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Now is the time that I and every single man must take a hard look at ourselves and identify how each of us is personally allowing such terrible inequity to continue.

There, AJWS grantees are not only mobilizing women and girls to stand up for themselves, they are teaching men and boys how to be true allies. They are training them to examine the masculinity that society encourages them to embrace and that makes many men aggressive and controlling. This helps them to question the societal norms they grew up with and to recognize that their privilege, as men, is actually causing great harm to society. And they are being taught to unlearn deeply ingrained ideas about gender so that equality can emerge.

What was heartening was that we witnessed this outside of progressive urban centers, in places like Tumkur, a small town and district two hours from the metropolitan city of Bengaluru. There and in most other small towns like it, conservative culture dictates a strict division of the sexes, which boys and girls echo from the youngest age. And yet in these communities, I met boys and girls sitting side-by-side, socializing, laughing and learning together about equality.

We visited Samvada, an organization funded by AJWS that works with disadvantaged youth to create a just, humane and sustainable world. Samvada promotes the work of local youth groups, and at one of these groups, Signa-Yuva Kendra, I met Nandan, a college student who was participating in a three-year program of self-discovery and training designed by Samvada. I also met Lohith, who described how, growing up, he felt most deeply connected to his female relatives, because they were the ones caring for him and running his family; but then he saw how his father and the other men treated them terribly.

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Now, as he studies biomedical science at university, he says that he deliberately shares his emerging understanding about gender and identity with his classmates, neighbors and even strangers—urging them all to embrace the need for equality. At the Shaheen Resource Center, an organization that provides safe harbor and job training for women and girls, our group met young women who shared sickening stories of abuse they sustained at the hands of the men in their lives.

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While I listened, I was deeply struck to notice that many of our interpreters were male—college-age boys from the local university doing an internship with Shaheen. They can be presidents, we have women who are football players and we must fight to get to the point where all men and women are equal.

The programme teaches children and young people the value of gender equality. The young people are trained to become champions in their own community so they can pass their learnings onto other young people and their parents. Sandra, 17, centre sees herself as a role model for other girls.

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys | KMZU The Farm FM

She uses her new skills to teach other young people about equality. As a Champion of Change, Sandra wants to lead the way for the next generation of girls. Girls are learning how to value themselves, think for themselves and take their own decisions to learn. During training workshops, the young people learn about the consequences of harmful behaviours such as teasing, name-calling and street harassment.

Report: U.S. Military Ignored Afghan Allies’ Pedophilia, Punished Those Who Spoke Up

So we did an activity where we made a boy pass a group of men and we told him the things we would say to girls and then we understood how bad it feels. A Boy Knight.

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This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to This book has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to literature. This forms a part of the knowledge base for future generations.

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