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A startup company in Geneva produces the smallest and strongest loudspeaker of the world for the USA. But then these transmitters get stolen and the director gets imprisoned. His dauther asks her friends from Winterthur to help her father to prove his innocence. These three, the AG Pinkerton are a highs school student and two trainees from the company Sulzer and they find the clever acting thieves. A bit naive - but hej, it's for youngsters. The word 'Straussenmagen' is literally the stomach of an ostrich - but used here for someone who can swallow everything.

Another youth book by the author of Heidi. Laurin is 11, and goes to school with Amei. One day there was a break-in into one of houses and Laurin was gone. Amei longs to see Laurin back, but nobody knows what happened. Laurin ends up on an alpine pasture on the Furka but is totally unhappy - his conscious plagues him. A lovely story about forgiveness and friendship. There are 40 pictures of the white cross on red ground on or with different materials, and as many quotes by Swiss.

Adolf Ogi: 'La Suisse existe! Paul - they could start exporting those Viennese signs to Delhi where the need is greater. Public defecation seems to be a national pastime there. Have a great weekend. Hej Paul, welcome, - Delhi, do they read signs there? I called him pig, but he only told me that he is seeking asylum here in Switzerland, was operated in a Swiss hospital, and has now a weak 'Blase' bludder? I wonder why I didn't hug him for his welcoming behavior Didn't mean to be cryptic.

Can't wait till my girl is old enough to read them with her.

Dies Herz, das dir gehört: (Zuflucht) (German Edition)

LOL - I definately have got a week bladder now! That's hilarious. However, there you can see that people don't feel ashamed of anything anymore. Have a great weekend Paul! Hej Bekka, like that I learned about a new author - I will check in our public library if they have one of these Chalet School's book and have a look at it. Bianca - so it's 'week bladder'? It's just awful, we have to use that door everyday and then it stinks Despite your bladder, enjoy your weekend :. This is volume 7 from the Die Kinder aus Nr. Several kids grew up in Berlin, in the house no The war tore them apart.

In this part 7 we read about Hans a Swiss , Lukas a German Jew , and Pascal a French 's way through France through the French Alps over a pass into Switzerland during the occupation of France, and the way Paul a German teenager from no 67 lost his family in an attack on Berlin, met a Russian fugitive, and then escapeed to Switzerland, too. Paul was part of a youth group who helped out during bomber attacks on Berlin and even told his boss about his teacher's listening to the enemies radio station. On his way out of Berlin he meets this young Russian soldier from Stalingrad who told Paul, how he lost his family and home.

This lead more and more to an inner conflict in Paul, who realizes that so far he only did what he was told. Now he starts to think for himself. I like the way Tetzner describes the characters and their thoughts, feelings, and convictions. Paul's teacher once told him 'ihr werdet immer nur das sein, was man aus euch macht. No, no Paul actually it's a weak bladder. I very often type so fast that I get my spellings wrong. Hehe, another Paul book. Sounds interesting. Where do you get such old books?

Bianca, I got some old books at home and occasionally I read one of them. The Tetzner books are published in modern paperbacks. Hej Karen, have you been to India and experienced that smell first hand? Would Potty-training help? Let's say, during the first week after recruitment to the army at least they would learn something useful.

Greetings from Riehen view in the direction of Basel at a January afternoon. Hi Paul, great haul! Hey, that rhymes. Just a hint concerning the missing touchstones: If you go on the work page of e. Edit: I didn't see the picture before: It is soo beautiful. Here in Austria it was all grey and rainy Hallo Kathy, vielen herzlichen Dank! I didn't know about these numbers.

HIGH SOCIETY Trailer German Deutsch (2017)

I tried to put my newbies into threads earlier but I always failed to make the touchstones work, so I gave up. What, no snow in Switzerland at this time of year? Is the earth still spinning? But what a beautiful picture of Riehen. What does it take to emigrate to Switzerland? Money helps, but if you find a job, you earn it, and you live for some time here.

I doubt that emigration would be the right solution. You might do a 'stage' in a French speaking chocolate factory - bringing along some Belgian knowhow. Hello Paul, another great book haul there and now it doesn't rhyme. The books by Joachim Friedrich are very nice. The photo looks stunning, I can't believe that you have got such wonderful afternoons. Here, it's also dark, depressing, wet, well, just the right weather to go into hibernation for a few weeks :.

