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Dernier cycle cinéma

Dictionary , genealogy London, Sotheby's, Charles Coypel, du tableau du Correge qui est au Palais Royal: elle est sous une glace [72 livres; St. After the Revolution he formed a collection of portraits of illustrious persons, mainly from the reign of Louis XIV. Portrait de Voltaire, par Ch. Coypel, en Portrait de C. Bol Lot La Rosalba. The sale that took place shortly after the Gaston's death included a group of miniatures as well as large numbers of coins, medals, cameos and intaglios, but only one pastel.

Paris, Drouot, Chevallier, The Mengs pastels were reported by Diderot in Pastels: Mengs, courtisane ; philiosophe. Cronier rose to be managing director of the firm and after Say's death trustee of his estate. He acquired French and English 18th century portraits, as well as paintings by Watteau and Fragonard, from Gimpel and others during the period until his suicide in. Acting in concert with Jaluzot, founder of the Printemps department store, they used the Say estate to take an enormous long position which proved disastrous when the price of sugar halved.

Criminal proceedings against Jaluzot commenced, while Cronier took cyanide and simultaneously shot himself. The posthumous sale in does not include all his collection, as he occasionally made exchanges he acquired a pastel child by Russell from Gimpel in After his death in , the collection was sold to Diderot as agent for Catherine II, and is now in the Hermitage. A group of pastels by Wallerant Vaillant were said to have been acquired from Crozat by prince Galitzin q. Courajod, Paris, , I, p. Catalogue des tableaux du cabinet de M. Les quatre saisons en quatre demi figures de femmes avec leus attributs.

Un portrait de profil. Une vierge. Portrait de Louis XV esquisse. Henri also owned a group of portraits from Wertmuller's Bordeaux period. Sales of Chinese porcelain and other items took place in London, Sotheby's, 7. His posthumous sale was scheduled for 3. None of the nine pastels in his sale is known even from reproductions today. His broad ranging collections were dispersed in a series of sales from His collection, "removed from his late Apartments at St James's and his House at Twickenham", was sold in three parts, with Christie's taking charge of the pictures; sales of medals and drawings took place over the following weeks.

Charles H. The British Museum acquired approximately drawings or prints from him, including a pastel by Drummond. Auguste's posthumous sale included an important collection of early prints. His interests ranged from paintings and miniatures to oriental art and antiquities - some of which appear in a Vuillard portrait of him. During the war some of the collection was seized by the ERR; pastels included a Greuze jeune fille and a Nanteuil, Hardouin.

After his death, his collection of miniatures was split into two groups, one given to the Louvre and the other bought by Wildenstein and sold complete to Sir Charles Clore. David-Weill's philanthropic tradition is continued by his grandson Michel David-Weill. Morice, "La collection David-Weill His eldest son, James Dawkins , started his Grand Tour in when he inherited his father's estates; he developed an interest in archaeology, and collected pictures; apart from his own portrait, he commissioned a set of the Seasons from Rosalba.

His brother Henry, the subject of a pastel by La Tour, was admitted to the Society of Dilettanti on the strength of James's celebrity. Their pictures descended to Henry's grandson, the Rev. The collection passed to their son Edward Henry Frederick Dawkins before the sale. Lot 9: James Dawkins [80 gns; Toogood]; Lot the same, ov. He lent pastels by Perronneau to the Cent pastels exhibition in Fellowes; Singer. He later turned to the cinema. He built up a collection of French 18th century engravings from the age of 40 before switching to old master drawings and then paintings. He sold these in ; a collection which cost Fr, sold for Fr1.

But he restarted collecting immediately, repurchasing some of his own collection at the sale and later. A number of drawings were sold in Pierre Decourcelle", Les Arts , , , p. Mme Poisson. The group consisted of five pastels thought to be by La Tour, four of which seem to have been acquired by Auguste de Gas in an anonymous Paris sale, All four, with a further La Tour magistrat , were lent to the Paris a exhibition.

Degas also owned a Rosalba autoritratto. Degas frequently visited Saint-Quentin. Shortly after the death of his father, the affairs of the family bank obliged Degas to seek to sell much of the collection, and some of the pastels were acquired by Hector Brame. Her will included pastels by Liotard and Pond. Robert Edward DELL , journalist, first editor of the Burlington magazine , ; he resigned to become Paris correspondent of the Manchester Guardian , and also owned Shirleys Ltd, a gallery at 9 boulevard Malesherbes.

