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A gift of dragons, Anne McCaffrey. A guile of dragons, James Enge. A hard day's knight, Simon R. A history of glitter and blood, Hannah Moskowitz. A kiss before doomsday, Laurence MacNaughton. A knight in shining armor, Jude Deveraux. A knight of the seven kingdoms, George R. Martin ; illustrations by Gary Gianni. A knight of the word, Terry Brooks. A lady and her magic, Tammy Falkner. A lick of frost : a novel, Laurell K.

A lion among men, Gregory Maguire ; illustrations by Douglas Smith, large print. A lion among men, Gregory Maguire ; with illustrations by Douglas Smith. A lion among men, by Gregory Maguire, sound recording. A little fate, by Nora Roberts. A local habitation, Seanan McGuire. A magic of twilight : a novel in The Nessantico Cycle, S. A mankind witch, Dave Freer. A memory of light, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. A memory of light, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, sound recording.

A mighty fortress, David Weber. A murder in time : a novel, Julie McElwain. A murder of mages, Marshall Ryan Maresca. A natural history of dragons : a memoir by Lady Trent, Marie Brennan. A perfect blood, Kim Harrison. A plague of giants, Kevin Hearne. A play of shadow : Mellynne, Julie E. A plunder of souls, D. Pine Street Art Works, Burlington, One Wall Gallery, Pine St. Sanctuary Artsite, 47 Maple St. Viva Espresso, Burlington, Frog Hollow Gallery, Middlebury, , ext. Through May 2. Sponsored by the Women's Rape Crisis Project as.

Metropolitan Gallery, Burlington City Hall, NEIL E. Starbucks, Taft Corners, Williston, Green Door Studio, Burlington, CCV Burlington, Member Gallery at City Market, Burlington, Studio STK, Burlington, Dianne Shullenberger Gallery, Jericho, Emile A. Gruppe Gallery, Jericho, Frog Hollow, Burlington, Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, Daily Planet, Burlington, Kasini House, Burlington, Through May 5. The Green Room, Burlington, www. Burlington International Airport, Amy E.

Tarrant Gallery, Flynn Center for. Artpath Gallery, Wing Building, Burlington, Danforth Pewter, Middlebury, Through May 7. Bixby Library, Vergennes, Gallery in-theField, Brandon, Bar Antidote, Vergennes, Brandon Artists Guild, Middlebury College Museum of Art, Through June Rhapsody, Montpelier, City Hall, Montpelier, pboyd vhcb. City Center, Montpelier, , ext.

Governor's Office, Pavilion Building, Montpelier, Vermont Chocolatiers Coffee Shop, Northfield, The Shoe Horn, Montpelier, Also, "Evolution and Expression," paintings on canvas and fabric. The Lazy Pear Gallery, Montpelier, Wood Gallery, Montpelier, Cooler Gallery, White River Junction, Pegasus Gallery, Quechee, European publications that inspired the creations of Disney Studios, through June The Painted Caravan Gallery, Johnson, Most games want you to win.

Unlike gambling games, where the basic premise holds that sooner or later you need to lose so that the casino makes money, videogames are designed by developers who want the player to succeed. Mario might grind through level after level, only to find that the princess is, in fact, in another castle. To make sure players win, game developers have invented an arsenal of game-winning aids.

Health packs, recharging defense shields, extra lives and restart points all work to ensure that any mistake is reversible. After escaping a sinking cruise ship, teens Jack and Amy find themselves castaways on some deserted atoll. With only each other and the bounty of the jungle to support them, they must find a way to stay alive while awaiting rescue. Tapping the DS touch-screen to spark a fire and then blowing into the microphone to fan a flame to life, hunting for parts to make a fishing pole and grilling food provide the rustic fun. Send your partner out to forage for food and then, by bad luck, get trapped on a.

While you cool your heels and wait for a chance to get back to shore, your survival teammate mindlessly sits, dying of thirst and hunger. Both provide loads of simple activities organized around the theme of cooking. Best Part: After a while, dying loses its sting. Players eventually resign themselves to the harsh realities of life as a castaway and focus on problem-solving — like remembering whether it was the brown- or the red-spotted mushroom that sent your character into a life-ending illness the last time. Or maybe it was the black one. Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each 9-box square contains all of the numbers one to nine.

