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I've used her twice to update my resume and LinkedIn account, and I'm very pleased with the work she did for me. Read more Mandy Fard is an expert at helping people write their resumes. Very professional and a great person! Greater Los Angeles and Kern County mandy market-connections. Home Services About order now contact us store faq blog.

We create a fully-targeted, customized and well-researched resume to properly showcase your growth patterns and aspirations. Learn the "thought process" behind those tricky interview questions. Interview with confidence.

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You're at the right place. I am a former Senior Recruiter and one of Los Angeles' most sought-after executive resume writers—one of the first Certified Professional Resume Writers in Los Angeles—and I established Market-Connections to connect my clients as both jobseekers and employers, with cutting-edge career-related tools. I will do the same for you. Why Choose Us? Reputation We are proud of the praise we have received from our peers and clients alike.

We invite you to read and browse through our testimonials. You will find an interactive list to browse through. Individualized Service You will connect directly with me as your Resume Writer. You will not have to talk to a third-party as a Phone Consultant who will then relay your information to a remote Resume Writer. You will connect with me, I will write your resume, and there is no third-party consulting system.

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I am a call or an email away. No need to go through online apps and dashboards to find me.

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ATS-Compliant Each resume is scanned through an Application Tracking System right here at our office, to ensure the right keywords are implemented not only for the human eye, but also for today's scanning robots. With me, you gain the freedom to concentrate on your other important projects. No hand-holding while I write your resume. Quality I go to great lengths to ensure each client's professional background is properly showcased on paper. You will receive your resume in both Word and PDF formats.

No Outsourcing I do not assign anyone to write your resume.

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I write your resume myself, as your dedicated Certified Resume Writer. I give it the attention it deserves so that your documents won't blend in; they will stand out. Completeness Every precaution is taken to ensure each client is given a full and detailed report of explanation along with their resume package, to explain all the writing strategies implemented. Research and Enterprise at Otago Close. Learning and teaching Close. International at Otago Close. Alumni and Friends Close. Contact Otago Close. Pacific at Otago Close.

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Write one paragraph of your cover letter at a time Paragraph 1: What are you applying for and how did you find out about it? Your first paragraph could end up being as simple as this: I am excited to apply for a position as a Pharmacy Intern at your pharmacy in Our telephone conversation, and my recent placement at Levin Pharmacy, encouraged me to put forward an application for this position. This will give your cover letter a context that is personal to you — something like this: Example: During our recent telephone conversation, I noted particularly that Huntly Pharmacy has a strong community focus.

My previous experience in customer service and retail roles has developed and strengthened my ability to communicate with customers, in a range of settings and of diverse dispositions and cultural backgrounds, to meet their particular needs. I would welcome the opportunity to combine this background with my knowledge of the pharmacy industry, and to transfer these skills into the setting of your busy community pharmacy. Example: The role of a community pharmacist is of critical importance to the wellbeing of the patients in its community.

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With the safety of patients at risk, it is important that the pharmacist is enthusiastic and dedicated to their role. I believe that I fit this description; I cherished my experience during my community pharmacy placement, and found it had a profound effect on me.

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