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Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes- Forgotten Realms

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Song of Blades and Heroes - General Fantasy - Reaper Message Board

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter discuit Start date Aug 31, Tags tales of blades and heroes. So i was bored yesterday and decided to buy a little game for the read, it ended up being THIS! So i spent yesterday reading it, and rolled up a few characters, and well, after showing it to my group, we were suitably impressed enough to give it a shot this weekend coming instead of our usual LoA session. It took us about 10 minutes to convert everyone's LoA characters and no one lost any of their "feel" in the transition, which was amazing for such a rules light game i think.

So has anyone else run this? Any advice? Or shortcomings that may not show up in a simple read through? So far it looks very simple but with enough oomph to still be tactical! Baumi Registered User Validated User. I love it! The only thing missing is a good summary so you can quickly make characters without having to go through each entry.


IE, the ability to fire a bow is a special rule shooter. Running really fast is a special rule, being a hero is a special rule, the ability to cast spells is a special rule and the list goes on. In a nutshell, each mini is given the opportunity to perform actions. Roll 1,2 or 3D6. For each number that exceeds your quality that mini may perform that many actions.

On my turn if I want my human warrior to act I roll a number of dice we'll say 3. The dice land 2,3,4. If you haven't played the game you have got to check it out!

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Those bones you just bought need something to do! I was playing the "two fails forfeits your turn" version, and I didn't like that element of it at all. Still, simplest rules I've ever seen, very quick. Never played SoBH before but the simple ruleset has me very interested. I picked up the rulebook recently and am planning a Lord of The Rings campaign.

Surprisingly, I couldn't find anything online so am having to build it out myself.

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I have played and enjoyed it. Lack of free time is the only thing preventing me from playing more. The LOTR characters do utilize all of the supplemental keywords. I personally only use the special rules from the original release to avoid powercreep. This is how the game works. It can be horrid, but there are tricks to ensure you get a turn. Activate a character on 1 die, for example, means you can not fail 2x in a turn, therefore all of your minis will have a chance to act.

However, you will soon be outpaced by the player who takes the greater risk and activates with 2 or 3 dice. Leaders improve your units quality by 1 point. Not to reveal all my strategies but in a point game I will generally field a leader, 2 elf warriors, some human warriors and some sort of cheap meat shield.

I take issue with that. Please cite the page where you read that. Not trying to be confrontational I just cant find the rule. SWW p. Yes, update Yes, it is.

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