While Mr. According to network insiders, Mr. In fact, Mr. But after seeing Mr.

Imus make his. Broadcasting, said that the controversial Mr. Award-winning humorist, television personality and film actor Andy Borowitz is author of the new book The Republican Playbook. To find out more about Andy Borowitz and read his past columns, visit www. First, I assure you that the indictment was politically motivated and utterly without merit.

Secondly, I need to transfer our vast fortune out of the country. The funds are in excess of 64 million U. Can you help? Are you trustworthy? I can offer you 30 percent. Please forward your contact info to me a. I am grateful. Much more reliable financial opportunities are on their way. Its intention is to expand the scope of what you pay attention to. To help accomplish this, print the following oracular words on your palm, then hold your palm to your ear for a few minutes: luminous marrow murmurs lightning praise.

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. I enjoy every minute of it. Since then he has cultivated an interest in the paranormal. At one point he asked Buddhist lama Norbu Chen to attempt a psychic healing of his mother, who was legally blind. July Aug. It enveloped the Golden Gate Bridge. When I left the lush green hills of Marin County, the day was sunny.

When I arrived in the lush urban mesh of San Francisco, the day was sunny. But in between I crept through thick white haze. I could barely see, and had to turn on my headlights and slow down. But there was no danger. And in a few minutes I had moved through it.

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Let my experience serve as a metaphor for your week, Leo. That bedraggled crow! This moonlit evening, that cold rain on your skull! There you stand, inhabiting your body with animal clarity, wide-open senses, and no preconception or abstract idea can touch the experience itself. At any moment?! I say yes. At all times and in all places, Virgo — especially this week — be ready to sacrifice what you are for what you could become. Maybe the shock of being in the wrong place at the wrong time will motivate you to do some research on the actual place where your ship is likely to dock. Ancient Egyptians shaved off their eyebrows to mourn the deaths of their cats.

A piece of paper can only be folded nine times. The oldest goldfish that ever lived was 41 years old and named Fred. Now, please forget all of the preceding factoids, Pisces.

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In fact, purge them so thoroughly that it will be as if you never knew them in the first place. Doing that will be the perfect warm-up for your next big assignment, which is to clear out a nice, big, empty space in your brain. There are lots of fresh, hot ideas poised to flow into you in the coming weeks.

Rob: Has the Goddess placed a global embargo on new love? In other words, is Cupid on strike? Has romance boycotted our planet? But according to my astrological reckoning, a deluge will soon change all that. You could lift the spirits of a child who has been raised in grievous poverty. You might even be able to locate underground. Children must be at least 8 years old but not yet 11 years old on June 1, , and pass an eligibility screening. Purchase a 12 month membership and children 13 and under are FREE!

My dream vacation would be Before I was a realtor one of my interesting jobs was My favorite hobby is Or anything that boosts your adrenalin, especially outdoors. If I had a million dollars I would Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, James Frey and other fabricators may look like the products of an ethically lazy, celebrity-obsessed age. A recent issue of The New Yorker reminded readers that historians have long regarded claims made by Jamestown founder Captain John Smith in his various memoirs as little more than elaborately boastful fibs.

The Hoax is the story of master scam-artist Clifford Irving. How smooth an operator is this guy? Richard Gere, giving one of the liveliest performances of his career, plays him as equal parts social climber and sociopath. Irving has reached middle age without attaining any of his dreams; repo men are lugging pricey pieces of furniture from his house when something inside him snaps. So Irving bursts unannounced into a meeting his editor Hope Davis is taking and blurts an empty claim. In a few days. They set about the business of learning to mimic his handwriting and idiosyncratic syntax.

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Blinded by greed, company brass bite. The Hoax works best when it confines its focus to the battle of wits — and nerves — Irving wages with the writers of those checks. As time goes by, and the publishers begin to receive calls from the Hughes camp denying any knowledge of the project, Irving is forced to improvise an ever more elaborate web of lies. For the most part, The Hoax is full-speed-ahead fun, a rollicking caper that recalls a quainter, pre-Ken Lay age when big-time fraud could entail actually writing books, as opposed to just cooking them.

