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She and her family fled to Bangladesh where she has been treated by an independent humanitarian medical organizations. She underwent surgery to repair her femur. The site of the intervention is infected and she needs to travel from her shelter in Balukali camp to a nearby field hospital on a regular basis. She and her family appear to be losing hope and motivation in a true recovery. The pain from her infection prevents her from walking much, which she can only do on dry ground with crutches. Her brother or uncle carry her on the rare occasions she leaves the plastic shelter where sho now lives with her mother, brother and grandparents.

Khaleda gets her femur x-rayed at the Origin Hospital in the nearby town of Court Bazar. Traveling to the hospital is a problem for them. Khaleda's femur x-ray is studied by family members holding it against the sky outside their shelter. Kutupalong Rohingya refugees struggle through the mud during the first days of monsoon rain. The ridge seen in this photo was a road under construction. Much of the infrstructure of the camps is eroding as the rain hits. Deforestation to make space and firewood has left the sandy ground ground vulnerable in this way. Rohingya refugees struggle through the the first days of monsoon rain.

For some, the arrival of the monsoon is a blessed relief from the scorching heat. Rohingya refugees struggle through the mud during the first days of monsoon rain. I really like the story, its very involving. You really do feel for the characters. What can i say about this book? Another amazing Christopher Pike book.

The Ambassador: Season 2 Ep 1 - "The Road to Nowhere"

This book is suspensful and leaves you wanting more. Some stuff was predicatable but it was still so so so so so good!! Spoilers: I love how she was almost dead the whole book, and Free and Poppy where the characters from their story, Candy and John. I wished she did kill her ex and friend, but he did save her at the end. I also loved how she ends up meeting Candy's son when she is awake and alive at the hospital really cute, b What can i say about this book?

I also loved how she ends up meeting Candy's son when she is awake and alive at the hospital really cute, but i wished she remembered the time she spent with Poppy Candy and Free John This book was overall another terrific read by the one and only christopher pike!!! Mar 26, Karol rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , single-book , good , borrowed. This book was amazing. I think the events were entertaining, and the fact that something kept nagging at me from the back of my brain that something was off. This all unfolded quite interesting. I really like how the book was written, as it made me feel as I were in a trance, reading this book and clinging to every work.

Very few writers succeed in doing that to. The ending left me wanting a second book, but I still like how I could imagine the ending. It lets me fulfill my unrealistic dream tha This book was amazing. It lets me fulfill my unrealistic dream that there should be a happy ending. The book left me questioning something, as it was a little of a cliffhanger, but I'd just like keeping the ending I made with me.

Very good book. Oct 17, Mehreen rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. This is another of my guilty pleasures. The idea to just pack and leave was quite a charming escape. It seemed very appealing. This story is about Teresa who is running away from home because there is no one who she can go back to. On the road she meets two strangers and a journey unfolds that might just save her life later on. I loved the theme of this story: that life is worth fighting for. Life is worth living for. One of Christopher's best books.

Mar 06, Meconopsis Lingholm rated it really liked it. I'm re-reading this as part of my 90s nostalgia week. I am happy to report that I still rather enjoy this one whisper of death was my other fav which I dont much care for now cf my review earlier this week. Oct 21, Angie rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal , young-adult-fiction , spooky-ghost-story , nostalgia. October isn't complete without a nostalgic read by Christopher Pike!! Enjoyable but typical Pike book. Spooky with a moral twist. It isn't one I'd read before, and Won't be one of my favorites of his.

But definitely liked it. I still like to occasionally read his books that were so important to me in my early teens. Jun 16, Tahni rated it it was ok Shelves: revisiting-childhood. Back in the day this was one of my favorite Christopher Pike novels, so I reread it as part of my book-culling project, and while parts of it held up to what I remember, other parts fell flat and felt clumsy.

I agree with anothe reviewer who said that the primary saving grace of the story is the story-within-a-story of John and Candy. The story of the main character however? It left much to be desired, and by the end I found myself feeling very little sympathy for our protagonist, who comes across as a self-pitying, priveleged child incapable of understanding the difference between a bump in the road and true tragedy.

The story of John and Candy seemed to high light this further. I feel as though it could have been saved, however, if the end had been executed well. Unfortunately it mostly clunky and awkward and once again agreeing with another reviewer the sentimentality that was obviously aimed for fell miserably short. It ended up being more irritating than anything, and ultimately I felt as though the main character hadn't truly learned from anything that transpired. The author seems to pass her off as having done so, but it simply doesn't read as true.

And that makes the whole thing somewhat frustrating. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the story despite the main character's obnoxious self-centeredness right up until the end. The failure of those last five to ten pages put a huge damper on the whole thing for me. Usually Pike's tempting words whirl me up into a state of orgasmic reading bliss, but here the release didn't match the build up.

The traditional Pike strengths are here in their usual trimmings - strong characters, a bizarre and twisted story, a strange ending - but the pizazz existing in some of his other works is watered down. For one thing the pace wasn't as strong. It's not a slow book by a stretch, and there's a scene or two in there that's mystifying, but the road to nowhere left me on the Usually Pike's tempting words whirl me up into a state of orgasmic reading bliss, but here the release didn't match the build up.

It's not a slow book by a stretch, and there's a scene or two in there that's mystifying, but the road to nowhere left me on the road to drowsiness. The constant talking, thinking back, and thinking forward in bizarre terms made it harder to sympathize with the protagonist.

I liked her, but she's not especially admirable. Pike's writing style is always welcomed, celebrating every stories strength.

