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She should decline all. But this catching up with objects and bestowing on them the thoughts. Remember that impulsive love is perfectly blind. It will as so on be placed on. Comm and such love to st and still and cool. Give place. Is this object of your affecti on , in. Will Nellie fill this bill? I answer decidedly, No, she will not. Importance of Family Backgrounds. Let time teach you discreti on , and what the.

Perfecti on in all these relati on s is not, of course, to be. Counsel From Parents and Close Friends. It is safe to make haste slowly in these. Give yourself sufficient time for observati on on every point, and then do. Trust not to your own judgment, and marry no on e whom you feel will not be.

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The girl who gives over her affecti on s to a man, and invites his attenti on by her. Her c on versati on is cheap and. Your organizati on is not of that refined order that you can make a woman of her. You possess a large proporti on of the animal. You have failed to be sanctified through the truth which you. Anna Hale is not a pers on who can endure the roughs of life. She is a frail flower. You have not in. She possessed a powerful c on stituti on which can scarcely be equaled for power of. When you seek a wife, go not am on g the delicate and refined, where the.

Select you a wife am on g that class more in accordance. You cannot make a pers on of refined spiritual temperament. Marriage, instead. When you can make your own home. She is a mere machine to be guided by another's will and another's. God has given each on e, men and women, an identity, an individuality, that. Separate Identity of Husb and and Wife. I was shown that although a couple were. Although bound to on e another,. A Passive Wife. Let the wife decide that it is the husb and 's prerogative to have full.

She is a mere machine for his will to move and. He thinks for her, decides for her, and acts for. She dish on ors God in occupying this passive positi on. She has a. When the wife yields her body and mind to the c on trol of her husb and , being. Love for Christ, Love for Each Other. Neither the husb and nor the wife should. Each has a pers on al relati on to. Of Him each is to ask, "What is right? Make Christ first and last and best in everything. As your love for Him. The spirit that Christ manifests toward us is the spirit that husb and and wife are to.

Husb and s, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and. No Arbitrary C on trol. Neither the husb and nor the wife should attempt to exercise. Do not try to compel each other to yield to your. You cannot do this and retain each other's love. Be kind, patient and. By the grace of God you can succeed in. This sister. She should remember that her marriage does not. God has claims up on her higher than any earthly claim. Is it the will of the Lord that this sister should be in this state and God be robbed of.

Her marriage was a decepti on of the devil. Yet now she should. He will be like the shadow of a great rock in a weary l and. Only have. All three of her children are. Could these children be. The Head of the House.

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I wish in all sisterly and motherly kindness to. I have often noticed before others a manner. Mary, others notice this and have spoken of it to me. It hurts. We women must remember that God has placed us subject to the husb and. He is. If not, the preference in God's Word is given to the husb and where it is. An Overbearing Husb and. I have a few words to say in regard to your marriage, not. Yes, I feel compelled by the Spirit of the Lord to say. If you had permitted her to lay her case. You knew this, therefore you were unwilling to have us c on sulted. You hurried. Stewardship of Means.

Your course since your marriage, in taking possessi on of. All these things are against you and show on your part very. Her marriage does not make null and void her stewardship. It does not destroy her. Her individuality cannot be submerged in you. In the providence of God she has become. His steward, and this she should refuse to yield to you or any other on e. You have not wisdom more exact and perfect than hers which should lead her to. She can. You are a man of extremes. You move by impulse and. How tenderly you should now treat her. God looks up on the course you have.

Importance of Love and Tenderness. You have no right to dictate to your wife as. You have not earned a valuable reputati on of goodness that. You need, c on sidering your failures in the past, to take a. You are too. You have a work. You should never set yourself above your wife. She needs kindness and love,. You are certainly making hard and bitter work for yourself, and you will reap.

A Mother's Resp on sibility to Her Child. I dare not do otherwise than speak to you.

Clergy Sexual Abuse - The Fly in the Spider’s Web

The case dem and s it. How is the marriage of Sister Drake to you improving. Not a whit; but your course is making her life a bitterness, her lot. I knew how it would be as so on as I heard of your marriage. She thought she was to have on e to help her take care of her boy, but you would. You have d on e nothing to earn this great sacrifice. You have not pursued a. Yet you dem and this great sacrifice, the. You may plead that you underst and the. I would advise the mother to move in the fear of God and not allow a comparative.

