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Leden van Vereniging Dorpsbelang ontvangen twee keer per maand de Dorpsbode. Als lid steunt u daarnaast activiteiten op Schiermonnikoog, zoals de intocht van Sinterklaas. Voor vragen, neemt u contact op via de mail. Like ons op Facebook! Eilanders die iedereen kent, maar de verhalen achter de eilander wat minder. Gepensioneerd Lees dit verhaal. Op vrijdag 25 januari is de ALV geweest.

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Alle jaarverslagen, de jaarrekening en begroting worden goedgekeurd. Joke Eijer en Jackeline Schuthof worden als bestuurslid herkozen en Marieke Kremer wordt als 7e bestuurslid gekozen. Uitgebreid verslag kunt u teruglezen in onze Dorpsbode. De Algemene Leden Vergadering is weer geweest. Jaarverslagen kwamen voorbij, de jaarrekening werd gepresenteerd en er waren wijzigingen in het bestuur. Joke Eijer is de nieuwe voorzitster geworden. Tevens werd een voorstel tot contributieverhoging gedaan en akkoord verklaard.

Na de pauze was er een heuse bierproeverij van brouwerij BaxBier uit Groningen, erg geslaagd! Ebooks and Manuals

Vereniging Dorspbelang Voor info over lidmaatschap of vragen over de vereniging. Kerkelaantje 2 NB Schiermonnikoog info dorpsbelangschiermonnikoog. Toggle navigation. Word lid, en help ons! Wanneer is er wat te doen 23 november — Intocht Sinterklaas Sinterklaas heeft het bestuur van Vereniging Dorpsbelang laten weten, dat hij op zaterdag 23 november naar Schiermonnikoog komt. What She Eats Now: McGee went from skipping meals and snacking throughout the day to sticking to set meal times.

While she quit smoking after getting pregnant with her first child in , she kept her unhealthy eating habits until she began having health problems after having her third child.

She joined Weight Watchers and dropped from lbs. What She Eats Now: Roy eats six small meals a day and still allows herself the occasional fast food burger — but will only eat half. Her Workouts Now: She stays motivated to stay in shape by competing in bodybuilding competitions. Jenkins, 22, says that overeating was just part of her daily routine. But when she got to college, everything changed. She started her weight loss journey on New Years' Day What She Eats Now: Jenkins loads up on protein for breakfast by eating either oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter or a protein shake, and sticks to lean proteins and small amounts of carbs like sweet potatoes and rice.

Her Workouts Now: She does an hour of cardio a day plus strength training three days a week. The single mom had reached a high weight of lbs. I have the most horrible memories because I was associated with all that weight I was carrying. After giving birth, she decided to get healthy for herself and her baby. Her Workouts Now: Washington uses strength training to tone her body. The superstore employee from Suffolk, England, 30, had reached a high weight of lbs. At lbs. Then she read a book called The China Study about the merits of a plant-based diet, and cut dairy and processed meat out of her diet.

In a year she lost the majority of her weight through changes to her eating habits alone. What She Eats Now: Goodenough sticks to a vegan diet. In , husband and wife Nathan, 45, and Brenda Bennett both found themselves struggling with their weight even though they led active lifestyles. The Bennetts cut out sugar and processed foods from their family meals, and began using My Fitness Pal to track their calories and exercise. What They Eat Now: The couple focuses on clean eating and portion control.

Their Workouts Now: They both aim to work out six days a week, and turn their fitness sessions into a "friendly competition," says Brenda Their Best Weight Loss Tip: Find an accountability partner. The Delaware-based paralegal had reached lbs. What She Eats Now: Battle sticks to eating mostly vegetables, fruits and protein, and counts the amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates she eats every day.

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For me, I knew that jumping right into eating only vegetables, fruit and lean proteins wasn't going to work. When Mullins, 38, moved back to her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, the dog groomer quickly gained lbs. At 34, Mullins was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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She joined Weight Watchers to take control of her health. Her Workouts Now: She takes kickboxing classes and has run a marathon. It keeps me accountable. The British Columbia-based stay-at-home mom, 41, admits that she "stopped caring" about her body after having her first baby at age After having her second child, Faith weighed lbs. However, she took things too far and developed anorexia and bulimia. In , she started bodybuilding, which she credits with finally getting her health on track.

Her Workouts Now: She works out six days a week for an hour each time. I run backwards and do side shuffles at an incline. It really tones hamstrings and glutes. The insurance saleswoman, 25, shot up to lbs. In January , she booked a trip to Jamaica and decided she wanted to lose weight so she wouldn't be self-conscious about how she looked in a bathing suit. They gave me a calorie target, and I followed it. I literally had to reteach myself to cook. Her Workouts Now: Grafton works out every day doing a mix of cardio and weights. Her favorite piece of exercise equipment is the StairMaster.

If you usually slip on the weekend, commit to a Monday morning workout. The Windsor, Ontario-based student, 16, used to eat pizza for breakfast and drink as many as 15 cans of soda a day, reaching a high weight of lbs. When her father had gastric bypass surgery, she changed her diet and began eating the small meals he was consuming. She also used Instagram to find weight loss tips. What She Eats Now: Walker tracks her proteins, fats and carbs — and still drinks diet soda to curb cravings. Her Workouts Now: The teen uses strength training to stay toned.

