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That would suggest it was a sacrifice worth making — Maggie certainly believes so. But how many would be able to do such a thing to win their moment in the celebrity spotlight?

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Post a Comment. Posted by Andrew Crofts at No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. What Would You Sacrifice to be Famous? Write a spell in 25 words or more. Contest runs from November 9th through December 7th. Open to US residents only. A story about the fleeting nature of beauty, full of decadence, glamour and vanity. Dorian sells his soul in exchange for keeping his beauty — just as Maggie gives away her child in return for a chance at fame - while a hidden portrait of him ages instead.

Here I have a vested interest because Mr. Harris quotes me at the start of every chapter and the character is basically living a fictionalised version of my own life. Archer's Medium Contest :.

If you could communicate with spirits maybe you already can! Entries are open from November 1st to 30th. Only one entry per person, please. Archer will choose the most creative and original answer. These are free workshops for Wattpad writers who want to be inspired and challenged. The workshops run every Monday on the Wattpad Blog. To join in: read the post and get writing — post your writing on the Weekly Workshop Series Discussion Thread!

Visit her at www. Check the links at the end for every single one! This is the last week of this first week workshop series. Writing is an isolated job. You sit and stare at a computer screen or sheet of paper with only your characters as company. I say only , yet I find hanging out with my characters thrilling.

I never feel lonely or bored. It may surprise you to know that before I send work to my editors, I get feedback from a close group of readers. My dad is normally the first one, sometimes my mum. Then I turn to three good writer friends. Based on what they say, I rewrite a draft. Then I go for more feedback. This time I send the project to a friend who is a teacher and also to a teenager who I trust. Then I send it to my sister. In a later draft I redraft carefully before using all my readers up , I get my boyfriend to give me a read.

Some of my readers just say nice things — every writer needs those people. Some are very good at spotting all the parts that need work uh, my boyfriend! Every writer needs those people too, readers who say it just as it is, yet who leave you feeling like there are things you can do to make the writing better. Some of my readers give careful, considerate edits written on the page, either line edits or structural comments.

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  • All of them bring something to the table. Wattpad gives all of you the opportunity to share your work with readers regularly. So, here are my tips for dealing with feedback from readers so you can make your work the best it can be. Find something you want feedback on — read the tips first! Here are the links to all the other workshops if you want to check those out too:.

    The finalist showcase will end on December 31, to make way for the voting period from January 1, to January 31, But the prominence of romance in young adult media can be overwhelming. Thankfully, over the last few years, a new trend has emerged — films, books, and television shows focused on the platonic relationships. Not just between males and females — there have also been movies like The Hangover or The Grey which exclusively focus on the dynamics between men and Bridesmaids or Mean Girls which exclusively focus on the dynamics between women and girls.

    Even shows like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic have picked up on the emerging fad, focusing on the strange and often chaotic relationships between girls in their formative years. That said, oftentimes, when novels or movies or television shows focus on the relationships between females, they almost always focus on the negative aspect of those relationships. When I first had the idea to write The Stories We Tell , I knew that romance would have minimal if any relevance to the main plot.

    But as I kept writing and getting to know my characters, I realized that their priorities were to save their little fishing town and the people they already cared about — and that adding a romance would be inauthentic to their story. I also knew that, while the girls would struggle in their development as friends, that the book would not be focused on what so many teen novels about female friends do — cat-fighting, rumor-starting, back-stabbing politics. Do any of them matter? Are any of them real? Elladine feels that something is missing. When an ancient race of demons appear in the nearby forest, Addalynn and Elladine must work together to protect the town from impending invasion.

    But a mysterious stranger also arrives, looking for any reason to commit Addalynn to the Asylum. The unlikely pair have no choice but to unite and save their home. Is salvation possible without sacrificing themselves? Told from alternating perspectives, The Stories We Tell confronts the human fear of insignificance while embracing love that grows like snapdragons in the winter — unexpectedly, defiantly, magically. Aislings Diary: A New Chapter by dwagonfwy. Congratulations to dwagonfwy for her amazing entry.

    The winning short story was dwagonfwy first attempt at writing! Can you believe it? In the meantime be sure to read my chapters and watch my webisodes online aislingsdiary. This prize aims to recognise and support the literary heroes of the future. As the largest community of readers and writers in the world, Wattpad is used by many aspiring and professional writers to discover and share stories.

