order it as a print for him to hang in his home office. Though of course his permission would be best. I havent any word to appreciate this post….. Really i am impressed from this post…. I would like to have this framed for him, and for me. Being the stay at home dad to two girls , webcomic drawing artist, while my wife works in the Lockheed salt mines, I can fully relate to this. Your reply is wonderful, and I would love to have a print of this too! To remind me daily to keep pursuing what I love, rather than a dollar or other superficial happiness.

But I also wanted to say that your name is wonderful too. Frith ra! One of my favorite books from my younger years as well! In fact I just reread it last month and enjoyed it as much now as I did then.

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I, too, would love a print if it is ever available. This is so the story of my husband and it brought him to tears! If you choose not to make it available for sale, you could instead provide a high-DPI version that anyone could print at home or via a myriad of online poster-printing services.

If you decide not to accept donations for it, you could instead request that people make donations to a favorite charity. No printing company will allow you to do this. Universal City Studios, Inc. This speaks so deeply to me and not just because Calvin and Hobbes are almost canonical to me but, this is the path that I have trod and, recently, life has rescued me from the drudgery and pain of corporate mediocrity.

Something about being in a strip rather than words hits home. Calvin and Hobbes. What manic happiness those strips were and still are. You deserve the accolades. Hope you can make it into a poster as well. I would definitely get one in the biggest size possible. Thank you for that. This is exactly what I came to ask. Great comic and it shows you understand his views on the medium.

Unfortunate, but kudos to you. Of course, your reasoning for not selling prints is noble and understandable. BW was a monumental part of my childhood. I too would love to get a print of this — it not only reflects just husbands but also a personal reminder to everyone there is so much more to life than competing in the dog eat dog world BUT what is more important is to pause and take in the simple pleasures which may be trivial to others but means the world to you.

I love it. Thanks for the strip. Thank you for this. Shared it with my sons, the older one being a senior and graduating this schoolyear. I am hoping that prints can be made available too.

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Thank you,Gavin. A fitting tribute to the greatest cartoonist ever. Excellent work Gavin! Loved it so much…Loved the way the dad is shown with all his emotions as an employee and as a husband or father. This is indeed one of the most impactful cartoon strips I have ever seen. I guess even Watterson himself would be proud of it! I would love to buy the print if you decide to make it available. Meanwhile, I have already put a small printout of it on my door though! Speaking more personally, I have been thinking on these lines and I am on the verge of taking major life decision likewise.

There have been lot of insights during the process — and I must add that this strip has been one of the most insightful for me and truly reflects my own values and thinking as well. Thanks for your encouraging work! This comic really sums up an important truth that I have experienced as a stay-at-home dad with two daughters. I have had the glaring looks from other family members, the insinuations of being lazy and not living up to the potential.

AND even after all of that, I know that making meaning for myself and my family is the higher calling. Thanks for putting together such a nice strip to say so, and with such style. I recently had a similar revelation but had been struggling to find the words to adequately explain it.

I really want to hang this on the wall of my new office, where I spend significantly less time than my old one. Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! Simply put your blog post to my favorite blog list and will look forward for additional updates. Simply wanted to write down a word in order to say thanks to you for those wonderful tips. Went straight to the heart, well done. Looking forward to another great posts in this blog. All I know is I want this print for my college dorm room. In divorce, the wife gets the kids, period. Judges despise dads even if they are full time.

A dad without a job is treated like a criminal. Stop spreading this false propaganda about fatherhood. This is great Gavin. Thanks so much for doing this. I needed it. This came along at exactly the right time. Me too. A friend sent me this, during a moment of despair. I want this art to cover our office walls as a giant mural. No excuses for ever forgetting our choices and their reasons.

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Someone has to wake up here…. You want to be a cartoonist? Stop it — create your own work! Have you read any of the Zenpencils blog entries or only this one? I thought it was a lovely tribute to Bill Waterson and his comic. When Watterson pulled the on his strip the syndicates sent in very weak replacements. As someone who left a lucrative career in advertising to launch a healthy kids cooking show on a shoestring, this strip made me cry with joy. Thank You so much for sharing this and for making available the wisdom and experience of a great artist. This is truly inspiring.

