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    The Hellfire Club. Midtown Hustlers. Cash Money Brothers. Charlie's Angels. Local The Grafters. Leaders PvP. All he ever does is hang out in his kennel and compete in field trials. Marilyn Bishop spends her days in corporate America and her evenings with husband, Allan, and their beloved foxhounds. Marilyn and Allan live in central Virginia, where they have room for their hounds and can also be near their two grown children and four grandchildren.

    Queenie was a red and white foxhound, with adoring eyes and a gentle disposition. She lived in a clean and comfortable kennel named Hound Holler. She offered love and loyalty to her caring owners. When a tornado blew down an oak tree that crushed her kennel, she fled away in a panic and disappeared from the only home she had ever known. This much is true. The rest of the story is what might have happened to Queenie as she wandered, lost and afraid, in a hopeless trek to find her home again.