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    Maggie Shipstead is a great inspiration for young writers who hope to be similarly recognized by their literary peers. Today, we interview Maggie about her writing experience and any advice she has for aspiring writers:. I started experimenting with writing fiction when I was nineteen and studying at Harvard and took a fiction-writing workshop on a whim. Of course, what I wrote was terrible, but the next year I applied to a workshop Zadie Smith was leading.

    That writing thing was fun while it lasted. For some reason, being held to high standards had a galvanizing effect on me, and I started to understand that writing was an extremely long and demanding road but possibly one worth investigating. After Harvard I spent two years doing an M. Continue below for more on eReading, social media, tips for aspiring writers:. Which writer has had the biggest influence on your writing? I love how Jane Austen manages to balance sharpness and gentleness in her novels.

    There are many more. Do you think that this type of reader-writer relationship is helpful for aspiring writers? You spent the week with your fellow finalists, visiting schools in Wales to inspire Welsh youngsters and turn the literary spotlight on Wales and its own great legacies. What was your favourite part of that whole journey? I was completely charmed. They also wanted to know about growing up in California and what kind of dog I have, and I love anyone who will talk about my dog with me.

    The shortlisted writers shared a house for a week, so there were lots of jokes about Big Brother and about The Hunger Games, but we formed a strong bond.

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    I was the oldest of the group, and the poise and brilliance of the others blew me away. She was so casual about it, too. Andrea Eames just turned twenty-seven and has published two novels. Wilson has another book on the way, too. Just as an aside—I also loved seeing the Dylan Thomas birthplace in Swansea. The house has been beautifully, lovingly restored to the way it was in Highly recommended to sightseers.

    How does it feel to be named a rising star of the literary world? I happened to finish my second novel before Seating Arrangements came out, which was really lucky because I felt like I was writing a first novel for the second time. What do you think of the gradual shift to eReading and self-publishing in the past few years? Or, honestly, an affinity for either.

    Hello, Fifty Shades of Grey? Certainly there are some phenomenal self-publishing success stories, but those writers have eventually ended up with traditional book deals.

    Kindle Editions

    In my experience, agents and editors are very open to work from unknown writers—they just have to like it. Also, the publicity and marketing machinery within publishing houses does exponentially more to promote books than I ever could on my own. Many writers, like best-selling Canadian author Margaret Atwood , use social media to connect with fans and promote their new works.

    Are you active in social media? I am, yes. That way, if someone reads about you or your book, they can find out more about you through mediums like Facebook and Twitter. The number and variety of channels available now for getting the word out about a given book and for people to recommend books are extremely helpful, if overwhelming. Some bloggers have done a great job establishing themselves as wise readers, and they have large followings of people who trust their taste.


    Browsing for books on the internet is still imperfect, too. Communities are forming where people direct each other toward books they might enjoy, but I still like to go into bookstores and look at the covers and stumble upon writers that way. I have qualms about accessibility, too. I imagine they eventually have to sort of absent themselves from the whole cacophony, but then they run the risk of being criticized for being aloof.

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    Seems tricky. How do you plan to continue your writing career after receiving such a prestigious award? And I have a seductively new and shiny novel idea to borrow a phrase from Andrea Eames to replace the one that died on me. I like to be free enough to get into a daily work routine. What advice can you give to young writers on Wattpad who aspire to be as successful as you one day?

    Read as widely and diversely as possible, and not just fiction. Be rigorous about your writing and never be self-congratulatory or complacent. Everything is a work in progress. The National Reading Campaign, an unprecedented coalition of librarians, educators, booksellers, publishers, readers and writers, is launching its campaign to bring the joy of reading to Canadians. When Wattpad let me know that they were interested in featuring Soulwoven on their site, they also asked me a question: since I chose to serialize the book post a chapter every few days rather than put the whole thing up at once, would I mind writing a blog post about the benefits of doing so?

    And could I talk about whether I thought I had reached new readers by serializing? Serializing absolutely introduced me to new readers. Shortly thereafter, Wattpad contacted me about featuring Soulwoven and asked how soon I would be able to get the whole story up. Their request significantly sped up my schedule. For a while, I posted a chapter a day.

    The Fabulous Dreams of Maggie de Beer

    A few months in, I started tracking my category rankings, new reads, and some other numbers as I posted. Between then and its feature date, Soulwoven went from reads to more than 18, The reason for that lies in the discovery engines that Wattpad uses. I found out pretty quickly that people must use that list.