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Buy As Gift. But he had learned that the expedient he had resorted to was premature and unnecessary, and that the drugs he had employed -- that is, the companions and pursuits which had engaged his time and attention -- were, under the circumstances, poisonous. Sharp, acid. Sicken to shun sickness.

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Make ourselves ill with drugs. So "To be diseas'd," line 8. Ne'er cloying. Repels the supposition that he had been really satiated with his friend's society. So, in the next line but one, "sick of welfare ," and in line 8, "ere that there was true needing.

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The policy spoken of resulted in unquestionable faults, disorders of moral health. Medically, a simple was a medicine which was composed of only one herb or a single substance, OED. Compounds were drugs made up by mixing together a variety of herbs and other substances. Although OED gives no example earlier than , from Shakespeare's Cymbeline see below , there is an earlier use in Romeo and Juliet, dating from c.

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As, to prevent our maladies unseen, The reference is to taking a prophylactic medicine. The Elizabethans believed that certain illnesses might be prevented by taking medicines before the event of their occurrence. Purges and emetics were considered useful in this respect. However the natural effect of taking such doses was usually to make the person feel ill, hence we sicken to shun sickness by making use of such a regimen, we make ourselves ill, in order not to be ill in the future.

We make ourselves sick ill in order to avoid future illnesses. See note above. The opening simile is developed further.

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Lines expand , and lines develop The images relate to other lovers, who turned out to be bitter in aftertaste. And, sick of welfare, found a kind of meetness welfare - printed 'wel-fare' in Q, underlining its basic meaning of faring well, being successful, continuing to live free of disaster, continuing in health, enjoying the good fortune of your love.

Sonnet 118: Like As To Make Our Appetite More Keen - Poem by William Shakespeare

To be diseased, ere that there was true needing. To be diseased - i.

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As in when the poet describes his love as being above politics: It fears not policy, that heretic, Which works on leases of short-numbered hours, But all alone stands hugely politic, That it nor grows with heat nor drowns with showers. The ills that were not, grew to faults assured, The ills that were not - perhaps the greatest ill evil would, in the politic calculations of love, be that of no longer loving.

The subject is 'policy'.