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Vast wonder from the windows, I photographed the wind, driven over bridges between frame and time. The farmer sick and wilted migrated north into the United States ignoring the challenges of change a relentless force in the World. Our inner scaffolding bones the fossils become who we are a skeleton a skull white, brittle, and inert not rich and dynamic yet bone many characters are fossils or skeletons we are skeletal actors displayed I sit here now thinking of my dissolving bones.

They swept and had been drenched in a feat that had been unimaginable it took a while to regain their senses. From depths they soared right into space. She is not sympathetic or likable. She speaks frankly about matters veiled by discretion. She challenges fate, wanders into a state of possibility and risk. The day was hot and hazy, it was clear that the occupant had unfurled white flag of truce.

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Man in the passenger seat, a woman driving. Old people rarely try to kill soldiers. Tal Afar, September young men were dangerous including us. None were afraid of the old man, old woman. Another group of soldiers watching the car.

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Less than 10 seconds,. Both dead. Dying in my mind, last 14 years. Now 38, I try not to hurt people. My being there at the time makes me a bad person, but I claim to be a good one.

The Final Guy Had A Ray Gun!? - Blackout PS4

BlackOut UK is a not-for-profit social enterprise run and owned by a volunteer collective of black gay men. We recognize and celebrate the diversity of experience and views among black queer men in the UK extending even to what we call ourselves and are seeking to create spaces to explore and reflect on our commonalities and differences. While the editorial team maintains control over the quality of content, we are keen to reflect the diversity of our community and not to impose an orthodoxy of view or opinion. We believe that the whole can be greater than the sum of parts and are working to build a sense of community between black queer men in the UK.

BlackOut UK will encourage and stimulate debate and discussion online and face-to-face through this website, writer workshops, networking events, and supporting interventions to meet the needs of black queer men.