Kofmehl has written some children's mystery books Die Abenteuerklasse and now writes basically biographical stories about people who have a very bad or sad background. She was working as a street worker in Brasil. And another beautiful photo. I love the Augsburger Puppenkiste.

He still treasures the movies : Kofmehl sounds very interesting. I think I have to check her out, especially if she worked as a street worker in Brazil. Oh, you are interested in Brazil? A friend of mine is now working as a missionary in the North-East, among other things she helps with a school program for boys taken off the streets. They need a soccer trainer girls are not so good trainers, she noticed. Would you know of any soccer player would like to train boys in a Brazilian favela? Haha, nope I don't know any soccer trainers who would like to train boys in Brazil. However, I do like the occupation of street workers, whether it is Brazil or any other needy country.

I also like the idea of volonteer work. Due to the fact that my son has got dyscalculia math weakness , it is very difficult to move around with him as he needs steady support in school. Aside from his math, he has tested borderline highly gifted in several other areas - which doesn't matter at present, because his problem affects his general performance. However, if he wouldn't have this problem I probably would have been with him already all over the world. I just started to look into volonteer work during summer hollidays and there are quite a few organizations who offer this, even for families.

So, that's definately an avenue which I will check out a little further. I think it is absolutely great if people take the time, and make the effort to help people who are needy. An hour ago - two o'clock in the morning - we were all wakened by a shattering of glass. We all left our beds and looked barefooted for the 'intruder' or whatever it was, that woke us in the middle of the night. First we thought that the cat did throw something down - but it was lying at my feet.

We found our amaryllis smashed on the ground. It was standing on a stool in a huge glass bowl. The plant just started to blossom again - and now lost its head and fell down. Smashing the bowl and the pot Stupid plant, why does it do that at night? I couldn't sleep anymore and had to read Back in a new pot: the flower which broke off:. Thanks to the amaryllis: 7 Gefahr in Amsterdam by Carlo Meier. The Kamiknski-Kids are three teenagers and a dog who always get into some trouble and then solve the mystery with courage and friendship. This time they visit friends in Amsterdam, sleep on a house boat, eat Hageslag and Kroketten, and meet a drug dealer who escaped the police in Switzerland they had to deal with him in the previous volume Entscheidung im Park.

They want to help the police to arrest him this time. It reminds me of the Enid Blyton stories. Wow, talk about a plant getting your attention! Pretty flower, I might add Wow, 7 books down already, Paul?! You are going like gangbusters. Congratulations on such a great start to your reading year!

LOL - After such a scare, I probably wouldn't have been able to get back to back. However, it is a beautiful plant. Why is your one blooming already? Our one hasn't yet. But the bright side of this incident - you finished a book :. We had to clean the planty mess first, so I could wind down. My wife was sent to bed she had to start before 7 in the hospital and was barefoot , my son got the bigger pieces of glass into some paper and threw it away, and I got the vacuum cleaner. As you can see on the picture, it's the second time it blossoms - the flowers on the first stem are already gone, so we were very happy about the second stem, which grew to the double size of the first - and now it lost its head That's the danger when you make everything with your head instead your heart A quote I just found in Antigua, Penny, puce : " Guten morgen Paul, are you at work now?

If I am not mistaken, I read somewhere that you are a librarian, am I correct? LOL - like the quote. I am feeling very lazy today and I think I will go back to my book now. Wish you a lovely day :. Hej Bianca, you're right, I am a librarian. I still have Der Report der Magd around her in order to read.

That one sounds pretty similar in disturbance and dystobia. Hope, you had a good day, too. Instead of lunch I went 'fruschtshoppe' a word I took over from my daughter - when she goes 'frustshopping' she comes back with at least three pairs of shoes - and they all look the same to me, hej, they are shoes - and I need not more than two pairs, right?

Ha, I thought I have seen you mention it before somewhere. What type of library do you work in and what is your area of expertise?

