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Soon hundreds of callers flooded his switchboard, convinced that they too were being stalked by shadow people. Hollis was promptly enshrined as a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM and the term "shadow people" was firmly lodged in the pantheon of pop culture batshit. Other opportunistic scammers authors quickly jumped on the bandwagon to add their own "knowledge" to Hollis's, er, "discovery".

Shadow people, they said, were actually naughty extraterrestrial entities such as reptilian lizards and grey aliens that could choke or suffocate sleepers, and one especially fashionable example called "the Hat Man" rather enjoyed dressing like Zorro with a three piece suit under his cape. Others claimed that shadow people were time travelers , visitors from other dimensions, astral travelers, or just plain old demons. Hollis wrote in her book The Secret War that shadow people were evil spirits engaged in a battle with God , and only through prayer could one avoid their attentions.

Not surprisingly, her follow-up book was entitled Jesus is No Joke. Shadow people, say believers, are endowed with the magical ability to disappear before someone can get a good look at them Being shadows, or even just blobs of darkness, it's not hard to imagine that many cases are hallucinations or simple cases of apophenia.

Many reports claim that these creatures are seen "out of the corner of one's eye", or peripheral vision. Are shadow people connected to the hat man? Thanks in advance. However, I urge you to speak, in person, with someone who works in a mainstream, spiritual field, as soon as you can.

The interrupted sleep is also a concern. For that, as well as the sleep paralysis and the out-of-body experiences, you may want to talk with a doctor. Either way, those are usually one-off encounters. Take this very seriously and talk with a minister or priest about the spiritual possibilities and solutions. I think I saw a shadow person out of the corner of my eye while I was watching anime hours ago.

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It looked like it was just coming around the corner. My head snapped towards it immediately to look at it and as soon as I did, it was just gone without a trace, and it was completely silent, unlike other people report on here, saying they heard wispers coming from it.

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So, not thinking anything of it and assuming it was my imagination, I just return to my anime. I havent seen the thing since. So when I was 7 I had this nightmare, in the last part before I woke up there was nothing like it was all black and then I turned around and saw a grim reaper. My nightmare later predicted my late uncles death in and I just found out in Many people — who, as adults, get involved in ghost hunting — have stories similar to yours.

It can be very reassuring to find evidence supporting what they thought they experienced. But, if the grim reaper you saw is still appearing, or if anything you see makes you feel afraid, please speak with an adult about this, immediately. A minister is usually a good resource, but a sympathetic teacher can be helpful, too. I had an experience tonight Which is how I found this page Recently some wired stuff has been happening in my house.

It eventually lead to a scary voice saying help me to my naked ear…. For a while I had been scared since.. Then tonight… While doing some menial tasks.. I saw him.. I could tell he had a hat on … And he walked with a stride only slightly faster then mine.. I was walking through the dining room to a well light kitchen… The only light off was the dining room which I was in… But he was walking in the light..

Rachel, if you keep seeing him, keep a diary. There are lots of variables. About days ago I summoned Clauneck Demon of Wealth and after sometime of meditation by candle light I noticed a shadow to the left of me. I remembered the shadows outline perfectly and even drew it. It did not speak to me and I did not want to frighten it, so I dared not to take a photo of it.

I didnt feel a negative energy coming from it, but I did feel a little uneasy because of the shape of the shadow. The shape was something similar to how headstones are portrayed in cartoons.

The Shadow People

I tried recreating the shape many times using the same conditions and nothing. My son, who is 10 now, has been seeing shadow people for quite sometime. At first they scared him, but now he says he just ignores them. He says that they go as fast as he sees them. Any advice? That could open another door of access to him, and — if the entities are angry or malicious — put him at risk.

In addition, his first reaction was to be frightened of them. I just avoid communicating with spirits that are outside the mainstream of ghosts we usually deal with. And, I especially discourage children from communicating with them, unless an adult is present and that adult is experienced in paranormal research that includes darker entities. Ok so I have seen a shadow person in my house many times and a couple nights ago I was laying in bed and all the sudden next to my bedroom door a shadow person apeared it was a full body just standing there and it got closer to me untill iy was right beside me.

But the weird thing is I had no fear of it. I was just there I guess. After it got super close to me I ended up blacking out and just woke up in the morning trying to make sense of wtf just happened. A couple of weeks ago -when i was kind of sick- i kept waking up in the middle of the the night multiple times. So the same happened, i woke up at something like or , i cant quite remember and felt the presence of something. I sort of heard whispers, but then instantly fell asleep again.

It happened multiple times that week. Yesterday was a normal day, i tried to sleep but kept feeling something behind me. So i tried not to look, and felt something coming closer to me. I could clearly hear footsteps. But when i turn around, nothing. Any advice on how to deal with it? Sorry for my bad english, i am german. Half a cup is enough. The footsteps are odd. It could be simple residual energy. I have no idea why salt repels spirits, but it seems to. That would include the sound of the footsteps, and possibly anything said by whatever-it-is. It used to just be a shadow but I had arms now and I see it much more often.

I honeslty think it might. That is, they stay at one site. It might even be someone who once lived in the home where you work. What interests me most are the arms. Arms, but no torso…? Just put it in a pocket and forget about it. That may be enough to make whatever-it-is leave you alone.

