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There were tables available in the back, but it just took the waiters forever to seat everyone. So we ended up being seated 40 minutes after we arrived. Not a good start. Once seated, no one came to help us or give us a menu. A large group was seated next to us and decided to get up and move to another table. The table next to us was then left empty for the rest of the night despite there being people waiting for a table.

Finally we flagged down a waiter and was given a menu to order from. Almost everything on the menu is available except for the dishes crossed out and the cooked food sections. Each person is allowed to order three items at a time. This may be an issue for a small group, but since we had eight people, that meant we could order 24 plates at once. Once we put in our order, I was surprised at how fast everything came together. Within five minutes, we had our pot on the stove, and almost all of our 24 plates.

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We were given a small serving table to hold most of our plates of food. You can choose from original, spicy, half and half and a vegetarian broth. None of us particularly enjoy the spicy one so we decided to just have the original one. I only snapped a few pictures of some of the plates we ordered. Plus I had to stop taking pictures and fight for my share of food. The standout food items are their supreme cuts of lamb and beef which practically melt in your mouth and only need a quick dip in the hot broth. The waiters were quick to come around and collect plates as soon as they were empty.

And we were able to order more food quite easily, though they did forget some of our orders. So while the initial service was disorganized and frustrating, once we started ordering, the food flowed fast and freely.

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We never had to wait around for our plates, and we were able to enjoy our meal. I remember there was a sign inside the store as well. I think it runs through most of the summer, ending some time in September. We, too, had the p rsvp. The poor host guy looked defeated. We got seated at I already had a plan devised so we already knew what we wanted to order so I just tracked down someone and handed her the list.

Neighborhood Information Newsletter Signup. Shopping Info. Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Little Sheep Hot Pot offers Mongolian hot pot dining, using a delicious soup made from 36 spices and ingredients, high quality meats and fresh produce.

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A visual delight, each hot pot is filled with a steaming aromatic broth that's decorated with an assortment of fresh ingredients such as goji berries, jujubes, black cardamom pods, ginseng and herbs. For those who like their meal on the firy side, a spicy crimson broth can be ordered with 'mala' chili oil and peppercorns. Guests then place their selection of delicately sliced marbled meats, crisp vegetables, fresh seafood and handmade noodles into the broth, let simmer and enjoy.

Within minutes of our arrival, a line formed at the front of the restaurant which remained until we left. Clearly, Little Sheep is pretty popular among Americans. In the end, though, this hotpot meal really hit the spot for my wife and me, who are already dearly missing authentic hotpot after being outside of China for only about two weeks.

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I definitely give Little Sheep my stamp of approval at least the San Diego location , and would recommend it both for hotpot fanatics, and anyone who is new to hotpot. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce our content without permission — you can contact us at info hotpotambassador. Welcome to Hotpot Ambassador, your online home of hotpot.

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  7. Do you want to contribute, got any tips or inquiries? Contact at info hotpotambassador. L ittle Sheep is one of the most prolific hot pot chain restaurants both within China and internationally.

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    It has over restaurants in China alone, and has now also started opening up chains in other countries such as Japan, Canada, and the US. Jeremy Bai makes a living translating Chinese fantasy novels under the online moniker Deathblade. Born and raised in California, he started studying Mandarin in , and lived in China from Cancel Reply.