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My sister is a librarian as well and thanks to her I am on LT and she works in a reference library - her speciality is business, politics and something else I know I should know, but I don't :. And I see you treated yourself to another lovely bookhaul, even so it was "frustshopping" something like that can help. I only know Never, let me go - Alles, was wir geben mussten by Kazuo Ishiguro which was another one of my fave reads last year. Although, dystopian and very disturbing novel. Have a great evening - I am off to bed now!

Great haul of books, Paul, and the amaryllis story is creepy and so funny all at once! Where was the shop? Cool that they had a tombola wheel there - I have only ever seen them at school fairs in New Zealand but used to love it. Hallo Bianca, ich arbeite in der WWZ-Bibliothek wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Zentrum, so economics, and sociology, basically , but my orignal expertise is theology, but worked in libraries for gender studies, art, history, and a public library.

And I still help out with theological libraries. So, I am off to bed as well, we'll have early morning prayer at 6 o'clock - I hope that our plants keep quiet tonight. Paul Thank you ever so much for the lovely images. My partner lived in Germany for a long time. He regrets that he didn't stay there and moved back to the US.

Whenever we see garbage by the side of the road, he immediately says "You don't see that in Germany! I hope to travel there some day. I'm going to show him the images you posted. I know I'll hear the sound of a huge sigh. Hej Cushla, nice to see you here again. I was at the Heilsarmee Salvation Army - two of the books were still in their wrappers, only one makes a used impression, the others are apparently unread. Ah, that sounds pretty interesting. So, the next time I am searching something religious related I could ask you for advice? Actually, I think my sister's third one is economics as well, but they also have got a huge art and music section in her library.

Have a good night - and fingers crossed your beautiful plant will sleep tonight as well. If I don't forget it at home, I may add some pictures from Germany and Austria as well. You're right about the garbage, but, it's not the same like it used to me. People in Germany and Switzerland, too are more and more ignorant about littering. Bianca, you are welcome to ask - as long as you don't fear the answer : I did study Evangelical theology and work as a youth pastor for some time, got involved in Swiss and Korean churches in London and Switzerland.

I am happy to help. Yes, the plants were quiet - they probably mourned over the amaryllis's accident but the flower looks beautiful in small vase. The photographer collected thousands of pictures from New York NY. An interesting collection of street art by different artists. A very interesting way to improve the view of a city: knit some scarves for a monument or some handrails - nice idea. A modern arts approach to Romantik. Graphics and fotos made on the computer. Some nice results. One of our quiet orchids:. For the Feud game I gave these answers on the basis of the book titles I read last year: Name something you like about Winter - Ich steh an deiner Krippe hier standing at your crib Name something you dislike about Winter.

Huhu Paul, thank you for your kind wishes and prayers for Alex. He had a very rough night, but slept a lot during the day, I hope he will get better in the next couple of days. Another nice book haul and you picked them up for free? Wow, what a lucky man you are! I still have got quite a few of his books which I haven't read. LOL - I like what you made from the survey from the game. I wasn't that imaginative :. But to your question, yes I've been three times now.

But only to Mumbai and Pune and some villages near Pune. It's hardly surprising that there is a smell when you see the desperate conditions people live in. I've seen poverty in other countries but not in such close proximity. Thanks, Karen, for your answer. Must be a fascinating country, in one way, but as you mention the wide spread poverty - that is apparently quite another part of India.

I have seen poverty in Korea, too, but no so close. One of the boys wrote a play about a 'Flying Classroom' where you go these places you learn about in school. It's a vedry readable book about friendship, sorrow and happiness in the life of boys. Paul - great to see you so active this year and the spring like looking air in Switzerland seems to be helping you! Great photos. You also seem to be out buying me or at least out-adding to your collection this year. Hej Lori, nice to see you around. Thanks for the compliment about the pix, I will add more as I have a chance Hej Karen, I am told by my inmates my wife and children to bring the books out of the house again..

If you are interested in one of my latest acquisitions, ask me and I might be prepared to send it to you. Hej Paul, thanks for coming over here. Did I out buy you? At least once I am on top of a list at least for a few hours, I guess. When do you go out shopping again? I like to add as many CK details on the books I have as possible and also want to enrich the author pages. I am more active there. Hej Diana, book hauls are like moon phases: they come and go. Tomorrow we go to a Korean who sells Korean food in Germany - so my wife can eat her favorites again no rhubarb I am reading Anatomie einer Nacht by Anna Kim.

