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Are Hitchhikers Freeloaders?

Tips for hitchhiking in Australia

However, over the years more and more countries are making hitchiking illegal, which makes us wonder if it is really Ok to travel by hitchhiking in New Zealand? First, hitchhiking is legal in New Zealand. However, there are a few risks when it comes to hitchhiking so you do have to take a few safety precautions before jumping in the car with a stranger. So write your destination on a sign, stick out your thumb, look friendly and fun, and get ready to take the free way of travelling in New Zealand!

Well, like everything where there are pros there are cons. You just have to decide what you can deal with.

Like most things, when you are hitchiking in New Zealand, you are taking a chance. Much like if you drive and someone crashes into you or you cross the road and you get run over by a bus.

Is it safe to hitchhike in new Zealand?

Only about one or two bad incidents are reported in the national media per year, for instance, there are only 1. Unlike in many other countries, it is legal to hitchhike in New Zealand and is therefore, very common practice.

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As much as you need to be aware of your own safety, remember that drivers are also aware of their own safety. Make sure you stand where drivers have enough time to see, also be where drivers can safely pullover to pick you up. A few especially good spots to increase your chances of being picked up include:. Penguins, boulders, penguins, steampunk and penguins.

Have you ever dreamed of going [ When you hitchhike, you take nothing. A driver does not lose anything by letting you in their car — in fact, they gain your company. Of course, there are some people who may try to give you money. Some may want to take you to dinner, and some may invite you to meet their families and sleep on the sofa.

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Because if you are a good hitchhiker, everybody wins. Hitchhike because it will remind you that everywhere there are good people, and because the experiences you will have while hitchhiking are experiences that you could not have any other way. Daniel Beaumont has a vision: to create a platform where travellers can share, experience, and connect. Follow him at podstellife. Learn more about hitchhiking with Thomas , a film-maker who hitched an incredible 38,km and made a free documentary about life on the road.

What killed hitchhiking?

Exactly the same content as other versions Not formatted for digital screens No support for your author and fellow traveller. Carefully formatted for digital screens Read on your computer, smartphone, or kindle device Electronic devices run out of power easily on the road. Here are some other budget-friendly ways to travel around Australia:. Check out GumTree to browse used cars around the country. Rideshare: Generally more organised and reliable than hitchhiking, ride-sharing is a highly popular way of travelling Australia.

Check your hostel bulletin board or ask around to find your ride. There are several sites you can keep an eye on, too: ShareYourRide and Coseats are two of the most popular. Take the Bus : There are loads of bus options depending on what you want to do or how quickly you need to get somewhere.


Keep your eye out for special offers! She is running a Lazy Travel Blog with his husband Patryk, where they are sharing their non-adventurous tips on how to get the most of visiting new places without getting too tired.

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10 years of experience - everything you need to know about hitchhiking

Agent login - Media. Book now. The busier the roads, the less chance you have of getting picked up. Everyone is just trying to get to work or get home. You will get approached by the cops if they see you doing this, though this is definitely more enforced in the cities.

Make a sign and write your destination in huge letters so anyone approaching can read it.