In a review of the Doucet sale for the Burlington , Dell expressed infuriation that a pastel by La Tour should fetch more than a canvas by Fragonard. He was expelled from France after the war, having criticised the the French Government's peace negotiations in He later lived in New York.

He lent several pastels to the Paris exhibition, which he organised with his associates Max Rothschild and R. Dell's attribution of two pastels to Engleheart q. Hamilton, Adelaide Payne ; Phelps, Handel. His son became an MP in , and he was well known as a patron and connoisseur.

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Although his wealth earned him the nickname of Peter the Tsar, his prodigious spending led to financial difficulties and he shot himself at his London home, 15 Grosvenor Square. The attribution of the pastels in the sale presumably that of his son, Peter III, should be treated with caution. After his father's death in , he took charge of the family villa at San Donato near Florence, part of which he turned over to a workshop for the manufacture of silks, while also enlarging the extensive art collection.

An expedition to the Crimea which he organised in resulted in the numerous scientific publications. In he married Napoleon's niece, princesse Mathilde q. Demidov's collections and titles passed to his nephew Paul Demidov London, The Wallace Collection, Pastels: I. Based in Paris, rue de Berry c. He was in competition with Duveen, and accusations of forgery of goods supplied by Demotte led to a defamation action that ended when Demotte was found dead near Versailles.

His business passed to his son Lucien, who committed suicide in Demotte Inc. Journu ; Mme Legrix ; Mme Molles. Paris, Chevallier, Dutch paintings figured strongly in his collection, but the pastels seem mainly to have been Perronneau's portraits of members of his family. Perronneau , p.

In an inventory of 3. The premises of "Desmarest, graveur depuis " are still preserved in the Palais-Royal. A large collection of drawings and prints were in the sale; possibly the same vendor as the dealer in the sale of "J. Desmarets, cessation de commerce". A Desmarets was a commissaire priseur from rue du Bouloi, c. Paris, Rouseau, Geoffroy, 4. His albums of architectural drawings are in a number of public collections, including Berlin and St Petersburg. His grandson Philippe d'Estailleur-Chanteraine had a pastel said to be by Perronneau of the naturalist Daubenton.

They were also supporters of the arts. His sale, Paris, Drouot, Pouchet, This was dispersed in two sales and , following his widow's death. His son Antoine-Nicolas , also a magistrate, was the author of the Voyage pittoresque de Paris and des environs de Paris , of several gardening treatises, and of an extension of his father's work, the Vies des dameux architectes et sculpteurs… Dezallier d'Argenville: Paris, The celebrated type founder was Firmin Didot He may have been the Didot whose sale took place in His son, Ambroise-Firmin Didot, later known as Ambroise Firmin-Didot , diplomat and traveller, took over the business in He was interested in classical literature, typography, paper making and engraving, and his reference books on the Drevets and Les Graveurs de portraits en France , are of great use.

He presumably assembled the collection of 18 pastels and drawings by Wallerant Vaillant which were lent to the Paris exhibition by his son Alfred Firmin-Didot , also a printer. Didot: Paris, Henry Lacoste, After his death his widow married Abel Vautier, a parlementaire from Caen. They cannot now be identified specifically.

The case of Shrager v Basil Dighton Ltd , in which he was sued by a dissatisfied client, is frequently cited as a legal precedent. He travelled in Italy in , and wrote to Rosalba Carriera on He was Walter Gay's agent. His elder brother was Murray W. Reading Bertron q. Pastels: Greenhill, lady. Paris, Georges Petit, It was then initially lent and finally given to the Louvre in He collaborated with Remy on providing expertises for estate inventories.

Ils viennent de la vente du Baron d'Olback. Ils viennent de la vente de notre cabinet, No. Ce morceau est peint au pastel et sous verre. He created an important collection of mediaeval works his first piece was bought at the age of 16 , many acquired with advice from Marius Paulme, who prepared an illustrated manuscript catalogue of the whole collection. His collection was preserved and continued by his family, notably his son Pierre Dormeuil and grandson, Xavier Dormeuil , following whose death a number of pastels were sold. A watercolour by Adrien Karbowsky shows the main drawing room around with a wall on which four La Tour pastels are hung among Chardin, Ducreux, Lawrence and Reynolds canvases.

