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Portuguese people of Spanish descent

Jacobson , and introductory memoir of Cleasby. As longgraduated B. In he proceeded to giving an English dress to the Njals saga,Stockholm as secretary to the British envoy, which he completed and issued in , w ithSir Thomas Cartwright [q. H e rodeanimated. He H enry Storks [q. Together w ith his heavy aroused an abiding interest in Icelandicjournalistic duties he worked assiduously at literature. In Gladstone, on the advicetranslations from the Norse.

He w ith illustrations and a beautiful map ofw as already a knight of th e Danish order Iceland. In he phical tendency. H e retired from th e public service in , ; Foster's Men a t the Bar, , p. Laughton, , i. H ist. John Roche Dasent, C. H is father,publication, but was left in the hands of his third son of Francis Dashwood, a Turkeyliterary executors.

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H e married, at St. On 19 Nov. H e roamedIceland at the end of the Tenth C en tu ry ; from court to court in search of notoriety. In Italy cf. On 13 A pril he washis expulsion from the dominions of the created D. Barker, i. Lincoln,ham, i. Meanwhile, 1if not the actual projector George's, Hanover Square, Ila rl.

W heatley, ii. The abbey,the society when it was seeking to acquire formerly belonging to the Cistercian order,a perm anent home ib. In was beautifully situated on the banks of the Dashwood was at Florence w ith Horace Thames near Marlow. In parliam ent he crew, acted as a sort of high priest, and usedfollowed Samuel Sandys, first baron Sandys a communion cup to pour out libations to[q. Walpole's fall made conduct; he was approaching fifty, and thusno difference to Dashwood's position, and ten years older than Thomas P o tter [q.

As a contrastvol. Dashwood 1x4 D ashw oodto Medmenham abbey, Dashwood erected a was alm ost th e only peer who came to hischurch on a neighbouring hill, which, as assistance. Almon, and the barony of Le Despencer again felliii. W ilkes as his lieutenant-colonel. In the H is granddaughter, Mary Frances Elizabeth,same year he made a praiseworthy effort to succeeded in as seventeenth baroness,save the life of A dm iral Byng W a l po le , and her son, Evelyn Edw ard Thomas Bos-M em.

On tending from to is in Egerton MS. H e ningham, vols. Diary, ed. H is leisure a t M anchesterA ntrim , Ireland. H e was first sent for his education the first volume appeared in , the secondto the village school, where the master, in , and the last in A fter theJam es Darragh, was a man of unusual gifts publication of the first volume he receivedand character, whose influence was never the degree of D. H e next attended a Halle.

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H is Scriptures. Onecclesiastical history. Davidson n6 Davieshis post. These charges are summed up B ritannica. G raduates. Allanson Picton, M. A llanson Picton. A s a statem ent of facts the Lancashire College may be consulted. H e retired to H atherlow , in Cheshire, A berystw yth on 11 May , was th e eldestand engaged him self in the education of son of Robert Davies, by a daughter of Davidpupils.

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In , being elected scripture Charles [q. H isexaminer in London University, he removed father was one of the leading laymen amongto London, and his life becomes a record of the Calvinistic methodists of Wales duringliterary work and visits to the continent. In he M arch H e married in connexional school there by Dr. Edwards in Anne Jane Kirkpatrick of Belfast. This Todhunter, R. H utton, and Sir W illiamwas a version of No. H e graduated B. This essay was w ritten for a list. E dinburgh in November Davies Daviescumstances, had originally intended him for 2.

H aving commenced to preach in A ugust 3. V incent Evans, whoLiverpool, as pastor of the English church edited them. Orescent, London In he 5. John,English church at Menai Bridge. W ynne P arry,in when invited to succeed Dr. John W rexham, Jenkins, Portmadoc, A Welshhouse atBangor, and was buried on the 30th biography of Davies, w ritten by E.

W ynneat the cemetery, Aberystwyth. He married, Parry, together w ith a selection of hisin May , Jane, third daughter of Ebe- unpublished sermons, was issued in nezer Cooper of Llangollen, who survived W rexham, 8vo. Though 2. This perhaps accounts for the fact [The chief authorities for the life of D. Wynne P a rry ; Y Drysorfa for , pp. Pancras first aw ard , and became a fellow in A t the age of fourteen H e disliked literary composition, so th a t hishe w ent to sea, and for the next four years scientific papers are not numerous, aboutwas in ships sailing to the E ast Indies, fifteen in all, mostly contributed to theChina, and South America.