If this continues, I recommend talking with a mainstream spiritual counsellor — a minister or priest — for advice. Something like this is best dealt with locally, and by someone experienced in local spiritual matters. If any ministers make regular calls to the home where you work, he or she might be a very good person to talk with. Also more at night movement but shadowy. I do feel protected. But all the same slightly unnerving. I saw a black shadow of a man combined with a bad feeling sure I heard a laugh. That was difference very nasty unlike the shadowy mass or the movement I see now.

Despite that, it may be wise to speak with a minister about this. Explain everything to the minister, and see what he or she recommends. Ethan, it sounds like you encountered two entities. One was the shadow person. However, some spirits can cleverly deceive people.

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Okay so this might sound weird but me as a 17 year old I saw a shadow person or shadow demon. It was the middle of the night and I suddenly wake up to the sound of footsteps in my own house. I quickly grab a nerf gun but the minute I turn, it was gone? That was a brilliant reaction.

I wish the figure had remained there long enough for you to see if the Nerf gun made an impact, went right through the figure, or what. Be not afraid of the shadow people, they are harmless. They have been coming to me most nights since September When I first noticed them I was scared, I thought they were robbers but I soon realised they meant me no harm. Now they come and sit on my bed. The amazing thing is the shadows are featureless yet you can tell male from female.

Am I dreaming, probably, but they seem real to me. I had many strange things going on in my home, in in the middle of the night I woke up sleeping on the couch heard a bunch of people talking, then how more I became conscious there whispered then all stopped, so I thought ok leave me alone and went straight back to sleep only then face came into my face so fast I thought what on earth and jumped up, shouted go away leave me alone and it was quiet but my cupboard door went open but I was too tired to get up to close it I prayed and fall to sleep next morning, of course, try to figure out what all about and thought being stressed out my mind plays games with me, so next night nothing other that I left my TV on for my comfort only than half awake I saw strange speaking program some sort of crawl noises ok I thought I check in the morning to see what it was maybe wild dogs of some sort but nope I could find nothing with program which could be shown of what I saw ,.

Some of this sounds like classic poltergeist activity. Other things could be more dangerous, but start by treating this as poltergeist activity. First, do your best to forget about the woman who asked you to teach her witchcraft. Next, go to your church and have a heart-to-heart talk with your priest or minister.

Make it clear that blessing your home made things worse.

See a Problem?

Michelle is a trusted, personal friend, and her book will give you lots of powerful ways to deal with spiritual threats. Read her book. Choose one of her protection techniques that fits your spirituality. Michelle covers a variety of spiritual approaches. Some will fit your beliefs. I believe that poltergeists are more likely to torment people whose lives are in turmoil. Set up a regular schedule to meet with those who can help you, so your connection to emotional, mental, and spiritual support is steady. If everything remains calm and even in your life, then whatever is causing this… it should go away, gradually.

Frankly, poltergeists love turmoil. And sometimes, you need a team of supporters to help you keep everything as calm as possible, from day to day. You two may need to rule out a few things, first, before a plan can be set in place. Have patience. The Internet is not the place to find the answers you seek.

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  • I came home from work mid afternoon and was the first person home. I opened the back door to let the dogs in. They excitedly ran half way up the back steps then stopped and turned around looking at something. I attempted to follow what their eyes were tracking as the both let out the weirdest growl I have ever heard them make. At first I could t see what they were looking at but then I saw this shadowy distortion vaguely humanoid in shape. At that point it stopped moving across the yard and began rushing towards me.

    It filled me with fear and dread. I was acutely aware this thing was pure evil. I then became aware of something in the house behind me. Before I could react that something passed through my body, down the stairs and chased the shadow being away. Having the entity pass through me drained every ounce of energy from me and feeling was like I had been covered head to toe in cold honey, my muscles were frozen with feeling gradually returning after almost a minute.

    I never want to experience a shadow being again. Stuart, that sounds like a very unsettling experience. Not just the shadow being, but whatever passed through you… which may have been something else altogether. I think you were the innocent bystander caught in the middle. I have always seen shadow people sense I was young. I saw one run to a tree across the street when I came home from dance, I see shadow people need the closest near the door where the lights are always off, I here wispers, footsteps and sounds around my house and so on but one day one chased me up the stairs of my house from the basement.

    He reached his arm out like he was trying to touch my back. When I got up the stairs I closed the door locked it and screamed but no one was home to help me calm down. When my parents came home they told me it was nothing and I am imagining things.

    The Cherokee Indians reported shadow people through out their history. In Cherokee Folklore the " Raven Mocker " was supposed to be a creature described almost exactly like shadow people. The Cherokee legend said it was the spirit of a dead Cherokee witch and it came back from the other world to prey on the living.

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    No one is certain just what they are. Some believe they are disembodied spirits of people who refused to move on to the next spiritual plane, possibly even a demon. Others think they may be people who are near-death, having an OBE or perhaps even from another dimension. But as some have been seen with hats or hoods some theorize they may be people who are in a time slip. They appear just outside one's peripheral vision. If a flashlight is shined upon them, the light will not pass through them.

    It's even been suggested by the Manchester Paranormal Investigations that they may in fact absorb the light. But they will sometimes flee if you do this.