After the sale, Doucet moved to Neuilly, where he started a new collection, of the avant garde of his day. To both of these he brought his legendary perfectionism. Part of his collections descended in the family to his great-nephew Jean Angladon-Dubrujeaud and are now part of the Fondation Angladon in Avignon. Joubin, "Jacques Doucet", Gazette des beaux-arts ,. Fr; Fr; Stettiner] Lot Perronneau, enfant , [est. Fr15,; Fr14,; Graat]. Dr Anton C. Although Anton was particularly interested in Dutch art, his collection was much broader, and was noted for its eclectic character.

Among a significant holding of French drawings are several sheets by Lemoine and a pastel by La Tour. In addition to the sale of old master pictures and drawings; portrait miniatures, gold boxes and objects of vertu on At the Lemoyne sale in he bought a Vivien pastel which reappeared in two of his sales, Paris, Ridel, He joined the Louvre in and rose to become conservateur en chef.

He made extensive donations to various museums. Jean's son Adolphe was the vendor in the sale. Mme du Barry's own collections were dispersed in a number of sales, notably by Paillet, Paris, Remy, Le Brun, His sale included one pastel. A later sale took place at Drouot on Paris, Drouot, Chevallier, Paulme, 7. Paris , marchand de tableaux. He acted on behalf of the duc de Choiseul in sales in the s. An advertisement appeared in the Post man for Some others in Pastelle. Boucher, et un portrait.

Le tout sous verre. Duke", Old Watercolour Society's Club 49th annual vol. Richardson, Jr ; Russell, woman. Villenave q. A sale took place in Paris, Oudart, Barre, Charles E. He was a generous donor to Harvard and the Fogg Art Museum; his gifts of some 50 French pictures included a Boucher portrait of Mme de Pompadour as well as some pastels by La Tour auto ; dame. Bastide" to the Salon de Toulouse In he married Catherine Sellier. An inv. Hauteur 25 pouces; largeur 20 pouces 6 lignes. Rubens, Ant. Paris , established c.

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Initially a stationery shop, the firm developed into art dealing from its practice of exchanging artists' materials for pictures. Paul Durand-Ruel , the founder's son, was responsible for the firm's association with impressionism. His library of some items including the first four Shakespeare folios was donated to University College, London; he was also a donor to the British Museum. His sale included a large collection of books, engravings, sculpture and pictures of mixed quality.

Of the drawings a number of sheets are now in the Louvre or at Chantilly. He presented a "Perronneau" girl with a cat to the National Gallery in Much earlier c. Among the pastels supplied by the firm were a "pair of old French pastels by Perronneau", acquired from Lady Dorothy Nevill in and sent on approval to the Stotesburys in , still unpaid in The firm's records are at the Getty Research Institute. Nelson EDDY , singer, actor and amateur painter and sculptor.

He initially collected pewter but later turned to English 17th century and modern French painting. A pastel by Roslin, M. Theodore T. Ellis made his money in blanket manufacture, newspapers and printing; he was publisher of the Worcester Telegram and became co-owner of the Chicago Daily News in His art collection ranged from Winslow Homer to a painting once thought to be by Leonardo.

Pastels: Coypel, marquise de Lamure. Ignaz's nephew Charles Ephrussi , amateur art historian and collector, came to Paris c. He founded the Gazette des beaux-arts. Charles's uncles Michel and Maurice also lived in Paris. Collections , which she bequeathed to the Institut de France. His four sons and their descendants included bankers, collectors, composers and painters.

Emile Beaumont , banker and patron of the arts, adopted British nationality; he lived at Piccadilly, Lord Byron's house, and Falconwood. Rodolphe , painter and composer, built a palace in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, now a museum for Arab musical instruments, inherited by his son Leo and his wife Edwina Prue His enormous library and collections of old master drawings, prints, as well as paintings, sculptures and objets d'art were sold after his death by Christie's, Pastels by Luttrell and Hamilton may have been included. La Tour, d'Alembert, ont. Paris, Le Brun, Ce beau pastel est de la plus riche couleur et, de belle conservation.

