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My name is daisy and I just adore the Alice series. What do you think? I love your Alice books! I have not been able to stop reading them until, of coase, they ended. Do you know what date that Always Alice will be coming out? Phylis I really love your books and think u are a great author I started reading your books about 1 month ago from my school library.

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They had only 1- Reluctantly Alice. I loved it so much and started looking into them. Then I releized we were reading one of your books in school -Shiloh that was a really good one! I think u should keep making those books beacause i show them to my girlfriends and they love them!! So please reply me. I loved I like him he likes her it kept my attention now I want to get my hands on its not like I planned it this way. Thank you! Hope you enjoy them! They come right after The Grooming of Alice. Sadly, everything great has to come to an end. Hope you enjoy them, whenever you get to read them!

Phyllis, I am such a fan! I read all the books including the sequels in under two weeks, and I now have no idea what to do with my time! I am a booknerd, bookworm, movielover, basically anything in that area!! Please get back to me!! Pingback: Childhood Fiction. I swear, it was like I was Alice! Thank you so much for Alice! I started reading the books with Starting With Alice in 3rd grade. Thank you from your most devoted reader! So excited to start reading. Hey Phyllis.

Fangirl: A Novel

Uhmm, shush this is secret stuff- butt, i have actually read my first book, from you, and i like him he likes me, is just simply amazing! Thanks Phyllis!! Hi Sofia. Try finding the books at your local library! Pingback: cool things around the internet Chrystina Noel. It will come out in the US on October 15, ! The Alice books actually is a movie… its only one, but its a spin-off of the Agony of Alice. The movie is called Alice Upside Down. Just finished the final book. It was phenomenal. It was written with such grace and care for every single character.

I hope my daughters will read about Alice one day and enjoy it as much as I did. Do i have to read incredibly alice and alice on board in order to start i like him he likes her and what is the order of the books after i like him he likes her thanks so much. You can find books in one volume, too, called You and Me and the Space in Between! Thanks for writing them, though. You are a genius! Alice forever. This series is awesome!!! Its the best!

Im so sad that they are over but i am so glad that i have been able to grow up with alice. Many a night spent with my night-light up until dawn, laughing so hard, I have tears in my eyes— and next to me, the stack of Alice books just checkout from the library.

Alice taught me that I could have the most embarrassing thing happen, like walking in on a boy in a department store dressing room— and not only live… but turn out to have a successful relationship with them! Thank you for sharing with us, and for so many years— like many that have already commented, these books and Alice, in general, are tales I never want to stop reading. I am 30 years old, and started reading the Alice series when I was in 7th grade, about A friend left a copy of Reluctantly Alice in our locker.

I was hooked, and read every book that had been written so far. As I got older, got a job, kids and stuff, I lost touch with reading and the series. I was SO excited when a few years ago on a trip to the library, I discovered more Alice books had been written, more to come. I read every one, just read the last one. It was kinda sad, but I think it was cool to see how her life turned out.

Such a great series, will read them over and over again!! I just love the alice books it has changed my life. There interesting and fun to read I read all of them almost. Thank you so much for these books. Reading the Alice books has given me a realistic perspective, and after reading the final book I even see her as a role model of sorts.

The best thing about your books, though, is that they show that life is precious despite mishaps and awkward moments, and that we can all learn to be happy at any phase in life. Thanks again Phyllis!! I started to read the series when I was in 5th grade which was in the year Wow I feel so old! I just love Alice too much that I feel like I have a sister growing up with me,although I am an only child. Also,did I tell you today is my birthday? He deserved to make up fo it! I started reading about her in grade three. Hi Phyllis! Cather, Reagan," he said.

Reagan nodded and fished in her purse for another cigarette. If you've got feng shui issues, feel free to move my shit. When the door shut behind them, she sat on the bare mattress that was apparently hers — feng shui was the least of her issues — and laid her head against the cinder block wall.