S[m ith] W [oodward] , and Quart. H ere he died after some Geol. Benares, where he was judge and m agistrate,in , and was awarded the W ollaston against the attack of the troops of Vizierfund in The father was director of the East[Obituary notices in Geological Magazine, India Company from u n til his death in, p. Ju ly H e married in H en rietta,xlix. A fter diplomatic abilities, and in consequence wasgoing to school in his native town, he studied chosen to accompany Lord A m herst on hisbotany, and on 19 Dec. Onin the B ritish Museum, working at first on the return of the mission Davis again tookmineralogy, but afterwards devoting himself up his duties a t Canton, and in wasto vertebrate palaeontology.

In he retired A t th is tim e difficulties were constantlyon a pension from the museum, and died at arising in our relations w ith the Chinese athis residence, Colliers End, H ertford, on Canton, and a brutal assault on a party of13 Feb. Enjoyingadmiral and general commanding. A fter great w ealth, he spent his tim e chiefly intaking the Bogue forts these commanders travelling in Italy and other places on thethreatened the city of Canton, and at once continent, and in was in Paris, wherebrought the mandarins to reason.

Starting from NaplesH e was created K. During these years of leisure he kept in Europe, the Asiatic and European coastsup his interest in all m atters relating to of the Hellespont, Propontis, and Bosphorus,China, and founded a Chinese scholarship at as far as the Black Sea, most of the inlandOxford. Bouverie died at Magnesia. The restried: first, in , to Em ily, daughter of of the party left the ship a t Beyrout, crossedLieutenant-colonel Humfrays, who died in Mount Lebanon to Damascus, proceeded to, and, secondly, in , to Lucy Ellen, Hassia, set out thence on 11 March daughter of the Rev.

B y his first wife he had a son, vancing by way of Carietin, reached Palm yraSulivan Francis , and by his on 14 March. Birkbeck H ill, iv. He In the meantime Dawkins had maintainedm atriculated at St. L ang, his m other, whose maiden name was M aryPickle the Spy, pp. King of Oxford versity of Edinburgh in the winters of and the E arl of W estmorland. Frederick and On ing Sir Charles L yell [q. Frederick saw him, whom also he returned ten years later. Thebut took no steps to further the plot beyond immediate outcome of these labours was thegiving vague hopes of assistance.

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In member of various scientific societies a tS tuart, who had returned to England early home and in other countries. H e receivedin the year,proposed Dawkins as a member of th e honorary degree of L L. H e died in December , and of D. Quebec, in , was made a C. The upon even his vigorous constitution, and hecommission was not carried out.

Law rence. M ercer,Nova Scotia, on 13 Oct. Mercer, esq. Now,of men, and in his lifetime got through an however, this singular structure is moreimmense amount of work. H is constitution generally believed to be of mineral origin. Great as his services have been to of the word, besides being well acquaintedgeology, those to education were perhaps w ith general literature. The following is aeven greater, for he not only took the lead list of his books : 1. Lecture Notes ongeology ind theology, in regard to which Geology and Outline of the Geology ofhis position was distinctly conservative.

Dawson ; 2nd ed. By his [Quart. Dawson, C. Legers, and four Gold Cups atin Haddingtonshire on 20 Jan. A fter Ascot. In the former year he Le Blanc, was born there on 2 March H e entered th e Madraslic trainer at Newm arket, where he took medical service in , and served throughH eath House, originally built for his brother, the second Burmese war. Joseph Dawson, by Lord Stamford.

There A n enthusiastic naturalist, and especiallyLe trained, for the Duke of Newcastle, Julius, devoted to ichthyology, Day seized everythe C esarew itchw innerofl; while,among opportunity for extending his knowledge ofothers, the Dukes of Portland and St. In he spector-general of fisheries in India. W hen , and retired w ith th e rank of deputyLord Falm outh left the tu rf in January surgeon-general on 1 Nov. In the following year he H e was made C. H e was created an honorary LL. Charles portant buildings carried out at Oxford andCovey of Basingstoke; and, secondly, on elsewhere between and [see13 A pril , Em ily d.

