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And Jaleel White plays a lady loving deacon who can barely keep it in his pants. Or even explain why Dante has such a nice car, but apparently is still living at home with his folks. Director Trey Haley sets his cast up with some random scenes and questionable editing. Seconds after a family prayer, T. Defining traits of characters get wiped away to get to the grand finale. The soundtrack is also spotty with seemingly the most randomly cobbled together collection of songs regardless if they fit the moment.

Even if it seems like the movie is going in one direction, they throw in a ton of surprises. They rarely make sense and further raise questions on the merit of investing time in watching it. Haley and Weber are already working on a sequel, The Choir Director, slated for next year.

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Very cool overall experience. Highly recommend this restaurant. Great setting and food was excellent.

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Drinks are also fun and tasty- would highly recommend. We celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary here and enjoyed it thoroughly! We will definitely be back! Preacher's Son's food was excellent. The smoke cashew butter was a transcendent experience! Everything was fresh and cooked perfectly. We'd be back often if we lived in Bentonville. High hopes but underwhelmed.

The Preacher's Son by Carl Weber

They were out of several entree options. If you make a reservation, ask to be seated away from the hostess stand and kitchen. Killer food. Killer service. Rooftop bar was nice and the 2 frozen adult beverages we had were tasty. We did not make it to the downstairs bar, but I bet it wouldn't disappoint either. The food was outstanding, especially the appetizers. The service was impeccable and the atmosphere was lovely.

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We loved the outside as it was quieter to visit. Live the windows the undercroft and the ambience. Our waiter was amazing as was the food. Outstanding service and food.

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The noise level is loud and not easy to have conversations. The food was outstanding. The noise level was too loud for a normal conversation. I travel to the coasts often and this was one of the finest dining experiences that I have ever had. Delicious food in a beautifully renovated former church. Very friendly service. Food and service were amazing. The restaurant and bar settings were top notch. The restaurant design was exceptional.

Highly recommend. The space is amazing, the staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about food.

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The actual dishes, however, left a lot to be desired. My spouse ordered the salmon, which was overdone and lacked flavor. For an appetizer we shared the chickpea panisse, which I had high expectations for. However, it was very bland, and fried which I was not expecting from the description on the menu.

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I had high expectations going into our meal, and was overall left feeling sorely underwhelmed. This is our favorite restaurant in all of NWA. My wife and I love it so much. The service is amazing. The food is phenomenal. The drinks are delicious. And you can go upstairs or downstairs after for a nightcap.

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It's the best place to eat! Always great food and service! We love it there. Sat at a great table. Party of four and everyone enjoyed their meal.

Service was fine. Noise level is very high but the building is beautiful and we enjoyed our visit. We made our third visit to Preachers Son on a Wednesday after attending an exhibition at Crystal Bridges. The restaurant stays busy every night of the week but was fortunately able to take. Side seating allowed us to sit close enough to the neighboring table to share some fun chatting while still giving privacy for more intimate conversations. The menu at Preachers Son is somewhat small but quite varied, providing gluten free and vegetarian options.

The tomato burrata starter special was wonderful with farm ripened tomatoes. I had the salmon as a main course and it was well prepared with perfectly crisped skin. My husbands NY Strip was a tasty medium rare and served with oven-crisped fingerling potatoes. He's still got the best contacts book in the business, of course, and the likes of Missy Elliott, Carlos Santana and Redman all pop up here in an attempt to help him get his mojo working again.

The sad truth is, however, that cloyingly sentimental songs about life in the ghetto no longer carry much conviction from a multi-millionaire party animal who recently had a shark infested aquarium installed into his custom-built limousine. Just like his former co-star Lauryn Hill, Jean appears to have lost all touch with reality - and it shows in this embarrassing ragbag of ersatz reggae and half-hearted hip-hop. Best - and easily - forgotten.