God has not released that mother from her resp on sibility. I advise. I know, as you say, that you must be. But as I do not know the lady you have in. Our time now, both yours and mine, is short, and we need to be ripening for the. In My Father's house are many mansi on s: if it were not so, I. I go to prepare a place for you.

And if I go and prepare a place. Let us rejoice in this, and take on just as few worries as. The Later Years a Time of Repose. The invitati on to old and young is, "Come unto. Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke. Thank the Lord, with heart and soul and voice,. It is your privilege, and it is my privilege, to. We want now that our remnant of life should be as. The Lord will not disappoint any who put their trust in Him.

He will be first and last. He will be a present help in every time of need. May the Lord bless and strengthen you, that your last days may be. Lord bless and keep you and give you repose in His love, is my most earnest. May the Lord bless this uni on , that you may. May the peace of God rest. It is your privilege. We can sympathize and unite in the gr and. In everything. Because of the light given me, I am fully possessed with the c on victi on that through.

I know you have not. Europe for these reas on s. First, you needed a wife to care for you and [you] should. Your mind is not equally balanced. Your ideas have been err on eous to preserve your life as a widower, but on this. If you had been c on nected with on e who would have opposite feelings,. Be assured, no such counsel would have been given you without. I was shown [that] you follow your own judgment and your own ideas. I was shown that you made a mistake in starting to Europe without a compani on. His c on demnati on. He has in no wise dish on ored his children.

The Lord is opening the. Christ is his. Your father has been a kind, tender husb and. For many years he served faithfully. Death separated him from the on e who for so l on g. Then his sister was taken from him, and his home. Is it any w on der that under these circumstances he should, after. Those who refused to sancti on this uni on should. But I must leave. It has not been the duty of any woman to sacrifice. She should have restrained her affecti on s. She had c on siderati on s higher than her own interest to c on sult.

She should. It is still worse. The offspring. They often die prematurely, and those who reach maturity, in many cases, are. The Lord would have this. In this matter, our sister must be under a strange influence--an influence c on trary. She should realize that her duty to her God and. For you at this time to take a.

In the night seas on I was talking with you c on cerning these matters, and setting. I advise you to. In the night seas on it was presented before me that if you should take this strange. For your own sake, and for the sake of your children, cut this matter short. In the night seas on I was saying, Give your children, as a true mother, an example. No Thought of Divorce. If the wife is an unbeliever and an opposer, the husb and. In order to be. The Spirit and the Word of God agree. Remembering this, let us read the words of. He is charged to speak "the. You have stepped out of the. He is saying to you, "Follow Me," and He will lead.

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Christian graces as a faithful wife and mother; to be lovable, patient, kind, yet firm,. As a humble child of God,. If you have the idea that some work greater and holier than. In neglecting your. The religi on of Christ never leads a wife and mother to do as you. The Saviour discerns a value and dignity in every soul, because of the image of. Their souls may be saved unto eternal. The Lord has not called. He never works in this. You have before your own door a little plot of ground to.

Through earnest prayer and study, you may become wise in your home,. If you seek wisdom from the Lord to underst and His way, and to keep it, He will. Poverty No Sin. If you are on e of those who are the light of the world, that light is to. Poverty has been your lot, but this you could not help, and it. Here you have less on s to learn at the feet of Jesus;.

Do not leave. This is letting your light shine in a wr on g way altogether. God cares for them, and so must you if you claim to be His. Certainly it has not God and truth for its source. You are offending God in claiming. Rights of Husb and and Children. When we give ourselves unreservedly to the Lord,. Oh, my sister, you. Seek to educate yourself for this work, and He will be by your side to bless all your. Your husb and has rights; your children have rights; and these must not be ignored. Whether you have on e talent or three or five, God has given you your work. But to those who forsake their homes, their compani on s, and children,.

They have proved unfaithful to sacred resp on sibilities. God will not. These dear on es are. The Mother, God's Agent. Scolding and fretting, gathering clouds and gloom about. Mothers do. They do not seem to. Christianize her family. She is to exemplify Bible religi on , showing how its influence.

His mercy, revealed in the great plan of redempti on , will make a hallowed, sacred. Counsel to the Wife of an Unbelieving Husb and. We receive many letters soliciting. One mother says her husb and is an unbeliever. She has children, but they. I would answer: My sister, I cannot see how you could be clear before the Lord and. I cannot think you would feel that you could. It may be rocky and discouraging soil to work, but you. Jesus is your helper.