On thedaughter of the Rev. Thomas Sheepshanks, death of his father in Deane, who thusvicar of St. H is work at this period includedFlorence, and Sydney. Cotteswold Nat. Field Club, x. H e was , architect, was born at Dun- appointed to the post of inspector of nationaldanion, near Cork, on 16 Ju n e H e and ancient monum ents in connection w ithwas the son of Sir Thomas Deane these acts, a congenial office, which occupied [q.

H e married on 29 Jan. Cork, by whom he had several Oxon. H etemperament and social disposition, and entered the royal artillery as matross onenjoyed a wide popularity in Dublin. On 7 May he was attachedtects of Ireland. On 30 Jan. Cumberland and M arshal B athiani by his, was the third son of John Deane of boldness and intelligence, and was made anL ym ington in Hampshire. H e matriculated ex tra aide-de-camp to th e duke. H e w asfrom Oriel College, Oxford, on 26 Oct.

H ein H e w as successively curate of served a t Bergen-op-Zoom during th e siegeRugby , curate of W ick Rissington by the French from 14 Ju ly to 17 Sept. South Thoresby in Lincolnshire H is plan of C hatham. Debbieg Debbieglines, dated , is in th e B ritish Museum. On 1 Sept. In he extended his surveysturned to survey work in Scotland. I n th e following year he returnedengineers.

Debbieg was promoted to be captain-lieu- In he was appointed chief engineertenant on 4 Jan. In the meantime his proposalssiege of Quebec frum 10 Ju ly to 18 Sept. D uring the actual siege ried out. In December he was appointed chiefDebbieg was at the battle of Sillery on engineer in America on the application of28 A pril , and served in the stubborn Sir Guy Carleton afterw ards first barondefence of Quebec against the French un til Dorchester [q. Oncomplete the subjugation of Canada, ending 29 Aug.

H e constructed a m ilitaryunder a heavy fire on 12 Sept. On th e same bridge across th e Thames between Tilburyday he took part in the action of Quiddy- and Gravesend, formed of barges so arrangedV iddy and the attack on St. This bridge was m aintained u n til th eof Newfoundland. In plan of the operations of the troops, showing his proposed additions to the defences of.

D eb b ieg D ebbiegChatham and Sheerness were ordered to be On the third duke of Richmond becomingcarried out. L ittle manded. In the following year the Housetim e was available; b u t when, five days later, of Commons nom inated Debbieg to be athe riots commenced he had been able to member of th e board of land and sea officerstake effectual measures for the protection of to report on the defences of the kingdom,the Bank of England, the British Museum, but the duke refused to allow him to serve,and other public buildings and offices, as and for some years he was unemployed.

H is wife died in March Dernaus D enisonCornwallis Coirosp. In the Ossington, N ottingham shire, on 1 1 Dec. A until , when he exchanged it for thenew edition, slightly revised by Mr. Richard office of treasurer. Oriel society he foundLovett, appeared in In compiling extremely uncongenial, and in acceptedthese tw o works Demaus showed great from his brother the vicarage of Broadwin-thoroughness of research as well as critical sor, Dorset.

H e was collated on 10 Aug. Demaus died same church, on his appointment, 30 Sept. A tChelsea, on 15 M arch Of the higher criticismby the bishop th at he resigned June he remained entirely unreceptive, and his[see B aqot, R ic h a r d , D. H is closing years were spentthough not of the sensible species, furnished in comparative seclusion at E ast B rent,the Evangelical A lliance w ith m atter for where, on 21 M arch , he died.

H isproceedings in the ecclesiastical courts. Joseph Ditcher, vicar of South Brent, was Denison was as genial in society as he wasm aintained w ith the utm ost vigour, and met unsparing in controversy. H e reserved hisw ith an equally stout resistance. The execution of the much public notice. For many Joseph W arner Henley. A tagainst the Archdeacon of Taunton. Richard Vevers, rector pediency of maintaining the punishment ofof K ettering.