To take the anxiety she felt like black static behind her eyes and an extra heart in her throat, and shove it all back down to her stomach where it belonged — where she could at least tie it into a nice knot and work around it. Her dad and Wren would be up any minute, and Cath didn't want them to know she was about to melt down. If Cath melted down, her dad would melt down. And if either of them melted down, Wren would act like they were doing it on purpose, just to ruin her perfect first day on campus.

Her beautiful new adventure. Cath had already sent in her university housing forms, and of course she'd put Wren down as her roommate — she hadn't thought twice about it. The two of them had shared a room for eighteen years, why stop now? She was sitting at the head of Cath's bed, wearing her infuriating I'm the Mature One face. Freaky strangers who steal your tampons and smell like salad dressing and take cell phone photos of you while you sleep If we do this together, people will treat us like we're the same person.

It'll be four years before anyone can even tell us apart. Sledding accident.

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They were nine, and Wren was on the front of the sled when it hit the tree. Cath had fallen off the back into the snow. And without a TV. Wren couldn't wait for all this college stuff to start. She and her roommate — Courtney — had been talking for weeks.

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Courtney was from Omaha, too. The two of them had already met and gone shopping for dorm-room stuff together. Cath had tagged along and tried not to pout while they picked out posters and matching desk lamps. Cath's dad came back from the window and put an arm around her shoulders. Second stop, pizza buffet. Third stop, my sad and empty nest. Courtney and I are going to the freshman barbecue tonight. Cath didn't move. Wren didn't argue, just stepped out into the hall. It did feel good, unpacking. Putting sheets on the bed and setting her new, ridiculously expensive textbooks out on the shelves over her new desk.

When her dad came back, they walked together to Valentino's. Everyone they saw along the way was about Cath's age. It was creepy. Their house in South Omaha was in a Mexican neighborhood.

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  • Cath's was the only white family on the block. When they got to Valentino's, it was packed with students. A few, like Cath, had come with their parents, but not many. Nobody over thirty Where are all the old people? The other guys my age at work are just starting to have kids. You can start bringing home chicks now — the coast is clear. What's up with you and your sister? You've never fought like this before. Of course it does, Cath thought, that's Wren's specialty. But she let it drop. She didn't want her dad to worry about this right now.

    She could tell by the way he kept tapping the table that he was already wearing thin. Way too many normal-dad hours in a row. He smiled at her, apologetically, and put his hand in his lap. Big, hard day — I mean, I knew it would be. I still can't believe you're not coming home with me. I'm not sure I can stick this out a whole semester. You know? Cath let herself look in his eyes for a moment. He looked tired — and, yes, twitchy — but he was holding it together. When Cath got back to her room, her roommate — Reagan — was still gone. Or maybe she was gone again; her boxes looked untouched.

    Cath finished putting her own clothes away, then opened the box of personal things she'd brought from home. She took out a photo of herself and Wren, and pinned it to the corkboard behind her desk. It was from graduation. Both of them were wearing red robes and smiling. It was before Wren cut her hair.

    Wren hadn't even told Cath she was going to do that. Just came home from work at the end of the summer with a pixie cut. It looked awesome — which probably meant it would look awesome on Cath, too. But Cath could never get that haircut now, even if she could work up the courage to cut off fifteen inches. She couldn't single-white-female her own twin sister. Next Cath took out a framed photo of their dad, the one that had always sat on their dresser back home.

    It was an especially handsome photo, taken on his wedding day. He was young and smiling, and wearing a little sunflower on his lapel. Cath set it on the shelf above her desk. Then she set out a picture from prom, of her and Abel. Cath was wearing a shimmering green dress, and Abel had a matching cummerbund. It was a good picture of Cath, even though her face looked naked and flat without her glasses.

    And it was a good picture of Abel, even though he looked bored. Cath probably should have texted Abel by now, just to tell him that she'd made it — but she wanted to wait until she felt more breezy and nonchalant. You can't take back texts.