Sous verre. It included a number of pastels by Pillement which were exhibited in Edward EYRE , of High Street, Marylebone, amateur topographical artist who exhibited at the Royal Academy , he formed a very large collection of old master and modern drawings which were dispersed by Greenwood, London, Inv p.

Un dissegno in carta fatto a pastello della B. Floraino, e l'altro una testa d'una donna di mano del Canuti con cornice di legno Intagliata. Edmond Fatio , of Geneva, architect, historian and collector, particularly of baroque drawings. Principal sale, Geneva, Nicolas Rauch, He owned a pastel by Petitot Lierre. Her posthumous sale included several hundred paintings, mainly historical portraits. Mr Fauquier, Anonymous sale, London, After his death a notice in the Daily advertiser , Lot [Anon.

After the suicide of her mother, Isabelle-Blanche Singer, she was brought up by her aunt, Winnaretta Singer, princesse Edmond de Polignac q. Soon after his death, she married the Hon. Reginald Ailwyn Fellowes , younger son of the 2nd Baron de Ramsay, a banker. Daisy Fellowes wrote several novels, of which Les Dimanches de la comtesse de Narbonne is best known.

She became celebrated as a fashion icon for designers such as Chanel and Schiaperelli; Cecil Beaton photographed her and as wealthy hostess in her palace Les Zoraides in Cap Martin in the South of France. Her name was linked with the Prince of Wales before that of Mrs Simpson. Three Perronneau pastels were included in the sale.

Paris, Galerie Charpentier, Ader, De Fels also owned the Revue de Paris. Maurice FENAILLE , de l'Institut, wealthy oil industrialist reputed at an early date to have installed swimming pools in his various homes, as well as owning cars and aeroplanes. He was also an art collector and patron, and wrote monographs on Debucourt, the Gobelins and Jules Guiffrey. Pastels: Luttrell, man In Jules bought a Coypel J. EFC , Paris, Chevalier, JF , Paris, She owned a Perronneau inconnue c.

Ferriol had a series of six beauties made in pastel, no doubt by Coypel q.

Éditions de l’Olivier

His son Charles-Augustin de Ferriol, comte d'Argental was the friend of Voltaire, who gave him his portrait by de Wyl q. A correspondent of Proust, she inherited the important library of her uncle, baron Horace de Landau Donato FINI His inventory Rome, In he married Emma, daughter of the art dealer Charles Sedelmeyer q. In he was appointed by Emperor Franz Josef chief commissioner for the fine arts in Austria.

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From Emma was linked with the society gynaecologist Samuel Jean Pozzi. New York, Waldorf-Astoria, Silo, He advised J. He lent pastels to the Paris exhibition. A group of French and English pictures including pastels by Bernard and Hamilton were sold in a group sale, London, Christie's, Some miniatures were sold in the following days. Foreman died in Paris while on his way to the South of France for his health. Mme A.

Dernier cycle cinéma

Paris, Drouot, Baudoin, Royaumont was sold, an the contents dispersed by Christie's, Dictionary , artists, s. Armstrong; Farington; Hoare. A separate museum was built in to house his collection but was destroyed during the second world war. Mrs Byron C. David-Weill sold in her posthumous sale. New York, Parke-Bernet, Mme Dangeville. FRANC : a large collection of miniatures, objets d'art etc. France wrote his companion a note: "Saint-Quentin.

La plus belle promenade que j'aie jamais faite. Their son Giorgio Gioacchino purchased the Ca' d'Oro from the Contarini family in but bequeathed it to the State in together with part of his collection. Born in Belgium, he developed the family grain business founded in from a domestic Belgian activity into a multinational conglomerate by opening an office in Chicago in The Continental Grain Company remains one of the largest private companies in the world. Fribourg adopted US citizenship, and devoted part of his wealth to his collection of European and Chinese porcelain and faience, paintings, drawings, boxes, objets d'art and furniture.

He was treasurer of the American Friends of Versailles in His estate sale took place in eight sessions. Collections, New York, Frick v.