He now tells poignant and relevant stories from this experience that he shares with his IT students. What a great comic. Thank you. Dude, even before the last frame I knew this was Calvin and Hobbs inspired. The style of art gave me flashbacks. It might be somewhat shallow to say this for the reason above, but this might be my favorite strip.

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Suspicious at the resignation letter, certain at the dinosaur, and comfortably flashing back at the forest. Very nice homage as well as your own spin. Gavin thank you once again for being a beacon of inspiration and encouragement wrapped in an artistically beautiful candy shell. Please keep doing what you are doing and I hope that it makes you as happy to create as it makes we your fans to read and enjoy the results.

I feel strongly that love and read more on this topic. If possible, such as gain knowledge, would you mind updating your blog. Thanks so much for this! Amazing and beautiful. Two years ago, I walked away from teaching to try and head in a different direction. I have and I also started a strip along the way…. Beautiful tribute. Like you, I was a little too young to appreciate the strip as much as I do now. Nonetheless, even as a kid I enjoyed all the adventures Calvin and his stuffed toy got into because I could relate to them. A true artist. If you can find it in English, or know Spanish, I highly recommend it.

Thank you for all your awesome drawings! Absolutely gorgeous. Cheers to living a great life! Gave me the chills, in a good way. One of the most beautiful things I have read in a very long time. Bill Waterson is a bit of a mixed bag of feelings. This is a lovely tribute, and an awesome work. Thank you and keep up the good work, always love to see stuff from your site popping up in my reader. Love the panel when he begins pulling the wagon uphill.

Just love it. Makes the whole comic for me when that nastolgic style appears in all of its glory. Amaziiiing wooork. Big biiig fan. Are you suggesting that everyone who works to support a family is also unfaithful to their spouse? What he is saying is that you should follow your dreams. If that looks like climbing the corporate ladder to support your family, then you do that! If that means creating a start up, then go for it! There is nothing critical in what he says. Its an urging not to do what is expected of you in our society, but to follow that passion that you have.

Gav, thank you for this. Love the homage to his style Gav. You did an excellent job with this! You are the man! I devoured them when I was in my middle-teens, often told I was too old to be reading them. Thank you, I love this one — I got excited as more and more references slipped into your artwork throughout the piece… the end was perfect.

Lovely, just lovely. There is no work greater that Calvin and Hobbes in human history, in my opinion. I also go back to Calvin and Hobbes comic books at least once a week, just to remind myself of the lighter side of life, universe and everything. This comic was absolutely wonderful. Thank you! This is a wonderful tribute to a brilliant writer and artist.

I grew up with Calvin and Hobbes and go back to it also for a chuckle and guffaw. Thanks for the fantastic strip. So glad you did this! And your work is as awesome as always! Simply amazing. I really appreciate your hard work and passion in this comics. Keep it up Gav!!!! This made my day. I was thinking of submitting a Bill Watterson quote and then… boom… a Bill Watterson comic comes out. Props again for coming up with this great comic.

One day, I would love to meet you in person and thank you for your amazing amazing work! That T-Rex looks really familiar! And thanks for using that wonderful quote. I had one series of them pinned up at work for years. I was really sad when he retired. Happy for him, though. Most of the new comics now are … meh. Brilliant stuff!!!

I think this is my favorite strip by far. You have no idea at how many levels I relate to this one. In my opinion also, I think Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest comic strip ever made. Thank you so much for this masterpiece Gavin. Being a Bill Watterson fan and appretiating his authenticity to life and his work, this piece gives me great joy. At least in the first half of the cartoon where he works in a corporation and decides to leave.

Love this one. Great piece, but I agree with the poster above who points out that Watterson actually lost control of his artistic creation by not licensing it. Even if he had donated all the money to charity, he should have exercised his licensing rights to prevent what eventually happened. Those Calvin peeing stickers are bootleg stickers. Too many companies make those to track those stickers back to the company to sue them.

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That is the unfortunate thing about bootlegs. And yes I bet he is furious about it. I saw a Bart one in a similar style once. Gosh, time is relentless. Like you, I came across Calvin and Hobbes and it defined my childhood. Excellent job! Ahh, this is so fitting! Ahh… Bill Watterson finally!! Thanks Gavin.

His Kenyon speech is a motivating gem. I would rate it better than some of the popular commencement speeches. Keep up the good work… Cheers!! An imaginary tiger or a rabbit is the bestest friend to have. I love this strip, Gav. What a fantastic message! Ozy is adopted… and his dad is a philosophical dragon.

