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We were overwhelmed with the response, receiving submissions. We thank everyone who took the time to write us. Selecting a few to feature was difficult, but know that we read and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. Each submission was unique, yet all had one thing in common: that special bond created between food and family.

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Because of space constraints, we could fit only so many into the print section; more of your stories are online. To this day, my brother always breaks open his muffins and glances suspiciously inside before taking a bite. You never said anything! It was a necessity. Money was often tight, families large and grocery store shopping limited. That backyard garden served as a focal point of the family dinner, with the kids often helping with the picking. Your duties might have been to dig up potatoes, gathering a basket full of fresh tomatoes or pick perfectly ripe strawberries for a homemade pie or shortcake.

In a week or so I will go out into my fenced-in backyard and continue the tradition. He also learned about produce picking from his mom. Just pick one up and smell the part where the stem was broken off. Although each submission was laced with its own memory, every one of them included one main theme: food as a way to bond with family.

No phones at the table, postings of finished dishes on social media or televisions on in the background. That meal made by mom was a family meal, centered on conversation as well as food. Laura Kutka summed up the importance of the family meal in her submission honoring her mom, Beth Kutka, both of Eagle.

Thanks, Mom: Readers share food legacy their mothers left them

I appreciate you, Mom, and I love you. So to all of you who took the time to share a special mom memory with us, thank you. Share a meal, a story and maybe a chuckle or two … and enjoy the special day. Alexandra Rosas of Cedarburg considers her South American grandmother as her mother. Her grandmother has died, but Rosas is keeping her heritage alive by showing her sons how to prepare the peppery condiment. On sunny mornings, the day's rays glinted off the jar's ruby red cap and sent rainbows shooting out from the raised fish outlines etched on its sides.

Just a small dusting of lip-tingling unexpectedness and life goes from mundane to thrilling.

Mix all ingredients together in a glass bowl. Let sit at room temperature a few hours, then keep refrigerated in a repurposed glass jar. These were principles her mother modeled first in suburban Milwaukee and then in the small Central Wisconsin town where Setterlun attended middle and high school. It was mom who sat at their bedsides, asking what treat she could make and bring on her next visit.

By hosting many exchange students, she taught us the value of food identity and diversity. Though she did not really enjoy cooking, she was a very good cook, Burris wrote. We learned to set a beautiful table … loaded with all of our family-favorite foods. As adults, there were dishes each was expected to bring; for Burris, at Thanksgiving, it was her sweet potato casserole or black-eyed pea Creole. There was always room for one more. Taking a bite of a certain food often transports us back in time. It was the next bite, sending warm tomato juice down our chins and arms, that we learned to anticipate with such joy and that instilled in us the yearning for real tomatoes.

She was a superb cook. We came home from school or play to fresh home-baked cookies, bread and coffeecake. My mother would never serve anything commercially prepared. We learned how to help can and freeze vegetables. She was an organic farmer before it became en vogue. Most summer meals came right out of the garden. In the winter, we would combine the preserved vegetables and stew them, served over brown rice.

We have lost a sister to the same cancer as our father and brother. I am the remaining affected sibling, receiving my diagnosis over 30 years ago. I have survived an unrelated cancer too. In a bowl with a mixer, cream butter and egg. Stir in flour and salt.

Moisten to form a stiff batter by adding milk 1 tablespoon at a time. Batter should pull away from side of bowl. Take batter, a spoonful at a time, and drop into boiling stock.

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Warm your spoon in the stock so the batter slides off easily. Cover pot and cook at a soft boil for 10 minutes or until dumplings rise to the top.

Although Elsa Kopp has passed away, luckily for custard lovers, her food legacy lives on. But beyond that her German heritage encouraged her to serve special meals every day of the week. Favorites included braised dishes such as pork chops and beef roast. Sides included difficult-to-make yeast dumplings never reproduced since she passed , red cabbage same and potato salad we got that one! Then, of course, came homemade dessert. Her last treat of the day was a scoop of vanilla custard with a bit of hot fudge and pecans. In other words, Pi or Pie Day. She tried. That is how I believe she cut her teeth on pie making.

Holidays, birthdays, picnics, bake sales and everyday meals were enhanced when the flaky, golden brown crust of a fruit pie made its appearance. Mom was always only a phone call away. I feel like her hands are guiding my hands as I try to replicate those delicious pies. Serving a lamb cake for dessert at Easter dinner is a tradition for many families. But not many have prepared a lamb cake for more than 70 years. Frances Bruno of New Berlin has, and she can prove it. Some years it has sported a hat.

This is when toothpicks come in handy.

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For many years she used a white cake batter, but now prefers a poundcake mix, hoping to keep the shape a bit sturdier. The pictures span from to Frances moved to assisted living last year and will turn 96 this June. But the lamb cake tradition lives on, with Frances getting a little baking help from her daughters. For many, family dinners have become a casualty of busy lives. But not if your mom is Gramma Linda.

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Whenever it is the week of one of our birthdays, that person gets to choose the menu and she accommodates. Of course, she whips up one of her famous desserts as well. They taste just as awesome as they did on your plate the night before.


Although this recipe serves five, son Jim Frentz says Gramma Linda usually makes about 20 sandwiches for Monday night dinners. Lay bread on a work surface. In a bowl, combine butter, mustard and poppy seeds. Spread mixture on both side of the bread slices. Divide ham and cheese among 5 slices of bread.

Top with remaining bread slices. Place sandwiches on a foil-lined baking sheet pan. John Koker of Kenosha learned to cook by the side of his mom, but not in a traditional setting. Our attention then turned to preparing the midday meal — a delicious, homemade, hot dinner. I will never forget the day she got the call and left me alone. I can now, because of her, make her great dishes. I love you, Mom, and I will never let your gravy burn. Karen Rondinelli of Whitefish Bay shared a story about a special once-a-year family dinner.

We always had very balanced, healthy meals and every night the 10 of us gathered around the kitchen table to enjoy dinner together. We would all pitch in and clean and slice the berries, bake pans and pans of shortcake and whip bowls of cream. Half of the fun was the anticipation of this annual event. The hardest part was trying to decide whom to invite that year.

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