The epigraph is by Virginia Woolf: "The nights now are full of wind and destruction. Depressing story since you learn in the prologue, that there will happen 11 suicides in this night from Friday till Saturday. Another quote: "Dies hatte er Freiheit genannt. A slow read, I just had to air my head a bit. Hi Paul, thanks for your kind wishes for Alex :. I see you managed another book haul.

I had one as well. There were lot of freebies and books under 1 pound on Amazon for my kindle, so I treated myself a little over the past couple of days : Anatomie einer Nacht sounds like a very interesting but slow read. I just finished We Sinners which follows a Finnish orthodox Lutheran family, living in the states. They are a family with 9 children and the book is told from the different view points of each family member and the difficulties they experience of bringing modern life together with their beliefs.

It was a very interesting, at times disturbing and shocking read. However, I thought that might would be a book you could be interested in. Hm, Korean food? I guess is pretty much like Vitnamese or Chinese food? I hope your wife enjoys the meal : Wish you and your family a great weekend! Not fair! Teasing aside though thanks for the kind thought Paul but I will pass for now.

I pass most of mine to the Red Cross shop since the can get some income as a result and a tax break. Book mooch I do now and again. Hallo Bianca. I am pleased to heasr good news about Alex, and I pray that you yourself can find some rest, too. A book haul for the kindle seems to be a better idea than for non-existing book shelves. It has definitely the advantage of not using up space in the house - but, well, I like to have some paper in my hands, listen to the rustling of the pages, feel the cover, smell the book - I would miss that.

Korean food: it is not as greasy as Chinese usually is. I don't know about Vietnamese. The main dish is apart from rice kimchi: Chinakohl China cabbage?? Why, o Karen, don't you help me out in taking some of my books and give them a better home? Oh, Bianca, and thanks for mentioning We sinners Sounds like a book, I would like. I know of the Lutherans who studied here at St. I guess they experienced similar things to the family you read about in that book.

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According to tradtion baby girls were not left alive after birth during a famine. But the mother of Anana broke with that taboo and let her girl alive. She and the child were then shunned by the tribe and the girl didn't get a name. She was only called 'the speechless'. But the girl became the fastest runner and finally even hunted her first seal. She became a shaman and so helped a new tribe to gather around her family and lead them to all the good hunting places. But she also has a dream about a white coming along and changing her life. Easy read, with some good descriptions of life in the Alaskan wilderness.

The Dutch title is: Merg en bloed - the main food of the tribe. Here a pix of my room. I just realized that I don't have pictures of Kimchi of my own. But I have some pix of Korean food from Seoul you need some phantasy to translate the English. Have fun:. I've tried kimchee a few times - it's certainly an acquired taste.

Restaurants in Korea seem to constantly invent new ways of selling it. Kimchee omelette. Kimchee pizza were on offer in Seoul a few years ago. Hej Karen, I hope you had a good time in Korea. Where have you been to? We also make kimchi omelette and kimchi tsige kimchi stew at home. I prefer the fresh kimchi, not so much the long stored. Only Seoul unfortunately Paul. That's the trouble with business trips - you seldom get the luxury of being a tourist. I went to Warsaw once and all I saw was from a taxi. But in seoul I did at least get a couple of days to see a palace and a temple.

I have spent the last 17 years working for and with some of the biggest of Korea's chaebols. I was one of the first non-asians to be a director of a company in the Lotte group in the early 's. Leads me on to an adopted love of Korean food for all the family. Thanks for making me hungry mate. Ok I'll have to ask my Korean colleagues to describe those delicacies to me! Hej Karen, well, at least you have seen something - my first trip to Lithuania was just to the library there and back, so I had to go a second in order to see more of the country.

Paul, you know them all. So you also have drinking experience when going out with the boss? The first time was just too much, I am glad my wife was tolerated in this man's world. But still, it get's frightening when you have three 'foreign' glasses in front of you belonging to different colleagues, filled with alcohol and you should just empty it and return the glass, ex your own glass and pass it on to your boss or underling - well, whoever is next to be filled.

