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A great suspense novel: The Big Finish

By Ellen Gabler. Even after completing the scheme, Aki has continued to be really supportive and her insight into the industry is helping me on my journey to find a home for my completed manuscript. My mentor was well chosen. She was engaged with what I was doing and genuinely wanted to help. Our dialogue and bi-monthly reports helped me to figure out the structure of the novel, give the writing more power and the story more drama. The two-month submission deadlines were exactly right for keeping the momentum going.

An Older Boy Took Advantage Of Me

At the end of the year I had six months to write another draft. Again the deadline helped me to keep focus.

UNC Children’s Hospital Suspends Most Complex Heart Surgeries

I was allocated someone who not only appreciated my writing and what I was trying to do, also thought the subject matter was important and wrote very useful feedback about what I still needed to work on. I am now writing what will possibly be the final draft.

Inspiration Behind the Stories

I am more confident about my writing, which has greatly improved in the past two years. The mentoring scheme is extremely useful for writers who want assistance with their writing. It is well devised and led and as a writer I have felt respected and well thought about. I shall certainly put the editing suggestions provided by TLC into place. Tim Clare provided advice that went beyond the surface and picked up the fundamental issues that were holding my writing back.

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His explanations of where I was going wrong and, most importantly, what I could do to put it right were insightful and precise. The way in which the scheme is structured allowed me time to develop my writing, but never lose touch with my mentor. I genuinely believe that without TLC and my mentor I would not be in a situation where the publication of my debut is just around the corner. What this process has given me is skills that will stand me in good stead through every future novel I write.

Daniel Defoe

The scheme itself has provided me with constant deadlines — despite an initial lag [due to having a child and leaving my job], the need to send submissions has kept the momentum going. With someone as experienced as my mentor taking the time to read my work, I have to afford it a similar respect. I won the TLC mentorship as a prize and I was very lucky to do so. The mentorship with Sara helped me navigate my way to the end of a first proper draft of a novel. It also helped me to fathom my way through the difficult balance of remaining focussed on my writing despite other huge life changes such has having babies!

I was also very happy with the Industry Day meeting we had last year, again providing a wealth of practical information on how to approach agents and editors.

Data Protection Choices

It has shown me that I am capable of writing to a professional standard, provided that I continue to apply the lessons learnt. I can be more objective about my writing and I am better equipped to be my own harshest i. I feel inspired, encouraged and energised. For the first time I was in contact with writing professionals able to help me.

At the beginning, my mentor helped me clarify what I wanted to write. As the scheme progressed, I developed the motivation and knowledge to produce a draft novel I could not have achieved on my own. The scheme ends with a realistic taster of the publishing world, and ideas on what you need to do next to get that work published.

Story Arcs and Character Arcs

She also highlights problems I have secretly been avoiding, and brings them to daylight. Please thank the reader for me and tell her how much I appreciated her extremely detailed and specific comments. The mentoring scheme took my writing out of this self-contained realm.