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One such trip was described by Alice Dryer. It consisted of a three week sea voyage to California marked by storms and sea sickness. This was followed by three more weeks of travel in mule drawn wagons across the desert to Fort Yuma Arizona. Even trips east of the Mississippi were rigorous. These trips were often fraught with danger. The ship was caught in a storm off Cape Hatteras North Carolina with over lost in its sinking.

Grant in his memoirs.

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In Panama over soldiers and seventeen out of twenty children died of a cholera outbreak. These journeys were tinctured with both fear and curiosity. Travelling to and living in strange places, army wives absorbed the sights and sensations of new country and different people. The beauty of the forests, the grandeur of the mountains and the sea, the beautiful flowered prairies in the spring evoked comments as did the harshness of the deserts. When the journey was over, army wives often faced bleak prospects of life at a crudely thrown-together post.

Fifth Infantry wives lived in shelters created out the boats that transported them to Fort Snelling for five weeks.

Tumble down log cabins were common. In Texas and Arizona, backyards often contained tarantulas, scorpions, centipedes and an occasional rattlesnake. Desert posts were harsh environments with summer temperatures often reaching degrees inside the adobe quarters that were common at posts like Fort Defiance New Mexico.

At army posts there were usually children and their presence was a comfort but also a worry.

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Death was a frequent worry in the primitive environment of frontier posts and the many small graves in post cemeteries were a doleful reminder of their fate. If their children survived infancy the parents had to face the anxieties of frontier life and the problem of education. Most parents wanted their children to learn the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Some solved the problem by children with family or friends in more civilized locations when they were of school age.

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Some posts established schools and others taught their children themselves. The Army, however, eventually accepted some responsibility for education. Post councils of administration provided funds for hiring teachers to provide instruction. We do not reward reviewers based on whether their written analysis is positive or negative. Rather, we publish full and complete reviews from individuals with no alterations.

New army wives vs an old mindset

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Not available in all states. Louis: CC , St. Click here to get a free quote. A Salute to Military Wives. Thanks for your interest in ADT. First Name. Last Name. Are you a homeowner? Yes No. The question that many ask is how is it that the world has descended into such a sad state, where the bodies of women are being used as a battlefront and a war strategy. The global statistics of women and girls who have been sexually exploited is not only appalling but heart wrenching. In Liberia, women of some ethnic groups have told stories of how knives and guns were inserted into their private parts because the soldiers said their own private parts were too good to enter theirs.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, and many more African countries that have gone through conflict or are going through conflict tell similar stories of the horrors of being a woman.

What military wives want you to know

Why do we have such a situation? Why have women become so vulnerable to the men and boys that they co-exist with in communities and in nations? Is this statement true at all? My verdict is yes. Girls are being socialized both directly and indirectly to believe that a super model physique is the way to obtaining fame and fortune.

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Put a gun in this child's hand, and the story is the same one as that of my child soldier friend. So what must we do to change these interactions in peacetime so that women and girls are safer during conflict? I think as activists we need to strategize on how to effectively engage with men and boys, and make them to understand the impetus for the work that we do. As difficult as it may sound, I think women tackling difficult issues specifically in Africa is not a strange phenomenon. In , Liberian women organized a mass action campaign to pressure the warring parties to bring an end to the civil war.

Many commentators have hailed the women's actions as one of the contributing factors that ended the war in Liberia. I think if women across the globe join forces on the issue of sexual violence, there will be some change. It is time women globally start making the connection between sexual violence and the unequal treatment of women in economic, social, and political context, and devise strategies for tackling these inequalities in a holistic manner.

It is time to make men and boys see what they stand to lose when women are ill treated - and what they stand to gain when women are treated well. Opening up the space for sustain dialogue with young men and boys is vital if we are to break this trend. On May 23rd, women leaders from around the world will join the Nobel Women's Initiative to discuss and try to find some answers to the issue of security and ending sexual violence in conflict.