A Curious Encounter with a Philosopher from Nowhere

There can be no fault found there. A right amount of tension is present, keeping the pages turning, and it's hard to get away from the book, even if it's not perfect. The ending was as powerful as most of his other works, leaving on a good note for a change, if not a little dramatic. So, overall it's certainly worth a read, but it doesn't live up to the greats of his other stuff. Oct 19, Michaela Hayes rated it it was amazing.

I loved this book, it has such an amazing twist at the end! I have to give Christopher Pike props for writing young adult novels which are still fun to read at my advanced age. Shelves: considered-as-awesome , awesome. I like it. That was disturbing You know, when you think about it over and over and you can't get it out of your mind, and all the while you feel tingles and goosebumps running up and down on your arms?? That kind of feeling? Well, that's what I felt anyway.

I'm not really a fan of horror genres or paranormal stuff, because, frankly? I don't like getting scared shitless just for fu I like it. I don't like getting scared shitless just for fun. But this definitely caught me by surprise, and I'm starting to wonder if there are more books that have plots like this. Can anyone recommend me some? It's been, what? I can still remember the view spoiler [Time when the girl i forgot her name was driving in her car in the beginning and loved the feel of the cool, wet drops of rain and wind against her hot skin and the damp and was it mossy?

The part when she picked up two people; boy and girl, who told her a story that is actually about their past, and when they went to the convenient store on their way to somewhere north, was it? I still remember the ending, the boyfriend-cheated-me-for-my-bestfriend-so-I-committed-suicide and etc. Anyway, I love it and so should you. Totally recommend for those of low-tolerance when it comes to horrors, but loves a good amount of mystery and psychological mind stuff. Just don't read the spoilers I wrote lol Teresa decides to run away.

Classical music's divorce from God has been one of the great failures of our times

Shortly after hitting the highway, she picks up two hitchhikers: Freedom Jack, a charismatic dude in a Technicolor dreamcoat, and Poppy Corn, a bad-ass chainsmoker. As they drive, Free and Poppy tell the story of John and Candy, a happy high school couple whose relationship goes straight to hell - John helps Candy cheat, then John ends up expelled when he gets caught and punches a teacher. John ends up in juvie, while Candy ends up sleeping with her professor and has Teresa decides to run away.

John ends up in juvie, while Candy ends up sleeping with her professor and has a child and ends up on welfare. After life knocks them down and keeps them apart, they find each other again in a horrible moment of fate. As they travel to meet Free's psychic mother and Poppy's priest father, Teresa tells her own tale: of her perfect boyfriend Bill, who falls for her best friend Rene. But Teresa's story isn't the whole story I had to re-read this one when I read the description.

I mean, Freedom Jack and Poppy Corn??? I couldn't remember the ending, which clinched it. There are many details that came back to me as I read: when John lost his fingers in a hot dog machine, or the garment bag aka view spoiler [body bag hide spoiler ]. However, I think the main reason I forgot this story was because most of the story is a story within a story. The ending gets a bit preachy and I was already expecting the view spoiler [purgatory twist hide spoiler ] about halfway through, but it was an interesting ride har, har.

May 09, Jill rated it really liked it. Over the summer my mom and I hit a few garage sales. I was eager to find something that would possibly entice my 13 yr. So, back to the garage sale.

Road to Nowhere

It was a very large Church garage sale and, to my surprise, I found stacks and stacks of these books. I had a hard time finding them anyplace other than ebay so I grabbed a whole bunch. And as much as I wanted my nephew to try them, Over the summer my mom and I hit a few garage sales. And as much as I wanted my nephew to try them, he ended up not liking them so in between regular adult books I will ocassionally read one of these as a buffer, to absorb the last book.

They're cheesy, easy reading and just plain good fun. I had forgotten how much fun they were to read until I read this one. I'm not even sure that I read this one when I was younger, I didn't remember it at all and I liked the twist at the end of the book, too. All in all, good fun if you're looking for a little break from the day to day. Feb 19, Leah rated it really liked it.

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This book was really good. It was one of those book where you think you know what is going on and then all of a sudden you realize that you had it all wrong. It was definatly not a hard book to read either, I finished it in a half a day, so if you want something thats going to last you all the way from New York to California on a road-trip stuck in the car with your six brothers and sisters then I recomend you read this another time.

If you want something interesing and quick then this is the bo This book was really good. If you want something interesing and quick then this is the book for you. I always loved Christopher Pike's books when I was a kid, and I was so excited when I saw that my library suddenly had some on the shelves. It's been a long time since I've read one of these! I remembered this book only vaguely, so I had a great time re-reading it. The twist at the end was fantastic, and I remember most of his books having crazy endings like that.

I will be re-reading the other ones my library has soon. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Pike is a great writer.

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Not only did he write a story, he wrote two stories within that story! But not in an annoying in your face way. I had this story figured out pretty early on but it still kept my attention and I really enjoyed it. Aug 24, Amanda rated it really liked it.

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For about the first half, I was wondering where this book was going, if anywhere. But it has one of the coolest endings I ever remember reading in a Christopher Pike book, and that makes it well worth the fast read. I really enjoyed this book. As with most Christopher Pike books, the twist in the storyline is almost a definite must. I read this book back when I was a pre-teen but I can still remember the anger I felt when the storyline goes a certain way and the satisfaction of the ending. Well, this deserved 5 stars for me. This book was fucking fantastic on soo many levels.

I love the story within the story. I love the twist at the end. I saw some of it coming but the way Pike pulls the explanation together is way than I bargained for!