H e was born on 23 Dec. A s son of a peer Inclassic in H e also proved him self an all questions in parliam ent affecting theathlete, rowing No. In tests bill, 23 May H ansard, cci. Encouraged by his court of common pleas. In November , by virtue of thevember , entering the chambers of a Judicature A ct, he became justice of thewell-known conveyancer, Peter Bellinger common pleas division of the high court. Brodie [q. H e joined cillor, Jan u ary , and occasionally sat onthe home circuit on 2 March , where he the judicial committee of the privy council.

From his school days he was aH en ry Goulburn [q. D enm an Dentonfound relaxation in study of the Greek and was a regular frequenter of the House ofL atin classics. Lim itation of the duration of speecheschurchyard at W illian, near H itchin. A in the House of Lords and the granting ofbrass w ith an inscription by Dr.

Sandys was female suffrage were subjects to which heplaced in the chapel of Repton school to his unsuccessfully devoted his support. Yearmemory,and a memorial scholarship founded after year w ith unfailing regularity, fromat the same school by public subscription. Denman, is a metropolitan efforts in each succeeding year. He diedpolice magistrate. W ells, on-Tweed, on 9 Aug.

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A nother portrait by Samuel died on 25 A pril Corbauld are in th e possession H addington, and by royal licence on 20 Dec. A rth u r Denman. L atin elegiacs, which he dedicated to W. In he wasfor private circulation in Sandys; autobio as curate of Barking. In he becamegraphical notes of George Denman, , curate of Shoreditch, and in he wasprinted for private circulation ; Hansard, presented to the vicarage of St. Debates ; information kindly afforded bv mew, Cripplegate, w hich he retained till hisMr. George Denman and Mr. A rthur Denman, death. In he published a pam phletF. George Denman [q.

Denman edition was speedily exhausted, and a newwas always concerned rather w ith politics and enlarged edition appeared. A thirdthan law. During his long life as a peer he edition was reached in , and was trans-. D evon Dicksonlated into German and Servian. Soonof the Servian order of St. Saviour of after his retu rn in he married BessieTakhova, and a grand cross of the order of Evans, daughter of a partner in BradburySt.

His lack of business capacity was aBesides the works mentioned and several source of some anxiety to his father, but inlectures Denton was the author of: 1. On his returnOxon. S uppl. A few monthson 6 Jan. Charles Dickenscritic. Banking, however, was little to his w ent to live at Glasgow when quite young f2. D ickson D illonand was educated a t the high school in th at H obart to represent Queensland at the postalcity, afterwards entering, while still a youth, conference; the change of premier, whenthe City of Glasgow Bank, where he served Thomas Joseph Byrnes [q.

W ithin tw o or three years, in cutive council. That which w ill chiefly, he w ent to Queensland and set up as mark his m inistry is the boldness w ith whichan auctioneer, forming connections at the he threw himself into the contest for securingsame time w ith building society work and an A ustralian com m onwealth; w ith thebanking enterprise ; he was a promoter, and majority of the assembly against him on thefor some time a director, of the Royal Bank principle, he faced the risk of defeat, andof Queensland. On its favour.

On 29 Nov. John Douglas, when the ministry was W hen, at the beginning of , the homereconstructed, till 21 Jan. In governm ent invited delegates from A ustraliahe visited England. On 31 Dec. H e was a over to represent Queensland ; on his retu rnmember of the federal council which met at he was selected as minister of defence forH obart in , and acted as premier during the first government of U nited A ustralia. H e felt so strongly on and seemed in good h ealth through th e firstthe subject th a t he also resigned his seat and two days, when he was taken ill. H is body wasafter an exciting contest.

A t the general taken to Brisbane, where a public funeralelection of , however, he was defeated was accorded to him. H e was buried inat Toombul, a constituency carved out of N undah cemetery. H e was made C. For the next year he devoted in , K. In April son and four daughters.

H e was successful Morning Herald, 11 Jan. In February he baron of the Irish exchequer, was the eldestwas made secretary for railw ays by Nelson. D illon T33 Dillonw all of Crickstown. He was promoted to be attorney- charges brought against Sir Robert Dillongeneral on 8 Nov. A rchdall, iv. The eldest son, Jam es, wasDrogheda in the same year.

