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We keep getting lot of Queries from wanna be entrepreneurs about getting started with Placement or HR Consultancy and here we come with all the information you will require explained step by step. Get clients who you want to serve is very important and for getting their trust, getting yourself a website is must.

Decide on the domain name and get a decent looking website in your firms name.

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If you decide to work on your own name, then none of these entities is required. You just have to get a current account ready in your name and you are ready to do business. However, if your company turnover reaches 10 lakhs per year, you will have to register for service tax.

In partnership firm all the partners will be the owners of the company. If you want to open a Private Limited company , you will be needing 2 persons as board of directors and you will need one auditor. Along with this you will be needing a copy of memorandum of association. This is not mandatory you can choose to do business in your name also but it makes thing simple if you have separate personal and business bank account. To get Current account in bank you will need to show your company letter head, visiting card, ID and address proof. Daycare centers can be related to centers for caring children of working couples, elderly by ….

How to start and run your own job consultancy in India.

Thanks for sharing your tips on how to set-up a firm. For me, it has to have a lot of effort,time and money when one wants to set-up a business. Most of all you have to have knowledge and skills for you to keep on the track always. Anyways for a more ideas you can invite hr consulting firms to help you with this matters.

Business Overview

Wonderful blog! Any recommendations? Consulting, in the end, is about trading dollars for hours.

How to Start Your Own HR Business

But when you create a product of some kind, you can scale that business beyond what it currently can stand. I always recommend that new consultants consider the top two or three questions they receive.

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The next step is to create something—a video, a short PDF guide, or something similar that answers one of those questions in great detail. If someone paid you to answer that question with half an hour of your time, use that half hour of video or 10 pages of written material or both to do that for someone.

How to Start a HR Consultancy Company

This is a recipe for growth that most HR consultants never tap into. Good question, Tori! Found this article encouraging to keep pressing forward in my consideration to scale my own side business. Got that first and second check and now wondering if I should move forward to actually starting a consultancy.