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Sign In Register Preferences. The TSA Vs. Tue, Apr 8th am — Mike Masnick. If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Violynne profile , 8 Apr am. I'm agreeing with Hayden on this one, but not for the argument he's position. If our Congress can't get together and start due process to have Hayden arrested for betraying the American people, then yes, Congress is filled with sissies.

Michael profile , 8 Apr am. Anonymous Coward , 8 Apr am. I'm on board with this. It's time for Congress to send armed federal marshals out to forcibly compel witnesses to appear before Congress -- and to hold those who won't testify in contempt and lock them up until they do. That includes Hayden, Clapper, and all the rest.

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Let's see how "manly" Hayden is after years in a cell. After yesterday's article and discussion on the misogynistic use of 'emotional,' what about using 'wimps' instead of 'sissies. John Fenderson profile , 8 Apr am. I always thought "sissy" referred to a gay man, not a woman. But I agree, this is yet another piece that indicates a very antiquated view of how people should be.

This guy appears to be mentally stuck in the '50s, where real men are macho assholes and real women are too emotional to trust. PRMan , 8 Apr am. I think "sissy" is a man that acts like your little sister, so maybe a little of both. I got curious and had to look it up. The dictionary says "sissy" refers to an effeminate or cowardly man. My personal understanding appears to be a regional slang, although the connection between the two meanings is pretty obvious. John Fenderson profile , 8 Apr pm. You can tell I've never been to the south -- it never occurred to me that "sissy" could actually mean "sister"!

Learning this means that Sissy Spacek's name is a lot less weird to me. I agree with part of this too. Wyden should reveal what he knows because at this stage I consider the majority of our government criminals and anyone who isn't flat out telling the truth to be largely aiding and abetting those criminals. However, I'm not nearly as upset as Hayden about Wyden asking leading questions that get these criminals to out themselves as criminals. Hayden is just pissed these thugs and I consider Hayden nothing short of a bully and a thugs can't bully Wyden like they do a lot of other Congressmen.

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There is nothing the peoples' branch can do but shine a light on the failure of the executive to do his or her job. There are far bigger problems than any one of these leaks show, losing our only allies on the committee well, Wyden and Udall is not the way to go. It's not a lack of understanding. Read my post again. I said "start due process", which means this: "We, the members of Congress, were lied to by Clapper and other members of the NSA.

We believe these individuals should be arrested for their actions. If you want them to be arrested, you're going to have to elect a president next time that is likely to appoint a DOJ that will do exactly that. Ron Wyden for President? Pragmatic , 11 Apr am. Anonymous Coward , 11 Apr pm.

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He'd be shot within hours of stating he had such intentions. Not that he could win under current US voting practices, since the votes are created-as-needed, rather than counted-as-cast, but he'd still be shot just to send the message that only corporate candidates may apply. Would not want to put such thoughts into the minds of the adversary after all. Anonymous Coward , 8 Apr pm. Congress has no power to "arrest" Here's a popular account of Congress' inherent power to arrest and try for contempt.

In , shortly after the Constitution was ratified, the House ordered its sergeant at arms to arrest and detain two men accused of trying to bribe members of Congress. The House held a trial and convicted one of them. That explains so much. Jay profile , 8 Apr am. We thought he was just a little nutty in the past -- calling Snowden's supporters internet shut-ins and insisting that Snowden himself a non-drinker was bound to end up an alcoholic. This is rather telling In the 50s, there WERE some "defectors" that ended up as alcoholics.

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