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Psychometric theory. Dunnette Ed. Chicago: Rand McNally. Christensen, P. Alternative uses. Cattell, R. The prediction of achievement and creativity. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill. Clark, P. Fluency as a pervasive element in the measurement of creativity.

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Journal of Educational Measurement , 7 , 83— Crocker, L. Introduction to classical and modern test theory. Cronbach, L. Coefficient alpha and the internal structure of tests. Psychometrika , 16 , — Test validation. Thomdike Ed. Validity on parole: How can we go straight? Schrader Ed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Construct validity. Psychological Bulletin , 52 , — Dellas, M.

Identification of creativity: The individual. Psychological Bulletin , 73 , 55— Ebel, R. Estimation of the reliability of ratings.


Essentials of educational measurement 3rd ed. Fiske, D. Construct invalidity comes from method effects. Educational and Psychological Measurement , 47 2 , — Getzels, J. Creativity and intelligence. New York: Wiley. Golann, S. Psychological study of creativity. Psychological Bulletin , 60 , — Gorsuch, R.

Factor analysis 2nd ed. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Gronlund, N. Measurement and evaluation in teaching 3rd ed. Guilford, J. Psychometric methods 2nd ed. Intellectual resources and their values as seen by scientists. Barron Eds. The nature of human intelligence. Intelligence , creativity , and their educational implications. Creativity: Retrospect and prospect. Journal of Creative Behavior , 4 , — Some misconceptions regarding measurement of creative talents. Journal of Creative Behavior , 5 , 77— Fundamental statistics in psychology and education 6th ed. The analysis of intelligence. Implications of the structure-of-intellect model for high school and college students.

Michael Ed. Gulliksen, H. Theory of mental tests. Harman, H. Modern factor analysis 3rd ed.

An Introduction to Psychological Assessment and Psychometrics

Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Harris, M. A factor analytic interpretation strategy. Educational and Psychological Measurement , 31 , — Hocevar, D. Ideational fluency as a confounding factor in the measurement of originality. Journal of Educational Psychology , 71 , — Measurement of creativity: Review and critique. Ahmadi, A. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 3 3 , Developing an Accredited Certification Program.

Developing an Online CAT. Multiple cutscore computerized classification testing with the generalized likelihood ratio test. Weiss, D. Assessment Systems Corporation Guyer, R. Journal of Methods and Measurement in the Social Sciences, 2 1 , Also available translated into Arabic here. Termination Criteria for Computerized Classification Testing. Schultz, Matthew T. October, Theta Stability as a Function of Items Attempted.

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Effect of theta estimation method and starting value on the recovery of theta. Exporting Test Data from Spreadsheets. Why use an item banker? Finkelman, M. Item Selection in Computerized Classification Testing. Innovative item types require innovative analysis.

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Utilizing the generalized likelihood ratio as a termination criterion. Ability estimation with item response theory. Kim-Kang, G. A proposed framework of test administration methods. This lesson defines psychometrics and discusses what is involved in psychometric testing.

It also delves into types of psychometric tests, including noting some specific examples of these tests. Psychometrics Defined 'Psychometrics' is a big word that's thrown around quite often within the psychology and testing communities. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Validity and Reliability When writing and administering psychometric tests, psychometrists have to make sure the tests are both valid and reliable. Lesson Summary Psychometrics is an area of study that deals with testing peoples' intelligence, attitudes, beliefs, and personality.

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