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Recommended for tourists who arrive at Hakodate Airport and New Chitose Airport by airplane and travel inside these areas. Prayer spaces, especially for tourists and business travelers from Islamic countries, are available. A direction mark indicating north, south, east and west is posted on the ceiling. Anyone can use this Prayer Room for spiritual activities including worship. Prayer mats are prepared in the space partitioned by gender, and the direction of Mecca is shown on the wall. Facilites are also available to wash hands and feet before worship.

Open on Saturdays and Sundays except for on national holidays from to Free of charge. If you need help for getting tourist information on Hakodate, feel free to contact us either before you come visit Hakodate or even after you are already here in Hakodate! Heavy traffic congestions are expected in the summer tourist season around the Bay Area centering on Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse. Refer to this map if you travel by car. It is a parking lot information map from Hakodate station to Motomachi-centered sightseeing area.

You can easily find parking lots and number of car spaces along with main landmarks Valid until the end of September Hakodate with its harbors, slopes, churches, Western-style buildings and its spectacular night view, abounds with a romantic atmosphere, making it one of the best places to visit with your loved one.

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We would like to introduce to you some recommended walking courses and hot spots so that the two of you can make some unforgettable times together. Useful tips for vegetarians when staying in Hakodate, are compiled here. A free guide in foreign languages was completed. It compiles information about the history and culture of Hakodate as well as sightseeing spots into a page full-color A5 booklet. This was created for overseas guests, based on the Japanese edition that was top-ranked in the popular pamphlet ranking of national cities, towns and villages.

It has a lot of vivid photos of Hakodate's attractions. You can obtain a copy of this pamphlet at information centers in Hakodate. You can also read it on the Internet. If you have information about the local public transportation, you will feel confident about traveling by yourself. Here is a guide map in English with concisely compiled information about transportation in the Hakodate area. It contains information about Hakodate's urban area.

This includes the tram and bus routes running through Hakodate's city center, fares, timetables, and how to use them. It also gives you information about economical free passes. You can obtain the map at tourist information centers as well as download it as a PDF. There are some courses that make staying in Hakodate more enjoyable. There are two ways: to book a desirable program as a single item, or to order an item together with a train pass, JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass.

There are lots of exciting wintery activities to in Hakodate. Hakodate Christmas Fantasy is a popular event celebrating its 20th anniversary in Held annually from December 1st until the 25th, the event attracts many tourists to Hakodate. The highlight of this festival is the huge Christmas tree installed on a raft in the harbor. It is lit up everyday at the 6pm light-up ceremony. The lights turn red, green, blue, and white, in a cycle and the tree is lit up until midnight until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, and from December 22nd to the 25th.

Fireworks are set off at the light-up ceremony to liven-up the atmosphere of the event. It is a fun experience to drink hot soup while watching the Christmas tree in the severe cold of the outdoors. During this event, trees along nearby streets, churches and historic buildings are decorated with illuminations. Walking along the illuminated streets will make you feel romantic.

Come to Hakodate in winter!! The service sends out an image of present Japan and Asia to the world. Did you know that there is a program featuring Mother Nature of Hokkaido as well as tourist information called "Wild Hokkaido! An eighteen minute-long program, Wild Hokkaido! Hakodate , broadcast in April, is available on the Internet.

In this episode, host Charlotte Kate Fox, an American actress popular in Japan, introduces a lot about the mountain's nature abundant in plants and birds.

Focus | Travel Hakodate

She also experiences "Dosanko trekking" on horseback in the forest on a highland where Mt Hakodate is seen afar. Dosanko is a kind of horse indigenous to Hokkaido. They are calm in nature. Click here to see the video. A video packed with Hakodate's attractive features has been completed. Lots of popular tourist attractions are introduced in this video with impressive images shot with a drone. In addition, the video shows you different ways to enjoy Hakodate in each season, such as cherry blossom viewing in Spring, outdoor events in Summer, changing colors of the leaves in Autumn, and a snow scene in Winter.

Checking this video will enable you to build up an image of your travel to Hakodate. Come to Hakodate and have a wonderful experience. It is convenient to take the Hakodate Liner, a JR access train, to go sightseeing in Hakodate's city center. Rapid and local trains operate a total of 13 shuttle services a day. Their operation is in line with the departure and arrival of the Shinkansen trains. The fare is yen. For more information, visit Tourist Information Center in a train station building.

Follow the steps for using the service on the spot on your smart phone or tablet to access Wi-Fi. See leaflets for the areas and instructions on how to connect to the Wi-Fi. You can travel comfortably from Tokyo to Hakodate by the Shinkansen. From the Shinkansen Station, it takes 15 to 20 minutes to get to Hakodate Station by the new access train Hakodate Liner. It is a free pass that can be used from Tokyo through the Tohoku area and Hakodate to Sapporo. It is valid for any 6 days of your choice during the day period from the date the pass is issued. It costs 27, yen if purchased in Japan, while 26, yen if purchased outside of Japan.

Hakodate has a tram network. Hakodate Ropeway. A tram fare is typically between to yen for adults. You pay it when you get off. At yen, the One-Day Pass is worthwhile if you plan on taking three or more trips in a day. One-Day Passes are sold at some hotels and at the information center at Hakodate Station. You can also buy them from the driver before you alight.

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The pass comes with an illustrated route map with some English descriptions. Begin your sightseeing by going to Mt. You can get there by cable car, bus, taxi, rental car, or on foot. Here are some tips about the means.