And I don't like beer, so I had a bad start with some Koreans. All these Korean dishes But tonight we had raclette cheese and potatoes for supper. We mix a lot Haha, very interesting food you are dishing out there Paul. Your dinner from tonight sounds delicious : Just wanting to wish you and your family a lovely weekend! Hi Paul, it's been a while but your thread seems to be flying along. At this rate, you'll start a second thread by next month or earlier!

Re 76 - no way I'll snitch Belgian chocolate-secrets, not even to the Swiss. And marriage It's the best of both worlds then. That Korean food looks yummy. Probably low on fat and healthy too? The raclette is tempting too. At our family, we regularly eat cheese-fondue.

I have no idea where it came from. My parents have used that recipe for over 50 years. Maybe they picked it up on a holiday or so. I'll have to ask. Enjoy the weekend or what's left of it! Monica, thanks for coming by. When coming to the Alps don't try the brown chocolate pies lying around everywhere - they are made by and not of cows ingredients There are different types of cheese fondue, the basic difference being the combination of different cheeses, the quality of the white wine, and the spices. Use part of the garlic to rub in the caquelon before you put the cheese in it.

There are people who use beer instead of wine - yak, but well, that's a matter of taste. When living in England, we made fondue, too, but we didn't have a caquelon, so we used an oven glass feuerfestes Glas. Our first baby was lying in her cot on the floor and we set the false caquelon next to her on a small table - and the glass shatters into pieces!!! Luckily not as far as the baby - but it took us an hour to clean table, carpet and cot from the cheese and the glass -- what a waste of cheese!!! A children's book about a lion who once left the zoo and now lives in Sultania.

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Totokatapi inherits the shopping centre of the town Irgendwo, but he lives in Sultania, with the Sultan and Lion. So Kim, Pips and Doc go an fetch him. But a villain steels the credentials and gets the centre. So, the friends have to make a plan to get it back. Lovely children's story - nicely done as a puppet piece by the Augsburger Puppenkiste. I remember these plays on TV as I was a child. I loved them. Sushi is the Japanes variant from kimbab. They import the kim sea weed from Korea and basically filled kimbab with raw fish.

An endtime story: A bunch of students want to bring down a computer at the college in order to get rid of their bad school marks. But well, the malware had a serious flaw: it duplicated itself and infiltrated other server and computers. In the end, nothing which runs with computing handies, factories, air planes, power plants works anymore. In a little German town near the Rhine people realize that airplanes are falling from the sky, the machines don't work, the telephone networks are dead.

Suddenly the whole community was thrown back into the 19th century. Some people develop their a strong selfishness, others a sense for community and fellowship. A nurse from the hospital in the near city comes back to the village with a wounded policeman who is just murdered at their arrival when they come to the mourning community closing a mass grave they dug for the victims of the crashed Boeing.

A politician sets up a kind of government. In the mean time, the husband of nurse tries to find he way home from Southern Sweden. An interesting tale of what would you do when the world falls apart? Who will survive and how in a world without computers? Who knows how to milk a cow by hand? Who is willing to share the last food with someone who nothing left? Hello Paul, I trust it you are doing well, and are you unstoppable or what reading one book per day! It is very interesting to learn about your family's world travels and adventures, keep them coming and have a wonderful and stress-free week!

Hej Elena, nice to see you around here. Thanks for the good wishes and your interest in our adventures. There are times I am more 'prone'? Wish you a good start into the new week, too. Hello Paul, I am just echoing portnova's amazement. I also can't believe that you are already on book Enjoyed your review on Rattentanz sounds excactly like the kind of book I would enjoy. If you enjoyed that you may actually would enjoy Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood which I also just finished.

Yes, Bianca, I read about your enjoyment about Oryx and Crake. I sounds a bit as a similar apocalyptic setting like Rattentanz. So, I definitely will take it when I can lay my hands on it - but there are so many books now lying around me now, that I should first minimize these piles and not increase their hight The whole marine fauna attacks mankind - what lies behind these attacks? A thick, well researched novel - long, but worthwhile getting through. So, that's something I will get to this year as well.

I think what I loved about Oryx and Crake was the way she described everything, her language - which is crude - but brings everything to the point. The questions arising in that book are nothing new, it's just the way she presents them to us. Thank you pointing out the mistake I made in my review, actually I wanted to describe something else, but phrased it wrong. I paraphrased it for now, but have to mull a bit further on how to put this into something short :. Oh Bianca, we seem to hop from your thread to my thread and back But I get better some sleep for tomorrows start of the work week.

