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Givers Power Capsules for Both Men & Women

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Download basket [ 0 ]. It enables you to meet new people and for some people this is another key motivation for getting involved. Enables you to survey any group of volunteers and compare their motivations, barriers and experiences to national averages through smart use of UK data sets.

See our St John Ambulance case study.

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A simple way to share knowledge across your organisation. Timely, ongoing, relevant communication with volunteers is vital.

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To build a survey this detailed would cost tens of thousands of pounds and take a long time. Apply leading behavioural science through more relevant, targeted communication to improve recruitment, retention and productivity. Volunteers are essential to the growth of almost every charity and social enterprise. How much of your revenue depends on volunteers?

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Unique insights into your volunteers and how they differ from other organisations and sectors. Great volunteers create a better experience for people who participate in your event. Powered by. In association with. GIVERS turns data on over , volunteers into a set of simple, practical tools that will help recruit, retain and reward volunteers.

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