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The cable car is the most popular method. It runs every 5 to 15 minutes from 10 a. It is closed for a few weeks in late fall for maintenance - check the schedule if you visit then. An operation may be restricted or cancelled due to strong winds. Click here for the operation. There is a well-maintained road to the top of Mt. Private cars including rental cars are not permitted from 5 p. It is closed during winter due to icy road. If the weather is good and you are feeling a little adventurous in the daytime, you can walk. A well-maintained path will lead you to the observatory through rich wildlife in about an hour.

Click here for the map. Japan Fares are discounted fares available to all foreign travelers who fly to Japan. They can purchase domestic flights for only 10, yen including consumption tax per section. For example, after spending time sightseeing in Tokyo, you can fly to Hakodate for only 10, yen. Hakodate is a popular place for wedding photography, especially among couples from other Asian countries who visit the city before their weddings.

Your beautiful photos, taken by a professional photographer, can be given to you in an album or saved on a DVD. If you must go over a holiday, experts recommend flying on the holiday itself to get the cheapest fare. Aim to Fly on Weekdays Weekend travel to and from Hawaii is in highest demand and therefore more expensive. If you can travel weekday to weekday, you tend to get lower fares and the flight may not be as full. They have looked at the seasonality of booking to give you more detailed booking window recommendations.

An exception: shopping for busy holiday times Thanksgiving, Christmas ; due to current price hikes and ever-increasing fuel surcharges, you may want to purchase these tickets earlier than usual, to lock in the price. Hopper is a free app that monitors and predicts airfare for your particular route. Aim to make that purchase as quickly as possible as it could be gone the next day or even the next hour.

I still remember a brief fare war a couple of years ago. Beware of Sneaky Snake Advertising When you see exceptionally low airfare, be sure to read the fine print before you get excited. Andy and I will often choose a slightly more expensive fare because it offers less stops, shorter overall travel time and a more desirable seating option.

We much prefer to cut out the Los Angeles stop, fly in the larger planes, and save time. So, spend a little time educating yourself on the shortest routes and aircraft sizes to suit your preference. See our new article that explains in more detail why the cheapest flights to Hawaii may not be best. That article also describes what to look for in choosing a flight and how to make a good decision. I wish you the best of luck in finding the lowest cost airfare to Hawaii! Sheila Beal is the founder and editor of Go Visit Hawaii.

Now thousands of Go Visit Hawaii readers will be on the same planes as us! Excellent advice, Sheila. Only we gamble on the hope that airfares will go lower in a few weeks. Receiving the superior food choices sushi, edamame, etc. Looks awesome. I have never been to Hawaii but hear people rave about it all the time. Trouble is the Caribbean keeps calling me.

Cheers to islands everywhere! How far in advance do you recommend buying flights for early-mid July ? If flights are selling out already, then it might be time to make your purchase. I wish I had a crystal ball to better answer your question, but using the strategies above is as close as we can get. Best of luck with your decision.

And no, not going July 4th, but rather for the TransPac later in the month. I think Kayak is a great tool. I even use it to book outer-island hotel, airfare, and car packages. Last Christmas, at the annual party, she won two tickets on Delta coach , anywhere they fly. Guess what her destination was? Very informative! I will certainly be consulting your wonderful guides here until departure. One more thing: I have a couple of friends in Georgia who are natives, and I have been in touch with them!

Great advice and tips from them as well! We are saving for the interisland flight between Honolulu and Kona. I am checking the various carriers for rates. And given that she has the better advantage of being an IATA travel agent, she might even get us a better deal. And, just for jollies…I am a part-time DJ. I like to put together destination-related music, on CD and, if our rental happens to have such, on mp3. We will be there for a full week, but I do not want to overplan.

We want to fly out on July 14th but want to wait a week or two to book. Is it pretty likely fares will increase??? Consider your booking window per this bit we shared above in the article:. Roger — our best advice is to follow the strategies in this article. Airfare really is unpredictable, but just from our observations, we typically see some of the best fares from PHX to HNL offered in the late fall for winter travel.

That being said, sales, can pop up at any time. I believe you can also sign up for free fare alerts from them as well. Hi, thank you for the good advice on booking tickets, my problem is deciding on which island to take my family to. Not sure what all I need to consider to make a decision. What would you suggest for a family with 3 teenagers?

I want to make sure everyone gets something positive out of this vacation. Thanks for any suggestions! Also is allegiant air a good company to fly from?

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My only caution is that flights immediately around Memorial Day may sell out quickly, so you should set up alerts and check fares for the dates you want to fly about once every week or two weeks from about January onwards. Going to Kona the middle of June. When would be the best time to book flights. I have points through American Airlines and was wanting to use those if possible.

If you are using frequent flier miles always look into using those ASAP. Airlines only allocate a small number of seats that can be purchased with miles. Heading to the big island in October for a wedding. When do you recommend I buy tickets…or at least really start my search for tickets? Did not include Alaskan because shortest flight would be 23hrs. Or could it possibly be our location? You do not find anything out until 30 days before the trip at which point the air fare is non-refundable. Or book our own airfare and possibly wait and see if fares go down. We are unfortunately locked into those dates due to our work schedules.

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  4. Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. If you have the flexibility, check the cost of flights if you fly in a day or two earlier to see if you can get better fares that make it worth your time. My husband did talk to a friend that has been traveling from New Orleans to Hawaii for the last 20 years, January is their favorite time to go.

    He said that these last few years they have been paying the full maximum price. In years past they have gotten deals but not the last few years. Not sure if that info might help someone else. I thought we might be able to do that one but every major airline carrier would not be able to get us there in time to make that flight.

    Hello Sheila, We are looking to fly to Honolulu on the last week of July 28 Any idea when would be the best time to buy Airfare tickets.