So, good night everybody. Hi Paul! I hope you had a nice weekend. That's a great haul you made there in 93 - and is there anybody who doesn't know fruschtshoppe? I hope that you'll enjoy it. Have a good night and a great beginning of the week! And our system is so slow, it allows you to make coffee and drink have the cup when booting that little toaster here we have Server Based Computing - but only call it Slow Basel Computing. When working at the desk, I will have to work. Till then I should check some internet sites on new data about agricultural economics or economical agriculture Hallo Kathy, gang angenehm, danke der Nachfrage.

We had the start of the prayer week of the Evangelical Alliance. So we met in the village church of Riehen Reformed. The introduction was about a tandem - you know doing things together with God and the picture of a tandem i quite beautiful in that context. Thanks for the warning about Engelsstimme , it's not on my priority stack.

Guten morgen Paul, great to hear that you have some time for coffee during the morning. The introduction of a tandem sounds indeed quite beautiful. Are there many young people in your church? I could see that this could appeal quite a bit to a younger generation. Hej Kathy, coffee was good and now I had some to read at the desk. The students work quietly at their places, and are now leaving the library for lunch.

So I could read another book on cheese: about farmers milking the cows, the cheesemakers making the cheese and then put in a cave for several years to ripen there. We have quite a large segment of young people in our church. There are about adult members, plus 50 or more teenagers going to the youth group and the teenie club.

There is also good going unihockey floor hockey group, where there are kids whose parents do not belong to our church. Since people used the small natural cave in order to store cheese. There are interviews by a geologist, farmers, and cheese makers in the book. The process of riping is nowhere written down, so people trust their own experience. The black patina of a good Emmentaler is one of their secrets.

Cheesemakers start their day at 5 in the morning, work till noon, have the afternoon off, and go back in the evening in order to receive the evening milk. After a few months the cheeses go the cave and there, there are some care robots who take over in order turn the cheeses over, salt, and brush them, daily! The humans take over the testing, smelling and so on.

Knock on a Emmentaler cheese and you may hear if the cheese has produced enough gas holes The book also has great pictures of cows, cheeses, cheese makers and the cave. Hi Paul - stopping by to read your thread. Some very interesting books, particularly the Kaltbach book. Wow, another great bookhaul Paul. I haven't read it in over 10 years, but I do remember that I loved it, especially with the music underlining the story.

So far, I could resist - and haven't bought any new fiction book this year. But somehow I'm starting to feel such an itch Good morning everybody. It's Tuesday and that means early morning prayer started at 6. It is a good way to start the day. Now I am back home, having seen my wife off for her Korean prayer meeting and now doing some work on the computer: health insurance.

They pay the whole treatment of my wife apart from the Selbstbehalt - deductible? However, when this discrete information slots — presuppositions — are converted into text and acquire a tangible shape, they simul- taneously obtain the most important textual category — cohesion as it is the key criterion for discourse generation.

Cohesion is the most important requirement for felicitous communication. No incohesive text can be adequately decoded and grasped by the recipient. Cohesion determines appropriate encoding of contextual presupposition data 1 Beaugrande R. Introduction to Text Linguistics. London : Long- man, Cohesion in English.

London : Longman, Strategies of discourse comprehension. Notably, it is the context-inherent net of presuppositions, the relevant mental representation of a certain communication event that preconditions the surface structure of the text, hence, its cohesion.

Proceeding from the above-said, it is natural that the discrete structure of the mental model must be appropri- ately transformed into a linear textual shape for it to be adequately communicated and decoded.

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Hence, the greatest communicative strategy of the addresser is to convert the discrete, separate mental representation of a given phe- nomenon — mental model — into such links, junctions and connections that would guarantee the linearity of the text and its adequate comprehension. Notably, cohesion is actualized on two levels, namely, surface structure of the text, which is actualized via its linearity, i.

The basis of cohesion is reference. The referent of a coherent text is the real situation which is perceived by the sender as coherent. Notably, the comprehension process and sense perception acquire a cognitive value as each person in the process of converting activates his men- tal models, which is actually his background knowledge, his presupposition set on certain phenomena and is created via his own experiences.