In May it granted livery of his father's lands on 8 A prilwas proposed to make him lord-chancellor Cal. Plants, Eliz. State Papers, Ireland, , p. State Papers, Ireland, ; Cal. Fiants, Ireland, Elizabeth;W est. The reason for his failure to obtain Lascelles's Liber Munerum H ib.

Archdall, iv. This M artin Bushart w ith his nativeand on 26 April he was one of the wife and the lascar were landed at the small. D illon x34 D illonisland of Tucopia in lat. Samuel Marsden to th e Santa Cruz group, in lat. In Dillon commanded th e St. H ere the rem ains of the unfortunateMichael. W hile commanding his own ships of La Pfirouse were found.

One of theship, the Calder, from to , he ships, the Boussole, had been wrecked on thewas employed likewise in purchasing and outer reef opposite the district of Paiou attaking cargoes of timber from New Zealand the south-west of the island; the Astrolabeand the South Sea Islands for the E ast is supposed to have foundered outside theIndia market. In May the Calder same. Some cleared ground was foundwas wrecked and lost at Valparaiso. In in the vicinity, where the survivors hadMay , being commander of his own built and launched their brig.

Several brassship, St. Dillon attem pted to reach this dition, and erected a monument in honour ofisland, b u t being becalmed for seven days L a Pfirouae and his comrades. A were placed in the museum of the Louvre. F rench officer, M. Chaigneau, and Dr. Through a annuity of 4, francs per annum.

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Thedisgraceful intrigue of Dr. M oniteur, 13 Feb. Tonga was reached on 16 Aug. H is grandfather, Sirther, Sir Bartholomew Dillon d. In th a t capacity heself to changes of government. On 17 Jan. Inplaced on various commissions for the June Fitzwilliam committed F itton togovernment of Ireland. H is appointment prison, and urged Elizabeth to send Dillon,was renewed by Elizabeth on 9 Jan. Dillon is said L o d g e , Peerage, ed. Dillon and reprimanded Fitzw illiam. H e was promoted to be chief State Papers, Ireland; Cal. Comm, lo th Rep.

H enceforth the N ugents left noLascelles's Liber M ud. Dillon was in one of borough, near Doncaster, in Dillon was Thirty-nine Articles. Brewer, the journal of the commissioners appointed and vols. W arner. On 23 Sept. E ngl. B iogr. H e retained this dignity u n til his information from R.

Scott, esq. T ara church. He was an active membercestershire, on 22 Nov. Society, in which almost all local politiciansBuckland, was adm itted pensioner of St. H e a view to improving th e condition of th egraduated B. Mainly owing to his efforts A stonin , and M. H aving been H all and park were secured for the tow n. Dixon Dixonand opened on 22 Sept. H e was also succeeded by Mr. H e moved an amendm ent to thea representative of Edgbaston ward, and on second reading, opposing the proposal to9 Nov.

His leave the question of religious instruction toyear of office was memorable for the riots in be determined by the local authorities. On 5 March he unsuccessfullyM urphy and of George H ammond W halley moved a resolution in condemnation of the[q. E arly in he ham bchool board on 28 Nov.

In November hethought. Among those who participated succeeded Mr. Chamberlain as chairman,was Dr. Temple, then head-master of Rugby. H e separatedof the poorer children. In , w ith the himself from Gladstone in on theco-operation of Mr. Chamberlain, John Sand- question of Irish home rule, and threw in hisford [q. In May he strongly opposedDale [q. On 4 Jan. The Birmingham from the city council. H e diedfirst conference of the league was held in at his residence, The Dales, Edgbaston, onBirm ingham on 12 and 13 Oct.

H e won four prizes for essays offered by the Royal A griculturalBegister, , p. Add to Cart. View PDF Flyer. Contents About. By: F. Pages: i—xix. Pages: 21— Pages: 84— Pages: — I found it generally persuasive and certainly an important contribution to the fields of Portuguese, Jewish and Islamic history", Ariel Hessayon review in Reviews in History review no. All those interested in social, religious and political history, jewish and islamic history, the history of tolerance and intolerance, as well as the history of the Catholic Church, Spain and Portugal.