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While August the Strong started the collection of Rosalba Carriera, it was his successor who displayed an unlimited appetite for her pastels; the gallery in Dresden in which some of her pastels were at one stage hung v. He is thought to have visited her studio while on the grand tour in Such was August's enthusiasm that he persuaded Mengs to work in pastel to produce an important series of portraits. The collection also has examples by La Tour and Liotard. Following the abdication of the last king of Saxony after the First World War, the Wettin family assets were dispersed; arrangements were concluded by 7.

By the number of Rosalbas had dropped to , while a further 27 were lost presumably destroyed by Collections, Dresden for pastels remaining in Dresden. Dictionary , genealogy Sachsen Lit. Paris, Delestre, They have also handled pastels by Carriera, Cotes, Russell and Sharples. Copenhagen, His Vite di pittori , a manuscript in the Palatine library compiled during the last twelve years of his life, is an invaluable source of information about artists in Florence as well as foreign connoisseurs.

It has been made available online by the Fondazione Memofonte. Gabburri lent drawings to the Florence exhibition of , including some twenty pastel self-portraits mainly by contemporary Italian artists. Caution is required: some of these artists seem to have worked in gouache rather than pastel, and the descriptions may be unreliable.

Messini; G. Witness at Perronneau's wedding. A group of 18 pastels by Vaillant from his estate were acquired by Firmin-Didot. A group of family portraits were seized in , and are now in the Pushkin Museum, Moscow q. Dictionary , genealogy. The collection included drawings by Leonardo and a Hubert Robert sketchbook sold by Sotheby's in Other pastels: Ducreux, auto ; La Tour, Dame en rose. Their extensive collection was partly dispersed at auction and partly donated to museums. Garrick was a wealthy man, and his estate inventory conducted to an unusual level of detail reveals a considerable number of pictures at both his homes, in Hampton and at the Adelphi in London.

A sale took place after his widow's death, on the premises at Hampton. Garrick owned a great number of pictures by Pillement at least 26 landscapes and five drawings, although none was described as in pastel ; a letter from the artist in accompanied four of these "bagatelles" sent to the actor and his wife as a present. A set of 9 small drawings, portraits of "females, natives of the Greek Islands", might conceivably be from Liotard.

The pastel of La Clairon is likely to be French. Portrait of Dorothy, Countess of Burlington. A pair, oval landscapes and figures 2. A Chalk Pit, with wood and figures, and a River Scene, a pair 3. Portraits of Mrs Schaw and Mrs Payne, in crayons 8. Portrait of Mrs Garrick, in a black silk coat and hat A group of Lap Dogs, in crayons The Finding of Moses, in crayons A Nymph, half figure, in crayons A Portrait of Richard Berenger, Esq.

Portrait of Madame Clairon, the celebrated French Actress, in crayons The Four Seasons, in crayons. Portrait of Mr Garrick, in crayons. He used a number of pseudonyms, including Paul Leroi. Dictionary , artists Paris, He was probably the subject of the Boucher pastel in his sale.

Solomon GAUTIER : his posthumous sale, held at his house at the Crown and Pearl, Great Piazza, Covent Garden, included a number of "crayons" not necessarily pastels among numerous prints and drawings, "most part of them lately brought from abroad". Heads, one in crayons, by Goltzius Paris Bordone, ditto, in crayons Toornvliet, a Man and a Woman, in crayons Pouribus, ditto, in crayons Cignani, ditto, in crayons Pomerantio, a Madona, in crayons Bloemaert, a Madona, in crayons. His collection of drawings was commenced c.

The sale produced Fr20, The descriptions are rudimentary and the attributions unconvincing. A report appeared in the Moniteur des arts , Paris, Drouot, Pillet, Laneuville, Mannheim, Lescalier, intendant de l'Inde en Lot 5.

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Portrait de J. Lot 6. Lot 7. Portrait de la reine Marie-Antoinette. Madame Royale enfant. Le duc de Feltre. Louis XVII, fait peu de temps avant sa mort. Dessins par Ducreux Lot Louis XVI, fait au Temple. La baronne Ducreux. Jules Ducreux, tenant une palette. Portrait de femme. Madame Duquesnoy [Fr] Lot Sophie Arnould; ses cheveux sont retenus par un ruban bleu.