If our mind is really just a physical organ, one that can malfunction in all sorts of ways, what does that say about our sense of self or our capacity for free will? Chris rises from the wreckage externally intact but mentally slower: He has trouble. Gary introduces Chris to ex-stripper Luvlee Isla Fisher of Wedding Crashers , who plies him with sex and sincere adoration.

Soon Gary talks Chris into casing the bank where he works as a night janitor and snapping pictures of the vault. In a movie like this, the answer is everything. Daniels is joyously raunchy, British actor Goode is creepy, and Fisher somehow manages to make her bubbliness work in drama. Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling star. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star.

Edgar Wright directs. Frank Whaley and Ethan Embry costar. Essex, Majestic. Based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller. Starring Gerard Butler and Vincent Regan. Michael Gambon and Rufus Sewell also appear. Stop by and clean up on our uniquely wonderful and always surprising lighting and home accessories! Matt Maiellero and Willis share writing and directing duties. This time around, the comedy concerns the frustration his character experiences when he finds himself and his young family at the mercy of a colorful contractor.

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With Nia Long and John C. Fear Caruso brings us the Rear Window-reminiscent saga of a young man whose surveillance of his neighbors leads him to believe one of them may be a serial killer. Shia LaBeouf and Sarah Roemer star. Josh Hutcherson and Bruce Greenwood star. As the change of season approaches, he finds himself suspecting everyone around him, in the process losing his mind and his friends. Piper Perabo and William Fichtner costar. Mark Fergus makes his directorial debut. Anderson directs this animated comedy about an orphan who unexpectedly. Welcome once again to the version of our game in which we select 10 well-known movies and replace their titles with a word or phrase that means virtually the same thing.

Terriertown 3. Babe Erasers 4. Want to Waltz? Owen Wilson and Ricky Gervais costar. Shawn Levy directs. Moon Bloodgood costars. Marcus Nispel directs. Starring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. Nathan Phillips and Nadia Bjorlin star. Andy Cheng directs. With Jada Pinkett Smith. Mike Binder writes and directs. Mark Wahlberg stars. Flaming Fellow 8. Useless Schooling Make Me McJumbo. In the event of a tie, winner chosen by lottery. Be sure to include your address. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery of prizes. Ratings assigned to movies not reviewed by Rick Kisonak are courtesy of Metacritic.

Starring Kang-ho Song and Byun Hee-bong. Sebastian Koch and Martina Gedeck costar. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck directs. With Jeff Daniels and Isla Fisher. With Liev Schreiber and Diana Rigg. Stephen Rea and. David Morrissey costar. Stephen Hopkins directs.

Yet again, the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles band together to save the world from an evil genius and his army of monsters. Written and directed by Kevin Munroe. Macy and Martin Lawrence join forces for this comedy about a gang of middle-aged bikers. Walt Becker directs. Bijou, Majestic, Sunset, Welden. Visit sevennightsvt. One winner drawn at random each week for 4 weeks. You must register as a user and leave a comment card to be eligible.

Imelda Staunton costars. Richard LaGravenese directs. Andy Garcia costars. Joe Narc Carnahan directs. Is there a masters in you? To RSVP or for more information, contact a graduate admissions counselor at or email us at gradschool champlain. Film times may change. Please call theaters to confirm. Seven Days for the Earth. For films and times, see www. Closed Monday 23 — Sunday Redline Meet the Robinsons Blades of Glory 7. Firehouse Dog Wild Hogs , 7.

Meet the Robinsons 1, , , 8. Blades of Glory 4, , 9. Redline , 9. TMNT Times subject to change. Blades of Glory , , 5, , Disturbia , , , 7, Firehouse Dog , Grindhouse , Meet the Robinsons , , , 7, 9.

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Pathfinder , , , , Perfect Stranger , , 5, , The Reaping , , 5, , Are We Done Yet? Firehouse Dog , , Pathfinder , Blades of Glory , , , , Meet the Robinsons , , 5, , Disturbia 1, , 7, Grindhouse Pathfinder 1, Perfect Stranger , , , The Reaping The Last Mimzy Main St. Blades of Glory , , The Lookout , , , The Lives of Others , , , Grindhouse 1, , , , 8. Miss Potter , , Amazing Grace , Miss Potter , The Lookout , The Namesake , , , The Host , Perfect Stranger Thu , , 4, , Disturbia , , , Grindhouse double feature : Planet Terror , ; Death Proof , 9.