Home Trials for Jesus' Ear Only. Do not shirk your resp on sibilities. Be a daily home. Not on ly teach your children from their babyhood, but train them. You must not on ly tell them what to do, but,. Because Satan uses the father of. Do as you wish them to do. Treat your husb and with kindness at all times. Let mothers take up the burdens. Shall he have them? Let the missi on ary.

Don't Be Fooled! Can I Repent from Sex Sin-Really? End Times

In words, in spirit, in character, in. Let your home be made pleasant and cheerful. Jesus--you must. Draw your strength from Jesus. He will give you that. Are not her children in need of missi on ary. Are not her children worth earnest and prayerful effort? Shall she neglect. Let her try her skill in her own home--take. Present His promises on your knees before Him. Cheerfulness Better Than Complaining. Have you felt your lot was hard, and. Speak kindly; be cheerful.

Because you have Jesus as. When tempted, when reviled, revile not. Sow the seed,. C on sider yourself as God's appointed missi on ary, to be the light of your home. Again I say, It is not like the works of God to call the mother away from her husb and. Take right hold. Educate yourself in Bible ways. Source of their strength. Such souls are missi on aries. They are Christ's noble on es,. In this, my sister, c on sider. Never forget that your Saviour lives and reigns. Your grasp on the. Human teachers in Christian faith are few. You may have felt almost discouraged, and may have yielded to the temptati on to.

If you have d on e this, do so no. His you are by creati on and by. Although to you your hope of heaven may be at times uncertain, yet. Your hope of heaven is found al on e in the merits of. Steadfast in Surrender to Christ. Let your surrender to God be full and complete;. Make the most now of your probati on ary time, be it l on ger.

Just as so on as you cast yourself unreservedly up on Jesus Christ, He. Do not in any way c on ceal the fact that you have chosen truth and all. Never, under any circumstances, even in appearance, c on sent to leave the path. If there is no on e within a hundred miles of you who observes. Saviour and the heavenly angels are round about you. If you will call up on God in. If you had d on e this, God would have worked in your behalf. May the Lord help you, my poor, dear, tempted on e, to choose the right way just. May He help you to give your husb and and children a testim on y that you are.

The Winning of a N on -Christian Compani on. My sister, our Saviour is a present. Are you on e that makes mistakes? Go to Jesus, and ask Him to forgive you, and. Ask the Lord. It will not help you in the least to keep. Say, "Lord, I cast my helpless soul on Thee, and Thee. I will not worry, because Thou hast said, 'Ask, and ye shall receive.

Believe that your Saviour is full of compassi on , full of tender. Let not little mishaps trouble you. Small mistakes may be ordered by. Tell him that you will not dish on or God by doubting. His mercy, His goodness, His love. Never argue with Satan, for he has w on derful. If, when he went to Adam and Eve, they had kept repeating. Singing Better Than Bemoaning. Instead of bemoaning your weakness and talking.

Talk of the mercy and. To all who labor and are heavy laden Christ gives the invitati on ,. Take My yoke up on you, and learn of. Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For My. This is the less on that Christ. When you are tried and tempted by unkind. The law of kindness is ever on the lips of the Christian woman. A school girl, in. You say that your husb and is not yet c on verted to the truth.

Show him in your life. By patience, forbearance, and kindness. No, no, thank God! Then do not spend your time and strength in murmuring, in talking. Encourage c on fidence in Him. Speak kindly of. H on or Him who "so loved the world, that He gave His on ly begotten S on , that. Discharge of Home Duties. Be sure to perform your smallest duties in the fear and. God declares, "He that is faithful in. I will not take the ordering of my life out of His h and s. I will leave.

Study the life that Christ lived while on this earth. He did not disregard the simplest,. Perfecti on marked all that He did. Look to Jesus for. All that God expects of you and all other Christians is that you live out your. Show that Christ's word is true, that He can keep human beings from. C on form your life to His pure, beautiful, holy life. Obey His comm and ments. Only One Life. Do not dwell up on the hardships of the Christian life.

Do not talk of. Talk of the love of Christ, bringing it into your heart and life. Be thankful that. You have on ly on e life in which to perfect a Christian character. If you. The Husb and 's Wishes Regarding Food. The day we visited you we appreciated. Your husb and 's wishes regarding the. My dear sister, you st and in a resp on sible positi on in your home. Hold the reins of. Do not allow the members of your family to. Bind them to your heart with the silken cords of. God loves you; He loves your husb and , and He is seeking to draw him to.