Although returned to the Louvre after the war, the pictures were only restituted to Gentili di Giuseppe's heirs in after lengthy litigation. Gentile di Giuseppe", Les Arts , , , pp. The sale was of their joint estate. Dictionary , genealogy Potier. Large numbers of these documents were stolen and sold to fund his art collection. His thefts came to light by an anonymous denunciation, and he was forced to resign in Some of the documents he sold are now in the Bodleian Library.

Matthews ; Lot Hamilton, Lady Tyrconnel. His diary from to of which several editions have been published, none complete provides much valuable information about the art market between the wars. Paris, Chariot, Joullain, Tableau peint au pastel. Hauteur 20 pouces, largeur 15 pouces 6 lignes [4 livres 10 sols]. Valade exhibited her portrait in the salon de Godefroy was a partner of the restorer Godefroid q. His picture collection, directed by Hofer q. Paris, Merlin, Roussel, 2. There were a number of collectors or dealers of this name. The Galerie Goldschmidt-Wallerstein in Berlin specialised in modern art c.

Paul Goldschmidt had a Carriera contessa Miari after Their extensive collections were dispersed in several sessions in , including old Subsequent advertisements for what seems to have been the same sale identified the vendor only as a gentleman and artist. His collection of more than pictures was seized by the Germans.

Some were finally returned to the family in ; many of these were sold in New York, Christie's, The firm had also handled pastels by Drouais, Carriera and Troost. His posthumous inventory carried out by Duveen Getty Research Institute catalogued his vast collections, including a number of pictures that went back to Duveen. Two of the Chardin pastels he owned came from the Sylvestre collection. The status of the 59 La Tour sheets in the sale cannot be determined. The firm's archives are available at the Getty Provenance Index, and reveal that they handled very few pastels a couple of Rosalbas, one "retouched" by Constant Joseph Brochart; one by Perronneau is in fact an oil.

His posthumous sale, Paris, In addition to his role in the collection of drawings sold to the duc d'Aumale v. Lenoir , Lord Ronald Gower owned several pastels that were sold at Christie's, An excellent copy after Raphael's Boys. Albert GRAND , restorer, 73, rue de Grenelle, Paris, "restauration de tableaux et de pastel", dealer, painter, expert and writer.

He worked for the duc d'Aumale. Among pictures he handled were a pastel autoportrait once attributed to Jacques-Antoine-Marie Lemoine, in fact by a homonym probably Jacques-Manuel Lemoine, q. His posthumous sale Paris, Malard, Aubry, He was portrayed by artists from Mengs to Ramsay, and his collection also included pastels of the imperial couple. Later generations of his family owned portraits by Gardner. In his correspondence with his brother "Fritz", preserved in the Bedfordshire and Luton archives, there are numerous references to crayon paintings by artists from Gardner to Pillement, not all of which can be fully understood today: e.

The firm handled a pastel by Russell Love songs and matches. He was largely responsible for introducing the French rococo style and finesse to England during his stay. He donated his important collection of miniatures, as well as drawings and prints, including a few pastels, to the Cleveland Museum of Art, of which he was a trustee from , and Yale, from which he graduated in He was in Paris from to around , travelling widely thereafter before settling in Gotha in His trip to Russia in was similarly influential in spreading French artistic ideas.

Dictionary , artists and genealogy, Grimod Lit. His collection was seized during the Revolution and is now in the Louvre v. Dictionary , genealogy, Grimod Lit. He owned pastels by Nanteuil Gallais and Pillement deux paysages in Colnaghi, he formed a collection of English pastels and drawings together with his brother-in-law Xavier Haas q. It is unclear which works were added by Haas to those sold in Camille GROULT , heir to a flour-milling family from Vitry-sur-Seine, was renowned as the great amateur of the 19th century; a friend of Edmond de Goncourt, with whom "nous causons art, et cette causerie lui apporte une griserie, vraiment une sorte de pochardise […]" Journal , 8.

Groult's collection was inventoried after his death, Me Breuillard, Their son Jean Groult inherited the collection another inventory was made in , which then passed to their grandson Pierre Bordeaux-Groult The Labille-Guiard pastels in the. A second sale took place on The catalogue of his collection, printed in Potsdam in , included five pastels: 43, Ein Kriegesmann.

