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It is us. We are arrested. Black tape seals the mouths of the seventeen actors, who strike out against the violation of freedom of expression, government corruption and the annihilation of the citizen in a Kafkaesque country. The nightmare of Josef K. Is this a sado-masochistic scene of punishment and humiliation?

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Does it reflect on the cruelty and submissiveness of other characters in the novel? The day after this encounter, K. Bring out the strangeness of this fact.

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  • How can we account for it realistically? Is it a dream? Why is his uncle worried about K. How do these physical details set the scene for K. Why is K. Comment on the swiftness with which K. What do you make of her webbed hand and of K. What does the uncle think of K. How do K. What relations does Titorelli the painter have to the Court and K. Is this his real name? Describe the section of town where Titorelli resides, his neighbors, and the building he lives in.

    What role do the girls play in their meeting? Does their physical deformity say anything about their moral character? What does this combination say about the nature of K. What does Titorelli explain to K.


    How does K. How do Leni and Huld treat him? What distinguishes K. Will he look and act like Block at a later stage in his trial?

    The Trial by Franz Kafka - Teacher's Guide - Books

    Can K. In the Cathedral Discuss the importance of the cathedral setting for this chapter. What elements suggest a relationship between Josef K. Why does the priest describe K. What does he think about K. Describe the doorkeeper and his relationship to the Law.

    The Trial by Franz Kafka

    Has he made a mistake? What does Josef K. Note the complexity of the discussion between K. Comment on K. It receives you when you come and dismisses you when you go. The End Describe K. Describe the men who take K. Describe the fleeting appearance of the woman that K.

    Discuss K. A friend? A good person? Someone who cared? Someone who wanted to help? What makes K. Does the execution reflect badly on K. Whose side are you on? Does Kafka make it clear which side we should be on? Teachers should select passages that they find interesting for their reading of the novel, keeping in mind that the passages deleted by Kafka that were contained in the appendix to the Muir translation of The Trial Schocken Books, are not included in this new edition.

    There, he is subjected to an equally puzzling and brief interrogation by the inspector. The inspector informs K. After work, K.

    by Franz Kafka

    He apologizes to his landlady for the inconvenience of his arrest that morning, but his landlady doesn't seem to mind. When he arrives at the court's address, he is puzzled by the fact that the court seems to be located in an apartment building in an impoverished neighborhood. Since he wasn't given a precise address, K. After introducing himself to the examining magistrate, K. But, as he finishes his speech, K. The examining magistrate tells K. Despite the lack of summons, K. There, he finds only the washerwoman, who informs him that the court is not in session.

    The washerwoman, who turns out to be the court usher's wife, promptly seduces K. A law student sweeps in and carries the court usher's wife away, presumably to sleep with a judge.

    How It All Goes Down

    The court usher comes by and offers to take K. In the dilapidated offices of the court, K. All of a sudden, K.