He desires to take his attenti on off mere earthly enterprises, and fix them. Brother C. His earnest solicitati on prevailed up on me to go with him to St. January 11, I had a l on g talk with Sister C, showing her that the marriage. We had. Why do you not remember. If evil thoughts have come in up on you, if you have. You may say you do not love your husb and. Is that a reas on you should not try to. Is this life so l on g and of such value to you that you will choose to have your. I see no possible grounds for you to obtain a.

If your husb and deceived you, even so, there is your oath. If he told you,. Imperfecti on No Reas on for Dissolving a Marriage. My heart is sick when I see the. There is, perhaps, up on more. Will not. There is a need of training your mind and heart that you shall bear with on e another,. Resurrecti on of Dead Love. I love you, my sister, and I do not want you to take a. Those who have. The fountain of love will increase day by day and in time will exclude all. You know you have kindly feelings toward your husb and , for he is your husb and.

Your love would be precious to him, a light, an. Your husb and will appreciate your love; he will value it, and it. You may have fancies and. But you have noble traits of character that, if. Need of Forbearance. Now, I tell you that you cannot break your marriage vow and. Unite your interest with your husb and. Love him and bear. Bid the evil advisers depart. The case is between you.

It is a pride of heart that shuts your eyes that you. Adhere faithfully to your marriage vows because you are upright of. Perfecti on Only in Christ. We have on ly a brief seas on here up on the earth, a time. While you have some cross to lift, do not, I beg you for Christ's sake,. Let your lives be in sobriety, and bring your. Jesus who is the author and finisher of your faith.

Behavior, Adultery, and

Strive to run the Christian race. You will, I know, when c on vinced of the right way, act resolutely, not as a child, but. Give yourself to. God without reserve, soul, body, and spirit. Go to work in the cause of God, doing. Turn your. Acceptance of the Facts. August 29, I cannot see what more can be d on e in. If she is thus determined not to live with you, both she and you would be most.

And as she has fully and determinedly set her stakes, you. In this will be your power. Jesus our Redeemer comes to men and. He shows His h and s and His feet and. Trust in My surety and you shall have the. Now in the name of Jesus lay. Christ is with the weak and the tempted and forsaken, to give them His divine. You need rest of mind. Give up Laura and fasten your. He will give you relief. Time is short; you have no time to stop. Do your duty to the very best of your. Remember, the eye of God is up on you, searching the depths of your. May the Lord help, strengthen, and bless you, to do your best.

Look away from. Disregard of Light. I hoped to meet you [Laura] and talk with you. I greatly fear that. My sister, your dispositi on and temperament are such that I greatly fear for your. I fear that you will not choose for your compani on s those who are discreet. You know something of the love of God; you know something of the. Shall he. Have you d on e this? With your. Do you feel, my sister, that you are moving c on scientiously? Are not traits of. The sensati on al and emoti on al are more fully developed than the. God has bestowed up on you capabilities. You have a history, and you are making history.

The mind may in this crisis of your. The c on taminating. You are on the losing side. The precious moments, so solemn, fraught. Importance of Parental Counsel. You have been giving the complexi on to your life. How st and s your case as registered in heaven's record book? Above everything. You are in danger of giving up Christ, of becoming reckless.

The counsel of parental affecti on is lost. Will you, my sister, think seriously whether you will receive advice. Retracing One's Steps. I hope you will change your course of acti on , for if the Lord. Will you resolve to do right, to be right, to heed the. Unguided efforts will go more often in the wr on g. Will you let years of waywardness, disappointment, and. You become soured, unsanctified, and unholy. In order to gain that which you think. You must change your course of c on duct and be guided by the. Stain on the Soul. But if you are determined to listen to no counsels but your own,.

You will become tired of beating the air. You are too giddy or too reckless to take counsel. Remember, every acti on and every course of acti on has a twofold character, be it. A stain is being imprinted up on your soul. Like Clay in Jesus' H and s. I beg of you, Laura, to go to God for wisdom. Your on ly course is to give yourself unreservedly into. What do the books of heaven say in your case? Are you c on forming your character. Are you washing your robes of character and making.

Laura, it is not now too late for wr on gs to be righted. It is not now too late to make your calling and your electi on sure. You may now. Add to your faith virtue, and knowledge,. Everything else will.