Pastell mit Glass. Copirt nach Liotard. Das Original ist in der Dresdner Gallerie. Copirt nach Pesne. Mademoiselle Barbarini im Tanze: mit Pastell gemahlt, unt mit einem Glase versehen. Lucien wrote the text for the catalogue of J. Heseltine's catalogue. A sale took place after his death at Drouot, Paris, Paris, Ader, Picart, Tajan, Mme Geoffrin ; and Lot 28, attr. Perronneau, inconnu.

The Gunzburg heirs were involved in restitution claims. Other pastels: Labille-Guiard, Mme Clodion. The son of Heinrich Gutekunst , an art dealer from Stuttgart, he joined Colnaghi in He was associated with Berenson and Isabella Stewart Gardner. He lent numerous pastels by Downman to the Paris exhibiton. Haas's son, Xavier-Victor , was a painter.

A number of Haas's English pastels and drawings most from Gross were sold in ; the catalogues were edited by R. Hamilton, man ; Lots ff: H. Hamilton, 3 pstls ; Lot W. Reynolds, lady ; Lots ff: P. Romney, several ladies ; Lot A. He was brother of the poet Friedrich von Hagedorn. In he was appointed director of the Academy of Art in Dresden and made responsible for acquisitions by the Elector.

In addition to the Copenhagen sale, a joint sale of over drawings by Hagedorn and Izaak Schmidt took place in Amseterdam on In he prepared an inventory of his collection, together with the prices paid some 50 paintings and 4 pastels amounted to livres Dictionary , artists; Villot Inventaire, His posthumous sale included several of his own pastels. Dictionary , genealogy, Douglas-Hamilton London, Christie's, Costa de Beauregard, on his visit Ce beau morceau vient de la Collection de M. His wife Agnes was portrayed by John Collier and by J. They lived at 9 Belgrave Square, London; and had a considerable collection of old master and Early English pictures.

Two pastels by Gardner were donated to the British Museum in ; his widow had another Gardner. Pastels by Russell, Gustavus Hamilton and Gardner. Other pastels were in a posthumous sale at Christie's, Dictionary , genealogy, Necker Pastels: H. Drouais, Mlle Gaussin v. Coppet: Liotard, Mme Necker. He had an extensive collection of drawings, objets d'art etc. Some passed to the son of his first marriage, George Haviland , who also took over management of the family business.

His son Edmond was a painter and engraver. Paris, Couturier, The and sales appear to have had the same catalogue, Catalogue des tableaux et estampes du cabinet de M. Natoire [8 livres]. Dr Rudolf J. His private collection of old master drawings, formed with his wife Lore , was exhibited at the Pierpont Morgan Library in Some old master pictures were sold in to establish the Lore and Rudolf Heinemann Fund for scholarly research; others were bequeathed to the Morgan Library, the NGA, Washington and other American museums.

Hoheit des Prinzen Heinrichs Educated in Heidelberg, he emigrated to the USA in His collection of over old master drawings was acquired by the NGA, Washington in Henrici also wrote a monograph on Anton Graff. Pastels: Nanteuil, Dorieu. During the war he was involved in the export of some pictures to Germany. Given his taste in French XVIIIe art, it is perhaps surprising that pastels seem not to have been of more interest to him. Murray Scott; Oger. Dictionary , genealogy, Seymour-Conway Lit. As a collector he was particularly interested in Claude and Rembrandt, but his extensive collection of French eighteenth century drawings included a Boucher pastel.

His widow donated a Liotard pastel to the National Gallery. Hesselin was the subject of pastels by Tiberio Tinelli and by Nanteuil, and owned two pastels by Vouet according to his posthumous inventory. He formed a well-known collection of Americana, sold at auction. The firm of L. Hirsch's collection of old masters and British portraits was sold Hirsch owned several important Russell pastels, Mrs Jeans and her sons and Mrs Raymond , and copies of two of his fancy pictures, and seems to have disposed of these through Jacques Seligmann.

