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Maps of Defiance at XXII Triennale di Milano

It ignores display math hard line breaks when rendering option strict: true. Other KaTeX color functions expect the content to be a function argument:. The " " is optional before a six-digit specification. The other versions do not stack, e. Installation Node.

It is sorted into logical groups. Unicode The letters listed above will render in any KaTeX rendering mode. Macros accept up to nine arguments: 1, 2, etc. A report found that the free weights at the gym have times more bacteria than a toilet seat. This is because people are too worried about themselves, and what they'll say next, to focus on remembering the names of people they're introduced to.

RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 2)

Until , 7-Up contained "lithium citrate" , a mood stabilizer used to treat bipolar disorder. Actor Frankie Muniz suffers from long term memory loss and doesn't remember being on Malcolm in the Middle. Pirates probably didn't wear eyepatches because of a missing eye; it's much more likely that they were keeping one eye ready to see in darkness, so that they could adjust quickly when going below deck. In the late Middle Ages, books were so valuable that libraries would chain them to the bookcase. This was widely practiced until the 18th century. The first woman to cycle round the world learnt to ride a bike a few days before she set off.

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  2. T-Sac Disposable Paper Filter Tea Bags, #2, Count – hatchethardware.
  3. SANIPLUS Data Sheet.
  4. Colour Vision: A Study in Cognitive Science and Philosophy of Science (Philosophical Issues in Science);

The Museum of Bread Culture in Ulm, Germany, has a collection of over 18, objects, none of which is bread. When Czechoslovakia split, it split not only the country, but also the national anthem ,. Three of the four members of Metallica divorced their wives during the recording of The Black Album due to its troubled production. A cyberchondriac is someone who scours the Internet looking for details of their illnesses.

Cologne was originally produced as protection against the plague.

L'IAC côté coulisses

It was widely believed that bad-smelling air spread the disease. A study using MRI scans showed that the brains of people who exercise moderately look 10 years younger than those who don't. Installed in , the world's oldest astronomical clock still in operation is in Prague. Scientists at the University of Alberta spent seven years working out that human urine contains 3, different chemical compounds. Studies have suggested that losses are, psychologically, twice as powerful as gains. Research has shown that dogs actually like the silly, high-pitched voice their owners use to talk to them.

Dostoevsky wrote The Gambler to pay off his gambling debts. Sweden has a ski-through McDonald's. The film Jaws is based on a Peter Benchley novel. Mantis shrimps' eyes are more evolved than those of humans: they have four times as many colour receptors and can see UV, visible and polarised light. Jesus Facts. South Korea Facts. Banana Facts. Peru Facts. The Netherlands Facts.

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Heart Disease Facts. Chimpanzee Facts. Paraguay Facts. Iceland Facts. Women's Rights Facts. Animal Testing Facts. Saturn Facts. Bullying Facts.

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  • Harpsichord Pieces, Book 1, Suite 5, No.1: La Logivière allemande.
  • Race #2 kicks off the season with a bang.
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