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A Date with the Hangman

Ace crime reporter Hank Janson meets the girl of his dreams, Sally Taylor, only to have her taken from him by a cruel twist of fate when she suddenly dies of a heart attack. Or does she?

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Hank finds himself with a mystery to solve, as he becomes embro Chicago Chronicle's ace reporter Hank Janson is back on the case as he is sent to investigate a bomb blast at an apartment and gets caught up in a web of intrigue and deception. The apartment's owner, the headstrong, independent young woman Beryl Pin Hard-as-nails gangster 'Big Nick' Fenner and his associate Joey have known each other since childhood, when Fenner stood by as Joey was injured by a gunshot that left him mentally impaired.

Their lives since then have been closely intertwined - but w Hank Janson's chance meeting with a beautiful female hitchhiker, Cora Tanter, is just the start of a thrilling tale involving an elderly archaeologist, his rich but suicidal young wife, and a haul of valuable Roman artefacts. And just who is the myst Lee Shelton is a man with a tragic past and a deeply troubled present. Framed for a murder he didn't commit, forced to kidnap and chain up a beautiful passer-by - who turns out to be a millionairess - in order to avoid capture, and with a broken hypo Telos Publishing is proud to bring back into print, after more than fifty years' absence, what most fans agree is one of the very best of the classic era Hank Janson novels.

Women Hate Till Death

Accused was the most heavily scrutinised book of all in the infamous Hank Ja This anthology of ultra-rarities reprints the first three Hank Janson novellas - When Dames Get Tough, Scarred Faces and Kitty Takes The Rap - which initially appeared in over two volumes with the latter two collected together under the Scarred However, it did not stop them using the same argument in the Lady Chatterley case some years later R v Penguin Books Limited , [] Crim LR bringing them more derision when they asked the jury if they would like their servants to read it. A wondrous sight indeed to imagine.

Ms Cran further examined the line between criticism and the desire to censor during a particularly energetic period for literature. The latter having the catchier title won out for me. This turned out to be a similar argument as used in defamation cases. Basically, in the effort to suppress something you invariably make it more attractive and draw more unwanted attention to it, which defeats the object.

Their conclusion was that the courts should shy away from any cases where censorship may be involved because it is a vain gesture, serves no useful purpose and is likely to backfire. She argued as to the usefulness of self-censoring and the perennial problem of protecting the young and the vulnerable.

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The course appeared a worthy and enlightening one which students would get much benefit from. Much criticism was laid at the door of the MOI as a pedlar of myth and misinformation, although it was argued that this worked in its favour as it undermined the idea that its main duty was censorship. The first day was brought to a close by the keynote speaker, Rachel Potter of University of East Anglia. I was a little disconcerted to learn that D H Lawrence thought Ulysses was disgusting. Who would have guessed?

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Richard Espley from Senate House Library spoke on the works of Alec Craig, a campaigner for freedom from censorship who died in , and whose collection of censored and outlawed work was broken up and dispersed. Senate House themselves accepted much of this material but failed to catalogue it until Alas I missed this session again due to transport issues.


Initially outraged by this seizure and the media stories that followed, the library committee chairman did a volte face when he visited the British Library and read selected texts in translation. He denounced it as unadulterated filth. Louise Cooke and Clare Ravenwood from Loughborough University took a more expansive look at how libraries have dealt with censorship over the last century. They examined issues from the Public Libraries Act and the pressure from various groups in the censoring of anything that was felt might corrupt the young and vulnerable.

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They looked at the notion of moral panic, and the effort to encourage high culture rather that what was seen as low culture due to libraries increasing their stock to include more fiction as people had more leisure time. The mythical young lady in need of protection raised her head once more as a reason not to stock certain books.

There was covert censorship, with libraries hiding material out of sight or withdrawing books following a complaint.

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It was argued that the decision to censor was taken at local government level and that staff and users took a pragmatic response to this measure.