Their daughter Madeline married baron Jean-Maurice de Gunzburg q. Monaco, Sotheby's, Hirschl and Abraham M. Adler and specialising in paintings after He also owned a Boucher pastel jeune fille. Over the next few years a substantial collection was acquired through a mixture of legitimate and forced purchase and confiscation; some items were acquired through the ERR v. The items collected were given numbers indicated by Linz-Nr. Henry Walters was a major client. Mme Deshays ; Lot 26 Boucher, attr. The bulk of his collection was eventually sold to J. The Perronneau enfant described as "ravissant" in had belonged to Jacques Doucet q.

Gimpel His wife was a picture restorer. Ima HOGG , collector and philanthropist. The discovery of oil on the family plantation provided her with great wealth which she used for charitable causes such as mental health. She and her brothers also collected, with interests ranging from native American art to modern masters. Her collection of Americana, including more than objects from pictures to ceramics and textiles remains in her former home, Bayou Bend, as part of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. His role as a translator into French of German and English scientific and philosophical works made a significant contribution to the spread of Enlightenment ideas, as did his salon in the rue Royale, frequented by leading intellectual and artistic figures such as Diderot, Grimm and Marmontel.

Dorchester House, site of the present hotel, was demolished. Smith, child. The sale included a pastel by Pierre. Patrick HOME of Billie and Wedderburn died before the collection of pictures he assembled in an 8 year grand tour was unpacked at Paxton House, the Adam mansion he constructed in the Scottish borders. Adrian John HOPE , 2nd son of the designer Thomas Hope from the Dutch merchant banking family, formed a substantial collection, mainly of Dutch old master paintings, which was sold at Christie's on 30 June The sale did not include any pastels, but he owned one pastel now attributed to Allais.

She acquired three Russells soon after the artist's sale; they passed to her youngest daughter, Louisa Octavia Augusta Hope , of 11 Gloucester Place, Edinburgh. She was known as a promoter of household science teaching v. Oxford DNB. On her death they passed to one of her two heirs, Miss Anne Frances Stevenson , of 9 Oxford Terrace, Edinburgh, , who sold them individually.

Williamsons muddles their names and addresses. Frederick William HOPE , friend of Darwin, entomologist and collector of insects and engravings including over , portrait engravings. He donated his collections to the University of Oxford. His sister married the 7th Earl of Athlone. Paris, Pouchet, Rondel, In he disposed of his collection of Italian drawings in order to focus exclusively on the French school.

Collections for list. He started collecting soon after his arrival in Paris c. With Lacaze, Houssaye was among the early figures to recognise the importance of the forgotten artists of the eighteenth century. His sale, in Brussels, A posthumous sale of his collection was conducted by Sotheby's in A group of his own pastels and some by Lely passed through the Earls of Wicklow and are now in the British Museum v.

He lent pastels by Fratellini and Luti to the Florence exhibitions of with his brother Cosimo and Part of his collection of more than drawings was purchased by Gran'duca Pietro Leopoldo I, and is now in the Uffizi. Huntington , founder of the Southern Pacific Railway. Henry married Collis's widow Arabella Yarrington His rare book collection commenced in Pastels: v.

He specialised in reproductive engravings after the work of contemporary artists such as Watteau and Boucher, often based on works in his own collection. Major sales took place in drawings , and after his death in The presence of a box of pastels in this sale suggests that he may have used them. Huquier fils: Paris, Basan, Hurtrelle le jeune was an amateur draughstman and engraver, and the subject of a pastel by Lundberg. Dictionary , essay. They lived in London at the time of their marriage in , returning to New York in He initially collected illuminated manuscripts, but after selling these in he turned to pictures.

A large collection of marine paintings was donated to the National Maritime Museum in A group of English watercolours, left to Luke Hermann, was donated in to various British museums. Among more than pictures was an extensive collection of English pastels, some of which are now in the Huntington Library, the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Government art collection. He lived at Great Pednor Manor, Buckinghamshire. Pastels by Frye and Hamilton were included in the bequest which is now in Kenwood House v.

He inherited a large fortune from his father in , and soon after moved to Paris, where his banking business prospered with support from Cardinal Mazarin. His art collection expanded rapidly, with major purchases at the Charles I and Arundel sales. In that case, a highly visible banner will appear on the first page of the site to request your consent to install these cookies.

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