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The creator has a new daily comic strip up on GoComics called Heavenly Nostrils. Happy reading! This the best so far! Can SO connect with it! Amazing Work Gav! When Bill decided to stop drawing the strip I was perplexed, as many were. I am so glad that you printed his commencement speech because it really gives us insight as to why he stopped. Of course there is no guarantee that Bill will actually ever see this post, but I had to share regardless.

I love Calvin and Hobbes and I stared at this for maybe 40 minutes and re-read it a few times. AD, the little girl in the playpen is not the same age as the girl shooting the dart and steering the cart. Starting from the very first frame, your tribute builds up beautifully. The Dinosaur, The expression of the characters, the color schemes, the forest and the hills, this tribute is so perfect.

The quote is so strong that it stays with anyone who reads it carefully and the way you portrayed it, it might just change few lives. Gr8 work. Congrats and all the best. Also, you did a great job when drawing the cartoonist and his life. I am no artist; any attempt to draw, whether realistically or in a cartoon-style, results in disaster. I would also love to see some new work from him, and an online display would be wonderful, but I also respect the choice he has made.

The instant avalanche of comments here pretty much says it all I reckon. Great art all-round. Took me right back to about , reading the collections as they came out. Got them both. Cheered out loud when he began pulling her up the hill in the cart, knowing what was coming next.

Well done indeed. I knew from the first panel that it was Bill Watterson. Excellent artwork and a great homage to one of the best comic writers out there. Great work Gav! Keep up the good work. Remember, you have the chance to be an inspiration for future generation of cartoonists as Bill Watterson is to you. Make best use of this chance.

Try not to throw it away! Thank you so much for this blog. Not a reader of yours, but saw this on Facebook today and I needed the message as I return to my job after attempting to land what i once thought was my dream job. While I feel a bit let down, I am exited to plunge forward this school year with Gg renewed passion. Thanks, Gavin, for this touch back to one of my favorite cartoonists. Calvin and Hobbes got me through some rough times.

It makes me happy to think of Watterson doing well. Wonderful work, Gavin! Thank you so much, and please make this one a poster we may purchase. Love your work!!! Awesome comic. Brilliant tribute. I actually missed the Calvin-style red striped shirt and black pants on the little girl the first time around, so that was a nice touch.

Great Strip, even though the words come from a Watterson speech please make this one available as a poster or print. One of the most inspirational things I have ever seen and read. Bravo to you, good sir, and the great Mr. Watterson whose messages and wisdom are timeless. Maybe she works at a corporation, doing something she loves. F find myself agreeing with Anonymous here. I find it amazing that two great cartoonists, Bill Watterson and Jim Borgman Zits , share the same alma mater, and they also share a kindred spirit.

I agree, one of my ALL time favourite comics. I also boast the entire collection of books and have read and reread them several times. I wish Bill would continue to draw and write more, but all good things do and must come to an end. Thank you, great homage…. I grew up with Calvin, so that cartoon style always gives me a huge rush of nostalgia.

I really hope this will be available as a poster. It needs to hang in my new workspace as soon as possible! Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration, Gavin. To me you are to the internet what Bill Watterson was for the newspapers. Keep up the great work. The rocks at the opening were a nice touch—the purple bordered-box confirmed it for sure. Well done. Love the story and the art. But you missed the bit where most families would be living in a tent by baby hatching time. Thus my point. Are you one of the ones building the marley-chains, or are you the one who will help others.

Do you look at a medieval woodcut and see sinners tearing each other down, or people who will help others up just because you can? Living in a tent? The woman is clearly working. Wow, dude. Before today, I had never heard of this place…Now after finding this Gem of a retrospective.. I am incredibly inspired. This was truly a pleasure to read and even brought a few tears to my eyes. Being a huge fan of Calvin and hobbes and mr watterson, I think you have done it huge justice. Thanks for putting this inspirational piece together, Gavin.

Nicely done! That was superb. Especially the final panel, which really captures the spirit of Calvin and Hobbes. This is beautiful, more than I ever imagined when I submitted the quote. This made my day! Would you mind if I pinned this to share with folk? I want to help more people see it but I also know not everyone likes having their stuff pinned on Pinterest so I want to be sure to respect your art by asking.