Meet the Robinsons , , , , The Reaping , Pathfinder , , , Grindhouse , 4, Reign Over Me , The Reaping , , , Wild Hogs , Shooter Host , 6. Meet the Robinsons Thu , , , , , The Hoax , , 7, Schedules for the following theaters were not available at press time. The Painted Veil SatMon , Mountain Rd. Blades of Glory Porters Point Rd. All shows start at dusk. For the most up-to-date showtimes, call or visit www. Albans, Redline 7. Meet the Robinsons 2, 4, 7, 9.

Blades of Glory 2, 7, 9. TMNT 4. We thought Earth Day would be an appropriate time to celebrate Dr. Because they rely so much on the rhythms of nature to create their products we feel that it is the most environmentally conscious skin care line on the market today. Supporting sustainable biodynamic agriculture and fair trade economics are just a few of the ways in which Dr. Hauschka products help make a difference.

Spring is a great time to reestablish, balance and reconnect with our inner rhythms. Hauschka representative in the store to talk about all your springtime needs. Consultation spaces fill up quickly so call today. Remember the early bird catches the worm. The Grass-Fed Is Greener. Our elementary-school image of bovines has them happily grazing on emerald-green pasture. While that idyllic portrait may hold true in parts of Vermont, many of the 28 billion pounds of beef consumed in the U. Animal-rights activists protest feedlot. At Wood Creek, where the farmers process head of Angus and Hereford cattle each year, Morgan opts to raise his animals on pasture.

But is there such a thing as too much grain? Morgan thinks there is. Confining the animals speeds the process, too. Morgan describes Wood Creek as if it were a spa for steaks of the future. He believes in maintaining a low-stress environment for cattle.

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Once again as at a spa, a healthy diet. The lucky animals get to enjoy views of the Adirondacks and Lake Champlain with their dinners. Come Compare! Human meat eaters can promote their health by choosing nutrient-rich organ meats and cooking meat as little as possible, Flack asserts. Ditto for using bones to make broth rich in joint-friendly glucosamine and chondroitin.

Environmentalism is another reason why Flack believes wholeheartedly in pastured meats. As most people know, the greenhouse effect is partially caused by pollution from cars and even methane from cows. It helps prevent soil erosion and preserves water quality. Tests reveal that one-third or more of the manure from the region contains pathogenic E coli, according to Flack. But the cows in one particular herd of grass-fed cattle come up clean every time. In fact, studies link the dangerous O H7 strain of E coli, which was responsible for recent contamination of spinach and lettuce, to manure from grain-fed cattle.

In one report that appeared in the September 11, , edition of Science magazine, researchers from Cornell University maintained that a diet of grain makes the digestive tracts of cattle more. H7 can also survive in human stomach acid and go on to infect a human host. The study concluded that grass-fed animals were much less likely to harbor the deadly bugs.

On October 12, , researchers from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University printed a compilation of results that refute the Cornell study. Then they wolfed down Wood Creek Farm skirt steaks with organic Maine white beans, herb butter and kalamata olives. How did they take to the tartare? Losing a grocery store is a big deal in a small town like Waterbury. Albans Free Library. Call to register. Want to get more Flack? The first segment, which airs on Wednesday, April 18, at p.

He also runs a 28,square-foot grocery in Newport. What made him decide to expand into the Waterbury market?

Landlord Ernie Pomerleau owns the buildings in both locations. Did the article on grass-fed beef whet your appetite? There are lots of ways to learn more about the topic at a few upcoming events. On April 20, the focus will be on utilizing ground beef; April 27 will center on roasts. On May 4, the instructor will cover steaks. Cost includes the full meal and an informational packet to take home. Looks like Burlington will have to wait a little while longer to land a local steakhouse. Maybe the building owners should give Sam Palmisano a call.

That spot got a bit too hot when a fire tore through it on January But Palmisano, who had hoped to resurrect the business in the original location, is determined to re-open nonetheless. A breakfast joint is up for grabs, too. I would like to move on to another venue. The International Association of Culinary Professionals awards have been announced, and only one Vermont entry came away with a prize. Wednesday April 18th, 7pm-Midnight Come cheer all the Hooters Girls in bikinis and vote for your favorite one! Disable alarm system. Hang up coat.

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