    If you come off all moody and melancholy in a text, it just sits there in your phone, reminding you of what a drag you are. At the bottom of the box were Cath's Simon and Baz posters. She laid these out on her bed carefully — a few were originals, drawn or painted just for Cath. The boys in FANGIRL don't come along born Gods, they don't have the shiniest teeth or most perfect features as Cath observes, who sees and likes them for the persons they really are. See for yourselves how Cath and Levi first met their first encounters are probably unprecedented in YA awkwardness and what their relationship is all about.

    Theirs is a very unconventional love story.

    The Books in Order | The Official Alice Blog by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

    It takes Cath a lot of time to open up to Levi and they become friends first before they can even give in to any romantic notions. To tease you, you can look forward to the Outsiders scene which is one of my favourites in YA! Rainbow Rowell found a bunch of other family and college-related aspects to weave together to a thick story mesh and well-written YA contemporary. It's about the many possibilities the new college world has to offer.

    About the difficulty to ever detach yourself from the ones you always had in your life as Cath's twin sister and their father mean the world to her. Is Wren doing okay on her own and what about her farther? Can he take to be all on his own after sending his two girls to college? And ultimately FANGIRL is about finding out who you really are as an independent person and how to make certain things exclusively your own.

    Rainbow Rowell is the new YA phenomenon! It's a very special read, with Cath and Levi's one-of-a-kind love story and Rainbow Rowell's great understanding for her characters. You know when you read a book that is so perfect you do not want to stop and then you wonder why you started that book at night and then it is 3AM and you know you need to sleep but you just keep reading. Just because. Because the book makes you happy. I have read all Rainbow Rowell books this year and every book is pure perfection, I can even decide which one is my favorite. Are you a fangirl? Have you ever been one?

    Of anything, a tv series, a band, a book. If you have been one, you can relate to Cath, a Simon Snow fan, fanfic writer, sister, friend and daughter. As a pro fangirl I think is really scary how much I can relate to Cath, she is awkward but she is still badass not Reagan kind of badass though , and has so many thing in her mind that reminds me of myself like the whole thing of not knowing where some places are and staying in her building with the protein bars in my case is coffee.

    Cath is dealing with her new life, college life. Everything is changing, her twin sister Wren is changing, her father is breaking down, her roommate is hard to read, her classes are different, she does not have enough time a day to write: to be a fangirl. And there is a boy.. And life is changing. Oh Levy.

    I freaking love him. If I ever meet a guy a little similar to him I will kidnap him. Levi is just Levi, the boy every girl needs and wants and if you say you do not you are probably lying. With his easy smiles, checked shirts an easy personality, he will become a friend to Cath, someone who will be there for her if she needs him, someone who actually listens to her and cares about what she is saying. I loved Cath and Levi relationship, they actually talk and Levi does not make fun of Cath and of what she likes and he does not care is she just a girl with her lazy pony tail, comfortable clothes and weird hobbies.

    And they are so cute, sweet and funny and and I have so many feeling for them. There are also other characters important characters that complete the circle of perfection that Fangirl is. He is.. From the start I loved his personality and the connection he has with Cath. And that is another thing that makes me relate to Cath, I always worry about my dad while my brothers and sister act more like Wren. Wren is nice I think Cath was going through similar things and they only chose different paths to deal with their problems.

    FANGIRL is a coming of age story that will make you see things how they really are, the realistic kind of college experience. Normal characters with real problems that the normal population has been through or is going through. There are tons of good things I could say about this book but I will just stop fangirling over it.

    I will probably read every Rainbow Rowell book until the end of times. Can I have 10 stars please!!! Just go buy it and read it. See if you don't think it's one of the best stories ever! For me, it's up there with Gayle Forman and John Green's books. Just One Day this year was one of those books that still has an effect on me. Anything John Green writes does that. I've had to start a new shelf.

    Special, Special Books.