And great job with the above comic, almost had me fooled as it looks so much like his work! Thumbs up! I would very much like a print of this one. Your comics have become an inspiration and have really helped me cope with daily life. I give you the most sincere thankyou that i can offer though this medium.

Hah, I could almost be your Reader of the Month or whatever it is. As someone who is a small business owner and a stay at home mom, this struck so deep for me. It is yours, live it for you. As a lifelong fan of Calvin and Hobbes, and a rest-of-my life long fan of Zen Pencils, this strip was wonderful to see. When worlds collide… Keep doing what you do Gavin, you make this world a better place! I enjoy Kolkata service my work and believe in making friends. We give successful and all day, every day bolster for clients.

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I think you captured his style exceptionally well, and the sentiment is spot-on. Thanks for making this comic strip. From the very top of the comic when the panel was zoomed in to the landscape I made up my mind I was going to ask in the comments if this had anything to do with Watterson. I made up my mind even stronger as I scrolled down, and when I reached the end I was so very satisfied. Thank you, Gavin! By the way, your comics have inspired me to take up drawing again after a gap of several years.

Specifically, the Bruce Lee series compelled me to pick up my charcoals lying around and sketch the master. Thank you again! It made me feel fulfilled. Thanks for doing this. I always find your pieces great, but this one was wonderful. Calvin and Hobbes is a comic strip that made my life better and this really takes me back and gives me the warm fuzzies. My third Calvin and Hobbes flashback of the summer. The first was when my grandson and I road down the ramp off the front porch in his wagon.

Great strip, beautifully thought out and executed. Funny thing, though, I used to work in comics and gradually went into the commercial illustration side of things because I was too slow to make a living in comics. I now do advertising storyboards almost exclusively, freelance from home, and find it enjoyable and fulfilling, strange as that may seem. I am a massive fan of Calvin and Hobbes. Around every birthday of mine, I let all the people around me know that I wouls love to have the complete collection as a gift!

Your tribute is beautiful and your strip touching , as it is very close to our story. My husband quit his job to move to another city where I do my post doctoral fellowship in endocrinology while he pursues his dream of writing books and movies. It is a great arrangements, but there are days when we need to find the faith. Your strip does just that! You go on the way you do, there is nothing that can stop you from being as good as your mentor!

I LOVE this!!! Was a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan as a teen and that has carried over to my adult life. Great take on his work, I just adore this. All of my old collections are bearing the proud signs of being over-loved by a whole new generation. The strips are timeless and wonderful, and this strip of yours is just great.

I was blown away by this strip. Excellent job. You should turn this into a print. I got excited, grabbed it, and proceeded to explain to my wife how those cartoons were an incredible influence on my life, and the life of my best childhood friend. It enhanced our creative thinking, had a not-so-subtle influence on our senses of humor along with MST3K , and I strongly believe was an integral factor in both of us becoming intelligent, articulate adults who have an inner child that is never far from the surface and who appears quite often.

He is the father of 3, with the oldest quickly approaching the age of CNH appreciation. I am the father of an 18 month old, with another on the way. After the explanation to my wife, I shot him a text talking about the book discovery and we chatted back-and-forth this morning about what it had meant to use and how aware we were of the cognitive benefits it gave us, while still allowing us to be children.

I was in college when Mr. Watterson ended the strip and was old enough to understand why, although it still made me very sad. Fast forward 2 hours and my friend posts a link to your art on my facebook page. I immediately went in search of the source and found this page. I was not familiar with your work before today, and rarely do I engage on an internet forum or website of a person with whom I am not personally familiar.

I understand and commend your hesitation to offer a print of this for sale, and I am aware of why you would be reluctant to reach out to Mr. Watterson to receive permission. However, on behalf of all the middle-aged persons who are sitting behind their computers at work today fighting back a tear or two as we appreciate your art, Mr.

I have a feeling there will be more than one copy printed out on a company printer and taped up to the wall next to a monitor anyways, but I suspect most people would rather have something they could frame and hang. Further, as the attorney for my favorite artist my wife , I know it would allow you to garner some of the benefits of your labor, with which there is nothing wrong. From what I have read of Mr. But I hope that amongst the throngs of comments and adulation, my words here help convince you to make a buck or two from this, with the added benefit of allowing us to share your art with the world…or at least those that wander into my office.

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