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Having a baby is tiring enough without thinking about impromptu parties! We feel exactly the same about having a cool hangout for the teenage years. Love your idea, Christie. I bet they had a fabulous time. We haven't had our impromptu parties yet but we have heaps of ideas. I also am just keen to link up more with the families in our neighborhood through ideas like this. One thing we do though is 'Cupcakes and Milkshakes' play dates after school. I recently purchased a milkshake maker and we love to bake cupcakes here.

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This keeps things simple but really fun. Has Immy got into Hama beads yet? Get them from educational stores but cheaper at Ikea I usually put these out at our play dates. What a lovely party! Love the pillowcase idea! My girls were once invited to a PJ Birthday party held at breakfast time! They all came in their PJ's ate panackes and played games I thought it was a lovely twist to your average party. How fun! Having an evening party is a great idea for little ones. Christie, what a fantastic idea and so well planned too.

You are so right in wanting to make your home a welcome place for your girls' friends to feel comfortable in. I think young people these days have so much more pressure on them to conform than they did when my two were young way back then. Good luck for the future. I'm already thinking ahead to the teenage years and you make a good point. I love your evening pajama party idea. Looks like fun.

I'd like to do this with my girlfriends :. What a great list of ideas! This is perfect for when you just need something to do. Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration—very helpful for us while the sniffles run their course! Thanks so much for these ideas! My friend got a fever during a sleepover we had and stayed in bed the entire time. Wish we had these then. That is a bummer! Well now you will have them for next time! Both my boys and my wife are a true Blessing to me.

I thank God for them everyday. I love them a lot and I just. That is so true. My apologies. Just my readers are primarily women. You are definitely right. Dads give good kisses on the forehead too. No need to apologize, truly. Thanks for the acknowledgement. I was home with my sick 3yr old this morning and came to your awesome, wonderful list of things to do.

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I really am amazed that you do homeschooling while also being a parent. Bravo and well done. You have my complete respect. Oh no stress. Want to show your beau that you are the gourmet guru, the cuisine connoisseur of London? Have a quick gander at this list of the new restaurants that have just opened in London and impress your best by being smack on trend.

A complete guide to throwing the most epic retro sleepover party this summer holiday

What is cooler haha than taking your date to a bougie igloo? Nothing really. They say spontaneity is sexy. London — the city of delicious restaurants. But which restaurant? Click here to see our favourite restaurants the city has to offer. Is your sweetie a bit of a sweet tooth?

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Taking your date to the theatre? Friday night, date night. Friday night, curry night. How to do both with style? Bored of the rush and buzz? On a roof? With your date? What on earth could go wrong? Have a look at this to choose the best of the best. Everyone loves a good spin off restaurant — often a bit quirky, still stylish and maybe even a tad cheaper, here is a guide to our favourite London restaurant spin-offs. Hot tubs are up there with the five sexiest locations.

What about floating though London in a hot tub? That IS hot.

18 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Have a look. A post-drinks chippy stop is almost always a must. Why not spoil your date to one of the many posh chip shops London has to offer. Swimming is definitely a date activity. Alfresco cinemas are perfect spots for the dreamiest date. If your lover is a lover of music, why not take their passion to an intimate location and head to a sofa sounds show for a secret gig with their favourite artist?

Why not head back in time to a s Blitz party? Head to a secret location and get all jazzed up and groovy! A Day Trip To Greenwich. How romantic — a boat trip, a picnic, and a view from the observatory.

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  • An exhibition of real human bodies, intended to educate the public on healthy lifestyles and anatomical beauty. The London exhibition takes place in Piccadilly, book your tickets here. Why not head for a romantic stroll and take in some of the best views London has to offer? Click here for a list of the finest vistas. Is your date a dinosaur boff? Why not treat them to a slumber party in the natural history museum?

    Waltz into Bob Bob Ricard and ring the bell for champagne. Concoct magic cocktails with your date, wielding your magic wands and using magical mixology to bring to life a drinkable potion. Need a few tricks up your sleeve? It is universally known that laughter always goes down well on a date. Woo your partner with a cruise up the River Thames , have a look at this for all the many boat tours on offer.

    The good ole fashioned dinner and film and awkward arm stretch… you know the one never goes amiss for date night.

    DIY Sleepover Party! Activites, Food & More!

    London, better known as the city of British brunches. Maybe your date is a bit of a history nerd? Well you can. Take your date to London zoo for some very serious animal appreciation.

    Show off your vocal skills at Lucky Voice Karaoke in Islington, and grab yourselves a champagne supernova sharer cocktail while you are there. Go in the evening as the stars come out for extra ambience. Immerse yourself in romantic French films at the Institute Francais. Bowl yourself silly at retro Queens Ice and Bowl — maybe even steal a pair of bowling shoes… cheeky…. Bounce bounce bounce. Head to a molecular cocktail making class together — as cool as it sounds! Golf, not just dodgy jumpers and old men.

    Grab yourselves a meal while you are at it. For a truly original date, go for a kayak together on the Thames. Ice skating! Click here for our guide to the best rooftop bars in the city. The Hampstead Butcher offers sausage making classes. Personally I find it hard to think of anything more kinky for a date.