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But the work succeeds entirely as a pure listening experience, and deserves far greater exposure than it has received to date. The performance was recorded by the Italian Cetra-Soria label and issued on LP, later reissued by various labels, including a CD release now out of print by Warner. Immortal Performances returns to the Cetra-Soria source material. The voices and orchestra emerge with clarity, warm and attractive color, and in fine balance with the orchestra.

Because of the nature of its writing, I quatro rusteghi again, like Falstaff demands an ensemble cast of the first rank. And that is precisely what the recording featured on the new Immortal Performances issue provides. And while each of the singers brims with personality, each is also mindful of his or her function as a member of the overall musical fabric, comprising both the voices and the orchestra. But all the principal singers hold their own. I already mentioned the marvelous balance conductor Alfredo Simonetto achieves between the singers and orchestra.

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His pacing of the work is also ideal, brimming with comic energy, but appropriately introspective and lyrical when demanded, as in the aforementioned orchestral Intermezzo. And Caniell has given this recording of an unjustly neglected work precisely the type of respect and treatment it deserves.

In addition to first-rate sound restoration, the booklets include several in-depth essays on the opera, its composer, Goldoni, a discussion of Venetian dialect, the RAI series of recordings, artist bios, and notes on the recording. If you are looking for a first-rate presentation of a quite wonderful Italian comic opera, Immortal Performances will provide you considerable pleasure and reward. Warmly recommended. What a delight!

I rusteghi - Carlo Goldoni

From beginning to end I quatro rusteghi is unalloyed pleasure. There are many reasons for its obscurity, but none of them have to do with the quality of the music. Probably the fact that the libretto is written in the Venetian dialect has not helped its acceptance, and even the title is difficult to translate. The Four Ruffians or Rustics , which we frequently find, are both inadequate and wrong-headed. The story concerns a generational shift in attitudes about women. We have a crusty older group of Venetian merchants who believe that women belong under their thumbs, with no right to express opinions about anything.

Other ladies, however, arrange a trick in which the youngsters do actually meet, and lo and behold, this being a comedy, they like each other. That is a strong over-simplification of a complex comedy of manners, based on a play by the beloved 18th-centuryVenetian playwright Goldoni.

I rusteghi - Carlo Goldoni

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari composed the opera in , and it has enjoyed a life on the fringes of the repertoire in Italy and occasionally elsewhere. Although there have been other recordings, none has equaled the spirit and tight ensemble found in this one. Richard Caniell seeks to present a clean, straightforward replication of the original RAI sound and has done that with complete success. The key performer in this opera is not one of the singers but the conductor, who faces some complex challenges.

Much of the opera is taken up by ensembles, duets, trios, quartets, even ensembles of six, seven, or more characters. The degree of interplay between the characters is what makes or breaks a performance, and it is not only the cast who has to produce that feeling but the orchestra as well. Instrumental soloists, winds in particular, have to echo or presage the phrasing and inflection of singers for the work to hang together, and they do so here.

Tempo relationships and pacing are crucial, and Alfredo Simonetto seems to fully comprehend this. The big ensemble near the end of act II with Filipeto, Lucieta, Felice, Marina, Margarita, and Riccardo has a wonderful ebb and flow, all of which stems from the conductor. This cast only contains a few names that will be familiar to most, Fernando Corena and Alda Noni being the two best known.

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While they do not disappoint, the lesser-known singers are their equal. Each contributes to the whole, which the profuse ensemble writing demands. The opening of act III is another miracle. Three of the rusteghi, Lunardo, Simon, and Cancian, are griping about the trick that was played on them by the women. They contemplate sending their wives to a nunnery but slowly realize that they would be lost without them. The musical interplay between the three men is magical. New translation Collection of 57 poems and short texts in prose. French edition.

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Display all pictures. Comedy in Venetian vernacular language, which had been played for the first time on occasion of the Venetian Carnival of More details. This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product.

Add to cart. Edited by Antonio Cibotto. Volume of pages typetypeset by hand in Caslon types, derived from the original punches cut by William Caslon in the 18 th -century. The volume is housed in a hand-made slipcase and box, custom made to an exact size, whose exteriors are covered with Ingres paper.

Ab imo pectore — Jean-Pierre Rosnay Collection of 57 poems and short texts in prose. Poems - Emily Dickinson Print run of 18 copies on paper made in Sicily. English edition All best. Viewed I rusteghi - Carlo