I learned proper exercise just from asking people in the gym and on social media. The professional photographer, 29 — who weighed lbs. Her prep involved 5 a. The mom-of-four, 39, fell into unhealthy eating habits after having kids. On nights she has a sitter, McDonald hits the gym, and on other nights she does workouts at home once her kids are asleep. Thanks to running and a vegan diet, Tim Kaufman has gotten a grip on his health and even weaned himself off an addiction to painkillers. Once weighing over lbs.

The military officer, 29, took up bodybuilding to be an inspiration to her troops. I just felt like a hypocrite and a fake. She started working out three times a day and saw real changes in her body for the first time. The Los Angeles-based student, 22, reached lbs. The self-proclaimed "emotional eater" ate fast food for almost every meal, and was teased throughout school. So she decided to try Jenny Craig to finally make a lasting change.

Her Workouts Now: She works out six days a week, and does running for her cardio. I love Jenny Craig because I don't have to think about what to cook. Experiment and find what works for you. Cockrell, 30, had struggled with her weight since high school and "used food as an emotional pick-me-up" through the years as she dealt with her parents' divorce and problems with her own marriage. When Cockrell reached lbs. Raymond, 49, had lost lbs. The Allentown, Pennsylvania-based real estate agent realized that her yo-yo dieting was not only negatively affecting her self-esteem, but also her health.

In , she started feeling sick all the time — she had constant headaches, trouble sleeping and pain in her knees. Her doctor told her all her problems were weight-related. Raymond — who weighed lbs. Jordan, 34, hit her low point when she was kicked off a Disneyland ride after being unable to buckle the seatbelt. Anguh's fast food habits lead her to reach lbs. After being dateless at prom, Anguh decided to start working out, and hit the gym every day.

She also began cooking her own meals rather than binging on fast food. After 16 months of hard work, Anguh hit her goal weight of lbs.

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  6. Growing up in war-torn Kosovo , Halimi, now 27, often didn't know when her next meal would be. When the war ended, Halimi overcompensated by eating whole pizzas and entire jars of Nutella. The singer reached lbs. When a woman on the bus mistook Halimi for a pregnant person, she decided she needed to lose weight. The former American Idol contest learned how to get healthy by Googling weight loss tips and found healthy cooking tutorials on YouTube.

    O'Reilly, 21, started putting on weight when she got her driver license at 16 and began frequenting fast food restaurants, getting up to lbs. After hitting a low point during her sophomore year of college when a friend refused to be seen sitting next to her in class, O'Reilly decided to try Nutrisystem.

    Her new diet coupled with exercise helped her drop lbs.

    The IsaBody Challenge™

    Osuna is proof that physical transformations don't always correlate with the number on the scale. She also practices intermittent fasting, which means she does not eat from 7 p. The professional chef hit lbs. Lachowicz now works out six days a week and sticks to 1, to 1, calories per day. Now, Lacy is training for marathons. When Carter Martinez hit her highest weight of lbs. In order to be eligible for knee replacement surgery to help alleviate her arthritis pain, the Oakland, California-based labor union employee was told she needed to lose 50 lbs. Eventually, she began following a paleo diet, and progressed from doing Richard Simmons videos in her garage to going to the gym daily.

    In May , Ginley joined U. Saddington, 34, dropped the weight with the Cambridge Weight Plan, which sets you up with a consultant who creates custom meal plans that include ready-made healthy meals. The U. I just booked to go with my sister for a week. I feel like that would be a great way to end my weight loss journey.

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    Powers, 24, was inspired to get healthy for her three children. Now she eats a lot of lean meats and vegetables, and works out three times a week. Pullen, 48, first put on weight due to medical complications stemming from her first pregnancy, but it wasn't until a boy at a local pool called her a hippopotamus in front of her whole family that she felt inspired to lose weight. Hug had reached a high weight of lbs.

    To lose weight and get healthy, Hug, now 34, began tracking her food intake and became more aware of how much sugar, fat and carbs she was consuming. But the biggest change in her lifestyle came from discovering her love of fitness. Now she does cardio five days a week and strength training two to three days a week, and even teaches fitness classes as a certified personal trainer. That made a huge difference.

    People Staff. Trump assails America's friends as he opens visit. Full screen. Robin Janes: Lost Lbs. Melody Perdue: Lost Lbs. Megan Rachow: Lost Lbs. Mike Bauler: Lost Lbs. Katia Powell: Lost Lbs. Sara Cloutier: Lost Lbs. Katie Bolden: Lost Lbs Between her severe anxiety, depression and her weight — lbs. Morgan Root: Lost Lbs. Jermaine Gause: Lost Lbs.

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    Samantha Call: Lost Lbs. Jason Cohen: Lost Lbs. Jessica Beniquez: Lost Lbs. Laura Hyman: Lost Lbs. Jovana Borojevic: Lost Lbs. Allie Ruby: Lost 98 Lbs. Naomi Teeter: Lost Lbs. Tara Kavanagh: Lost Lbs. Helen Costa-Giles: Lost 90 Lbs. Dustin LaJaunie: Lost Lbs. Marie Byrne: Lost 70 Lbs. Brittany Greenslit: Lost Lbs. Alicia Steele: Dropped from Size 10 to 2 The longtime on-air host gained weight when she went through menopause. Megan McGee: Lost 70 Lbs. Rebin Roy: Lost Lbs. Hannah Jenkins: Lost Lbs.

    Tanisha Washington: Lost Lbs. Hollie Barrett: Lost Lbs. Sarah Goodenough: Lost Lbs. Jessica Battle: Lost Lbs. Karyl Mullins: Lost Lbs. Gillian Faith: Lost Lbs. Rebecca Grafton: Lost Lbs.