Thus, I do claim that text coherence is actually a cognitive phenomenon too.

Project MUSE - Recently Published Works in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Obviously, even an isolated, context-independent piece of narration, statement, text is coherent since it repre- sents a chain of logic. Observe the following sentence as an example of the above-said. This grammatically simple sentence implicitly presupposes the following chain of logic: 2 I state that I have written several articles. I published the latest one in Russia. So, cohesion is actually an inherent characteristic of any text which can be of any length. Consequently, semantics of signs of the text is the explicit expression of some connected logic.

The latter con- nection is conditioned communicatively, pragmatically and grammatically and has as its sense the intension of the linguistic form. Thus, coherence as a textual category has two planes — the plane of content and the plane of expression. The plane of content is the mental image of some logically interconnected stream of ideas, background knowledge, or otherwise I would call it situationally relevant presuppositions which acquire some tangible linear shape, i.

The latter is largely dependent on the participants of communication as no two different people would word the same communicative event in the same way. This is accounted for by a number of reasons — the aim of communication, the interlocutors psychological state, age, education and many other extralinguistic factors. The linear representation of the logically connected stream of thoughts should make up a semantic integrity. These lower level units are an interconnected net of background knowl- edge that in each communicative event interweave in such a way as to make a context for some situationally tangible text.

Proceeding from all above-said I can claim that cohesion bears both cognitive and pragmatic content. Though it should be mentioned that despite this fact, on the deeper conceptual level the background knowledge, presuppositions, or otherwise the conceptual content of the discourse is divided into discrete clauses, namely, each fact, each discrete piece of information corresponds to one discrete clause.

Here I would agree with Kubryakova et al who claim that in actual text generation process these two proc- esses — arrangement of conceptual content and transformation of the semantic and pragmatic representation of the discourse into linguistic form — take place simultaneously The choice of the surface structure by the speaker depends on such variables as the speech situation and con- text. Background knowledge and utterance are not necessarily relevant. Rather, they are relevant depending on the intention of communication. The structure of the information, namely its presuppositional content and its linguistic representation may diverge.

The lexical chooser makes decisions on word selection and the semantic structure of the sentence. Discourse generation circumstances and tasks precondition different ways of representing the mental dimension, the representation of the proposition may be manifested by different surface structures.

Process type could be simple or composite. The surface realizer maps the lexicalized, semantic representation to its corresponding syntactic structure. Cohesion here functions as a local cohesion for text generation and operates as a means of establishing the con- nections between propositions, presuppositions and the surface structures. Coherence in my pragmatic interpretation is the information, background shared beliefs or simply set of presuppositions that makes any communication possible.

Any emerging text is just the physical repre- sentation of the net of interrelated presuppositions, coherence which is verbalized individually and depends on the intention and circumstances of communication. Here the subjective nature of cohesion comes forth and here the presuppositional nature of cohesion becomes tangible. To prove the above said, just imagine how a certain event would be verbalized by the witness and a third person who is just retelling a piece of information. The factor of subjectivism becomes very tangible.

Proceeding with the topic I claim that both cohesion and coherence are referential phenomena. The difference is in the nature of reference and its actualization. Reference for cohesion is the relevance of the linguistic signs mak- ing up the text with the extralinguistic situation, as well as intratextual reference when it is actualized via referring one sign in the text to the other via different cohesive means — anaphora, cataphora and others.

The combination of certain linguistic signs which allows of relevant reference both within the text itself and the context is said to be the reference for cohesion. The above said allows of the following assumption — cohesion is both an intertextual and outertextual phe- nomenon. The former is realized via physical language connectives, the latter — via background knowledge, context composing presuppositions. Obviously, coherence and cohesion are strongly interconnected and interdependent phenomena.

Summing up, text coherence can have quite a diverse mode of representation on the surface structure of the text — cohesion. Actually every speaker chooses his unique mode of verbal representation of some information. Interestingly, the same piece of information is 17 Schiffrin D. Discourse Markers. Cambridge University Press, A good example of this can be found in a news event aired by several news channels and programs.

