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Half a century after the massacre he uncovered, a reporter goes back to Vietnam.

Abbas al-Jubouri and Col. Jacob X. One of those incidents allegedly occurred on the day after he left. He was re-interviewed about five months later on Oct. In that second session, the SO1 sniper recalled being inserted into a position near Mosul around 3 a.

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Investigators later placed the alleged incident in July, without specifying the date. The SO1 told Warpinski that five or six hours later he watched people emerging from nearby buildings and, maybe, fellow snipers engaging a few Islamic State fighters near there. Around noon, the SO1 said he panned north along the banks of the Tigris River, watching a path used by refugee families to escape Islamic State-controlled Mosul. The fourth girl, who was wearing a blue dress, helped the girl in the grey dress to her feet and helped get her over the berm. It was only later, the SO1 said, that he learned his platoon chief took the shot, but it remains unclear why he came to believe it was Gallagher.

What seems clear is that the SO1 already had grown to fear his chief.

What motivated fellow SEALs to dime out Eddie Gallagher?

The SO1 sniper told Warpinski that on the day Gallagher allegedly murdered the prisoner of war, he had returned to the compound and found him speaking to an SO2 at a computer the platoon used to store photos and videos. To the SO1, it was a sign that Gallagher was putting his beliefs into action. He remembered attending Bible study at the home of the chief and his wife, Andrea, who led the class. The SO1 told Warpinski that by mid-August of Portier had become angry at Gallagher for allegedly mischaracterizing incidents that occurred during the deployment, including how Islamic State fighters ended up shooting both an interpreter assigned to the SEALs and an explosive ordnance technician.

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By that time, government records indicate that Alpha Platoon already was embroiled in another probe into war crimes allegations. Small enough to be transported in a backpack, the quiet, hovering UAVs can unleash tiny, but potent, missiles to blow up enemies, miles away from where operators are remotely piloting the drones. Neither Breisch nor his attorney returned messages from Navy Times and Navy officials declined comment.

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After the platoon rotated home to Naval Base Coronado on Sept. Army and Marine grunts braved small arms fire and improvised explosive devices to draw out insurgents and overwhelm them with superior firepower, which explained their high rate of casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. But some SEALs thought these tactics disregarded their specialty — conducting nighttime raids designed to surprise enemies when they were less likely to fight back.

Asia J. France fries: Record heat hits tourists, schools, hospitals. Was Democrat's nuclear war warning during debate hyperbole, or all too real? De Blasio shouts Cuba's Communist slogan at rally in Miami.

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  • A soldier died before meeting his baby, so his Army family welcomed her with open arms.
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Family of black man killed in police-involved shooting sues city. Hottest day of the year expected from Midwest to Northeast.

platoon teenagers on Ebook

Trump-Xi G meeting could bring trade war truce but no major breakthroughs expected. The Note: Harris recasts race as Biden plays defense. Trump faced 'steep learning curve' on US-Russia policy, immigration: Tillerson. Julian Castro discusses Dem debate after strong performance. Pelosi caves, progressive Democrats angry, as House passes humanitarian border bill.

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Immigration dominates 1st night of debate as Dems split. UN: Average of nearly 1 migrant child death daily since New York mom charged with murder in deaths of twin girls. Biden lands endorsement from Atlanta Mayor Bottoms. Mayor calls out worker accused of spitting on Eric Trump. Pentagon identifies 2 soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Probe into sex discrimination claims at FBI Academy sought by congressional leaders. Confounding new twist in case against Kevin Spacey leaves legal experts puzzled. Police officer charged with repeatedly raping underage homeless teen.

Both previously-schooled teens and long-time homeschoolers attend the center. As of , North Star has over 60 members [2] and over alumni from all over the Pioneer Valley and beyond. North Star was founded by two Massachusetts middle school teachers who were frustrated with a system that forced students to attend their classes.

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Each North Star member is paired with an advisor who supports and encourages the teen as they transition to self-directed learning. After reading Grace Llewellyn 's book The Teenage Liberation Handbook they both quit their jobs as middle school teachers to create a center that would make what Llewellyn described possible for teenagers in their area.

Using homeschooling as a tool to get out of school, North Star works personally with each teen and their family to create an educational plan that is supported by North Star's staff and teachers. This customized plan consists of a staff adviser, parent conferences, and classes, tutorials, workshops, or tutoring if desired and available. North Star works with every interested family, regardless of ability to pay tuition or fees. Classes, tutorials, and workshops are taught by staff members, volunteers, or college students through work-study.