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How to Organize: I Might Need This Someday

In my drawer. Getting caught on my desk every time I open or close the drawer. So why do I really keep it? And by keeping these recipes, I can tell myself that I am doing great things for my health without actually making the smoothies or meals. Ask yourself this question: If I got rid of something I might need someday, and that day came, and I did, in fact, need it, what would I do?

How would I handle that situation? A handy tip I use is to pay attention to my behavior when deciding what to keep. Let the tools or items you own be driven by your behavior and not the other way around. Like my recipe folder.

My behavior is to go online, so why keep the paper recipes? By keeping lots of things you think you might need, you often make life harder for yourself.

keep your heart around (you might need it someday)

Beyond frugality, there is another very common mental block that holds us back from decluttering. Keeping a positive growth mindset is important. Setting goals and actively taking steps to become a better person is awesome. Self-improvement and personal development are key to a productive and fulfilling life. Creating a life goals list and a vision board are incredibly powerful tools to change.

You may think you should be all things to all people because someone put those expectations on you parents, spouses, friends.

But I might need it someday!

Not realistic. Her house is spotless, real-food meals are cooked daily, and she never feels stressed or loses her temper. She scrapbooks, DIYs her own household products, perfectly balances work and family and adds a homemade touch to everything. So what does this have to do with decluttering help? Due to life circumstances, changing interests and an understanding of my skill set, scrapbooking has officially become a part of my ideal self. These items need to go because they are holding me back.

What forgotten hobbies and materials are cluttering up your home? Maybe you have a professional wardrobe, but no longer work outside the home. Perhaps you used to compete in a sport, but those days are far behind you.

Tips on Decluttering Your Home: Keeping Stuff for Someday is a Trap

Be brutally honest with yourself. Spend some time reflecting on who you are, and who are working to become. Be honest about what parts of your ideal self are truly illusions that are unlikely to have a place in your future. How do you crush the fear and uncertainty of someday?

You fight back with practicality. First, are you likely to use this item? Think about the last time you used it. When and why did you use it? Is this item essential to your life? Basically, if there is another item that could equally do the job of that item, do you need to keep multiple things when just one will do? Or your hairbrush or toothbrush. Piles of books or courses you bought years ago.

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Gardening materials. Empty containers. Drawers of office supplies. To help with this, ask yourself a second question.

Is this item replaceable? Is it a book you can find at the public library or on Amazon? It is a tool or product that you could easily borrow from a friend or family member? If an item is of high value or irreplaceable, think about how the item is serving you. Is it sentimental or a family heirloom?

Does it add value or beauty to your life? Keepsakes should be select items that have meaning and value to you. They should be the best of the best. Pick one or a few that are your most treasured and let go of the ones with less meaning. For sentimental family heirlooms, consider if there is another person in your life family or not who could appreciate that item more than you. Sometimes, letting go of an item means setting yourself free while you bless someone else.

These are tough questions. While making quick decisions is key to reducing overthinking, sometimes it warrants spending some time to really think through what value an item holds and whether it has a place in your life or not. Sentimental items especially require a great deal of heart-work to sort through why you are attached to that item and how you can best honor that value.

As you make decluttering decisions about someday items, acknowledge the emotions, but stay focused on moving toward action.

But I Might Need It Someday!

Regardless of what the item is, you have four choices:. But what about regret? I should have kept those cases—I need one now! Truth be told, I didn't actually make it all the way through this book. Too much obvious stuff. Of course I know I need to change the way I think about my stuff and my time and all the other things it suggests. But reading a book about it didn't help. It just made me feel worse. On a side note, the thing that has helped is hiring an organizer. And not just any organizer, but a very nonjudgmental organizer - one who seems not to care if I actually throw anything away or not.

Her presence, her hand Truth be told, I didn't actually make it all the way through this book. Her presence, her handing me things, her acknowledging everything I do sort and reorder and toss, is helping raise my self-esteem and giving me just enough spine to do things I haven't been able to do in awhile. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Patty Kreamer. Patty Kreamer. Books by Patty Kreamer. No trivia or quizzes yet.