Depending on the political standpoint and commitment of a certain news channel, its mode of verbal representation of the same event will be quite different. And this is quite natural as speech is the only possible output of human thought and their views on it. The latter happens in cases of misrepresentation of real facts. All above-said comes to prove that cohesion is a textual category which aims at integrating language units in such a way as to create a textually represented continuum that is based on the implicit presuppositional data of the context — coherence.

References 1. Beaugrande, R. Dijk, T. Halliday, M. Halliday, R. Pan, Sh. Pan, R. Schiffrin, D. Discourse Markers [Text]. Wirtschaftskommunikation Deutsch. Ismaning: Hueber Verlag, QQ, -. The article examines English, Armenian and Russian verbs of cognition. It is proved that asymmetry of a linguistic worldview manifests itself not only on the lexical and grammatical levels but also on the derivational level.

On the contrary, the Spanish mentality assesses laughter positively. Many proper compound nouns, borrowed from English, are not assimilated in the Russian language. Anglicism, borrowing, word-building, word-formative element II. To disclose the semantic potential of such sentences and synonymous structures it is necessary to turn to text as the main criterion. Coordination vs.

This noun was selected as countable and possessing a broad array of meanings, its semantics affecting the choice of the article. The study shows that each article can have a number of functions. The author concludes that the article, apart from its grammatical purpose, may have a lexical function in context. It may affect the meaning of the noun it determines, i. All this predetermines the im- portance of the articles not only from a linguistic perspective, but also from the viewpoint of teaching adequate communication.

The expressive impact of precedent texts makes them one of the major means of character-drawing and endows the characters with both typical and individual features. It reveals how context-inherent presuppositions regulate the cohesion of the text on its surface level. Cohesion determines appropriate verbal encoding of contextual presupposition data and adequate decoding of the information by the recipient. It is the context-inherent net of presuppositions, the relevant mental representation of a certain communication event that preconditions the surface structure of the text, hence, its cohesion.

The article shows that cohesion works on two levels, namely, the surface structure of the text, which is actualized via properly arranged sequence of clauses and sentences of diverse length and the inner organization of the numerous background contextual presuppositions. Esenin, Ryazan, Russia Educational Questionnaire as a Tool of Teaching Expressive Writing to First Year Foreign Language Majors The article explores the structure of an educational questionnaire and the main principles of its function- ing, and examines its advantages as a tool of introducing theoretical information at a lesson devoted to teaching expressive writing.

The author presents an introductory educational questionnaire, meant to build a general background for developing the skills in various modes of written discourse. Esenin, Ryazan, Russia Theoretical Premises of Tertiary Philological Professionally-Oriented Language Education The paper explores the possibilities of infusing professional vision and skills into tertiary foreign language education curriculum.

The author, who relies upon his own concept of professionally-oriented philological education, explores the challenges and suggests the ways of making philological education professionally oriented from the start. This means that: a phonetics, grammar, and vocabulary are taught simultaneously, in pref- erence to a purely phonetic introductory course; b the three codes — oral, pinyin transcription, and Chinese characters — are taught in close connection.

If the teacher uses a cognitive-communicative method of presenting and practicing language units, elements of the hieroglyphic script are regarded by the student as a natural friend rather than an enemy. The author believes that using pinyin may be both a bliss and a challenge, since some representations of Chinese sounds in pinyin may look misleading to foreign students. The author maintains that it is easier to prevent a phonetic mistake than to eradicate it afterwards. The paper gives a survey of the Chinese sound system and suggests a tentative way of challenge gradation.

Each sound should be presented as part of a system, i. The article provides arguments both pro and contra. Since a detailed analysis of the content and form of internet prose exceeds the limits of one article, the discussion of the issue is to be continued. Internet publications, belles-lettres properties, completeness, linear structure, open end, social value, in- teraction Zhao Huanyu, M.

Language skills are assimilated simultaneously with learning the appropriate models of behavior. This theory regards language learning as a gradual and systemic acquisition of verbal and non-verbal patterns of social interaction typical of the target culture. The article focuses on applying this methodology to teaching speaking and listening in Chinese as a foreign language. Each of the two renderings of the original verse is accompanied by commentaries to make it easier for the reader both professional translators and laymen to deal with nuances of ancient Chinese poetry.

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