It will st and the test of the fires of the last day. My dear child, I. The truth sanctifies. We see vice prevailing everywhere. It is pampered and. One's Own Counsel and Will. Dear Sister Laura: I thought I would write you a few. You have not been gaining any. But all my advice was cast aside as naught, and I felt that it was. If your course were right, you would. You have ever. Advice and counsel in this matter have not d on e.

But will you c on sider how. Reflecti on s in God's Mirror. You have kept to your own ideas irrespective of right or. Certainly had you c on sented to live. You on ce loved God, but you have lost your first love.

Testimonies on Sexual Behavior, Adultery and Divorce

You do not love God;. In the place of growing in grace and the knowledge of our. Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, you are separating farther and farther from the. Spiritual Coldness and Declensi on. If you were pursuing a right course, you would. The Bible is not precious to you as it on ce was. You pray sometimes, but it is on ly a form. You do not take all. We cannot sancti on your course; we have not felt that your example was safe for. Your c on versati on is not refined and choice; no on e would suppose.

You are losing and so is your sister every day, making it. Entirely Reckless and Careless? Can you afford to do this? Have you become. I have a message from God. Lose sight of everything but on e thing, that is, How is it with my soul? Shall Jesus have. Will you choose your way, your will, and refuse to keep the. Thus the institution has for its originator the Creator of the universe. When the divine principles are recognized and obeyed in this relation, marriage is a blessing; it guards the purity and happiness of the race, it provides for man's social needs, it elevates the physical, the intellectual, and the moral nature.

TSB Obviously, she believed that the end of the world was imminent. But Christ's return has been delayed. It was lawful to marry in the time of Noah, and it is lawful to marry now, if that which is lawful is properly treated, and not carried to sinful excess. In regard to marriage, I would say, Read the Word of God. Even in this time, the last days of this world's history, marriages take place among Seventh-day Adventists We have, as a people, never forbidden marriage, except in cases where there were obvious reasons that marriage would be misery to both parties.

And even then, we have only advised and counseled. A Preparation for Heaven —Let them remember that the home on earth is to be a symbol of and a preparation for the home in heaven. God wants the home to be the happiest place on earth, the very symbol of the home in heaven. Bearing the marriage responsibilities in the home, linking their interests with Jesus Christ, leaning upon His arm and His assurance, husband and wife may share a happiness in this union that angels of God commend.

A Lifelong Union —Marriage, a union for life, is a symbol of the union between Christ and His church. In the youthful mind marriage is clothed with romance, and it is difficult to divest it of this feature, with which imagination covers it, and to impress the mind with a sense of the weighty responsibilities involved in the marriage vow. This vow links the destinies of the two individuals with bonds which naught but the hand of death should sever. Every marriage engagement should be carefully considered, for marriage is a step taken for life.

Both the man and the woman should carefully consider whether they can cleave to each other through the vicissitudes of life as long as they both shall live. From an Elevated Standpoint —Those professing to be Christians should not enter the marriage relation until the matter has been carefully and prayerfully considered from an elevated standpoint, to see if God can be glorified by the union. Then they should duly consider the result of every privilege of the marriage relation, and sanctified principle should be the basis of every action.

Examine carefully to see if your married life would be happy or inharmonious and wretched. Let the questions be raised, Will this union help me heavenward? Will it increase my love for God? And will it enlarge my sphere of usefulness in this life? If these reflections present no drawback, then in the fear of God move forward. All in the Name of the Lord Jesus —One about to marry a wife should stop to consider candidly why he takes this step.

Is his wife to be his helper, his companion, his equal, or will he pursue toward her such a course that she cannot have an eye single to the glory of God? The Necessity of Careful Preparation —Before assuming the responsibilities involved in marriage, young men and young women should have such an experience in practical life as will prepare them for its duties and its burdens. Early marriages are not to be encouraged. A relation so important as marriage and so far-reaching in its results should not be entered upon hastily, without sufficient preparation, and before the mental and physical powers are well developed.

My dear Emma,. Emma was born on November 16, Ellen White's son, William C. White, was 21 when he married Mary Kelsy, who was not quite Yet I advise you Move cautiously, weigh every move. You are making a move which will be lasting. Therefore do not move hastily. Do not get entirely swallowed up in this one matter, marriage. We see the same infatuation in regard to marriage. Youth, and even men and women, who ought to be wise and discerning, act as if bewitched upon this question.

Satanic power seems to take possession of them. Courtship and marriage is the all-absorbing theme.