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Make a note of whether you answer a, b, c or d to each of these questions and look up your answer at the end. You had good mates but you were just as capable of keeping yourself entertained alone for hours. You can look back and remember in acute detail the joy of playing with a new toy and the pain of playground fall outs. You always do, though.

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Either that, or anything that means you can use your brilliant mind to solve complex problems, but preferably on a freelance basis where you can go in, get the job done and leave. Not an office bound nine to five. Not for the attention.

1. It’s all in your mind, beautiful

You do tend to go for the alpha types. Someone gives you a bunch of flowers. What do you do? A friend is in trouble. But you might lose patience if you feel they flounder in it for too long. Actually, you notice that a lot of people in trouble come to you first when problems come up. A lazy beach holiday would drive you insane.

It could be anything from staying at the most luxurious hotel in the world and being waited on hand and foot to a week spent as a volunteer, helping teach kids in a school in the African bush. You would love drivers, butlers, personal chefs and dawn to dusk pampering in stunning surroundings.

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The pinnacle would be a preparing and all sitting down to a feast, adults talking and laughing and kids running round the table. If someone crosses you, what happens? If you can resolve it, you do so quickly and with minimum drama. It might knock you down but you always get back up. The highs, the lows, the laughter, the tragedies, the love and the heartbreak.

As long as you have lived true to your heart, it will all have been worth it. Like the Goddess Diana, you are an amazingly powerful individual.

Real Souls with Peggy Bennett

When you were young, you were probably a bit of a tomboy. You can stand on your own two feet and have the power to hunt down and capture any reality you desire. You can be alone and happy and do not need anyone to fulfil you. Too much of what other people see as pampering you would make you feel smothered.

FEAR OF INTIMACY & the 5 Ways to Overcome it - Kati Morton - Love, Relationships, Dating & Sex

Diana is one of three Goddesses in the ancient Roman pantheon who never married. Ancient texts talk about her being a virgin, but when this term was first used it meant a single woman in control of her own sexuality.

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Only later did it become associated with a woman who had not had sex. Known as the Goddess of the hunt, she is also linked with wild animals and woodland. Diana is also associated with the moon and is said to offer special protection to women. Ancient rituals were performed in her honour by women wanting to have children and a safe delivery in particular. In ancient Rome, slaves were granted sanctuary in her temples. She appears in the Greek pantheon as Artemis and is still worshipped today across many cultures.

When you love someone, it is total, all consuming, without inhibition and almost overwhelming. If you lose them, it is devastating. Instead, it often feels that your life revolves around a wheel that takes you up to the very peak of experience and then plunges you back down into excruciating losses. Ishtar was the Babylonian Goddess of fertility, lust, war and sex, but is best understood as being the Goddess of above and below.

Associated with Venus, planet of love, she was said to have had many lovers, including most of the Gods. She was also bold enough to demand entry into the underworld and intelligent enough to return safely, a legend that reveals her connection to the cycles of ascent and descent on which life itself revolves. The combination of frank talk, accurate information, and breezy, humorous prose was a winner, and imitations and knock-offs soon flooded the bookstores. All of this is surprisingly refreshing, and even though some of the case histories are less than realistic did the airline worker really run into the father of her baby and marry him after the birth?

The section on milk is particularly astonishing, as Reuben states that since male babies are nursed, men become fixated on milk for life, and thus a woman wishing to marry a particular man should make sure to serve him coffee with cream, dairy-based meals, and plenty of ice cream so she becomes associated with milk. Fascinating Womanhood , by Helen Andelin — Helen Andelin, devout Mormon, housewife, mother of eight, and wife to Aubrey Andelin, believed strongly that the best way for a woman to have a strong and happy marriage was for her to be the best possible helpmeet and housewife.

Her books, Fascinating Womanhood for the unhappily married and The Fascinating Girl for teenagers wishing to become unhappily married , sold millions of copies beginning in and are still in print. Fascinating Womanhood classes were all the rage in the Mountain West during the early s, partially in response to Second Wave feminism, and are still regularly taught in many parts of the world particularly Japan, curiously enough.

More than just marriage advice, Mrs. Andelin provided an entire blueprint for living. She was supposed to keep a clean and well managed home, with obedient, all but invisible children, and tell her husband frequently that she could not exist without his masculine strength, preferably while sitting curled on his lap. To help the aspiring Fascinating Woman achieve such laudable goals, Mrs. These women had managed to catch and keep men who all but worshipped them, and the aspiring Domestic Goddess only had to do likewise to be so blessed.

That Mumtaz died giving birth to her fourteenth child at the age of only 38, or that Deruchette was fictional, was irrelevant. If putting a little rick-rack on a sweatshirt meant freedom from chopping wood or doing yardwork, so what? Goddesses are above such nasty, mucky, sweaty work anyway!

So successful was this vision of marriage that Mrs. And though the Andelins are now in the Celestial Kingdom, sealed for time and all eternity, their empire continues, with Fascinating Womanhood books available on Amazon. It just goes to show that bad advice springs eternal for Men of Steel and Velvet laughing gently as their saucily adorable wives shake their curls, stamp their feet, and do their best imitations of Shirley Temple to get that brand new side-by-side stainless steel frost-free freezer.

The Total Woman, by Marabel Morgan — Marabel Morgan, a former beauty queen, also advised marital submission, but from evangelical point of view, not Mormon. Morgan was also much less literary than Mrs. Andelin, with no references to French novels or Mogul queens.

Play to your strengths. Praise your mate. But some is distinctly, shall we say, less than straightforward. Among the gems one can find in this slim little book:. Change the sheets in front of him, making sure to spritz them with cologne while telling him to hurry home from work that night. Show your husband how much you admire him by stroking his arms and murmuring about how muscular he is. Morgan describes her own first experience with this, when she met her husband wearing pink baby doll pajamas remember those? It makes life exciting. The book sold by the case, Marabel Morgan became a frequent guest on talk shows, and feminists practically had a stroke as Total Womanhood joined Fascinating Womanhood as a popular alternative to consciousness raising groups.

He grinned and said I was wrong. One year later I was wakened by him nudging my shoulder on a beautiful fall morning and offering me a daiquiri. I turned over, reached for my glasses, and there he was in all his glory, cut crystal punch cup of reddish liquid in hand, wearing nothing but a gentle smile, a transparent plastic loincloth, and a strategically placed maraschino cherry. What bad advice have you gotten over the years? What well-thumbed compendia of advice have ended up on your nightstand?

Is Saran wrap or aluminum foil sexier? Deruchette or Marabel? Pour yourself a punch cup of Mr. Ellid for Readers and Book Lovers. Community This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication.