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Andy Miller. Nikesh Shukla on civility, colonialism and the angry milkshake-wielding ethnic. The team discusses Calvino's novel about independence and freedom. Backlisted 1 hour listen. Dickon Edwards join the team to talk about Wilson's novel about homosexuality in postwar Britain. Spread the word:. Condition: Good. The book has been read but remains in clean condition.

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All pages are intact and the cover is intact. Some minor wear to the spine. More information about this seller Contact this seller 2. Condition: Fair. A readable copy of the book which may include some defects such as highlighting and notes. Cover and pages may be creased and show discolouration. More information about this seller Contact this seller 3.

Published by Penguin Books in association wit About this Item: Penguin Books in association wit, Seller Inventory mon More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Published by Mass Market Paperback. About this Item: Mass Market Paperback. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Published by penguin About this Item: penguin, Soft cover. A very clean, tight copy. Language: eng. Seller Inventory sd. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7.

Published by Penguin, London About this Item: Penguin, London, Mass Market Paperback. Orange Penguin , cover by Ronald Searle. Used, spine creased, top of spine chipped, edges rubbed, shelf-worn, pages browned. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. From: valley books London, United Kingdom.

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Paper Cover. First Pb Edition.

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Main series no in protective plastic cover. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9.

More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by Penguin About this Item: Penguin, Condition: Fine. Published by Penguin. Thornhill, United Kingdom. About this Item: Penguin. Covers grubby and creased. Book coming away from hinge with cover. Ink ownership stamp on front end paper. Several pages creased. Published by Penguin Books About this Item: Penguin Books, Bernard makes a fiasco of the opening, and with the criminal element making things tough, everything is about to blow up until somebody steps up and saves everything. As I'm sure was the case in '50's, the obliquity of what was really being said behind the words made understanding many parts of this book really difficult.

I lived in England for two years and I swear a light bulb would go in my head two weeks after a conversation with "Hey, I think I was insulted back then! Feb 14, Ian Mond rated it really liked it. I love the Backlisted podcast. Hosted by Andy Miller and John Mitchinson, Backlisted shines a light on out of print novels written by authors who were well known, even famous when they were publishing, but now have faded into the mists of obscurity.

They speak with such passion, and such authority, helped by a bevy of erudite guests I love the Backlisted podcast. They speak with such passion, and such authority, helped by a bevy of erudite guests who truly know their shit, that you always feel part of the discussion. Last year the episode about Berg by Ann Quin was so damn good I ended up reading the novel. Glad I did. It turned out to be one of my favourite works of I have never heard of Angus Wilson, and so it was sobering to discover that he was an outwardly gay man at a time when it was a crime; that he cracked codes with Alan Turing at Bletchley; and, as the podcast points out, he worked hard to decriminalize homosexuality.

Unfortunately, for reason that are too complicated to go into now seriously listen to the podcast he fell out of favour and as a consequence, it would appear that today very few people read his work. This is a shame because Hemlock and After, his debut novel, while overstuffed with characters and ideas much like many first novels is a cracking read, funny and melodramatic and undercut with darkness and tragedy.

The novel was published in and describes the events of very hot summer in the UK during Famous author Bernard Sands who presciently has started falling out of favour with the literary establishment has used whatever influence he has to have Vardon Hall turned into a residency for young writers. His struggle to come to terms with his sexual identity, an identity that he obviously keeps secret from his family, is the driving force of the novel. Hemlock and After also deals with mental health issues. Ella Sands is a tragic figure and yet she has agency.

Not to spoil the ending but she becomes the hero of the piece. The novel also has this wicked sense of humour, sometimes spiteful, but often just plain cynical and satirical. The centrepiece for this, where Willson shows off his chops, is the opening of Vardon Hall. The way Wilson walks us through the impending disaster is a terrific example of black comedy at its most laugh out loud funny but also cringe-worthy and vicious.

There are too many characters, not all of them adequately fleshed out.

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The novel deals with class, it deals with the communist movement, a member of which is Bernards older sister, and it deals with the changing face of village life. All of this packed into 90, delightful, florid, often funny words. Will I read more Wilson? A clever psychological novel a la Henry James.

A rewarding, rather than a pleasurable, read. The learned references can get a bit annoying at times - though I suppose they would have made more sense to an educated mid-century reader. The novel differs from othe 3.

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The novel differs from other gay-themed novels from the same period in its treatment of homosexuality. Same-sex desire does not appear to be considered problematic or, rather, no more so than any human desire, and, indeed, less so than some. There are many gay characters, and yet none of them seems to apologise for their same-sex desire, or to be struggling for self-acceptance, particularly. Gay relationships appear in different forms - good and bad - like heterosexual relationships and the point of the book is that human good is never unalloyed good, anyway.

May 05, Robin rated it liked it. Came to this through the Backlisted podcast. Not an easy read but a rewarding one. Grande scrittore inglese Angus Wilson, per anni direttore della "Panizzi Room", ovvero la sala di lettura sotto la cupola del British Museum di Londra. Poca trama ma un unico evento centrale da cui si scatena un prima e un dopo.

Da cui partono descrizioni, situazioni, ossessioni e personaggi psicologicamente ben tratteggiati. Una commedia amara, cinica, con un senso dell'ironia tipicamente inglese.

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Un linguaggio raffinato che rivela comun Grande scrittore inglese Angus Wilson, per anni direttore della "Panizzi Room", ovvero la sala di lettura sotto la cupola del British Museum di Londra. E del mondo. Ora vado a controllare. Un autore da leggere ancora. This reminds me in some ways of Iris Murdoch, though I think Wilson is a lot sharper with his characters than she is, and also funnier, probably as a consequence. Murdoch often seems simply interested: she winds her characters up and lets them run. She cares about their morals, but the way a scientist cares about an experiment.

Wilson, I think, judges them. With a certain kind of love and humanity, but harshly nonetheless. Of the three of his I've read, this one is perhaps the best. Feb 10, Virgowriter Brad Windhauser rated it liked it. Could not get into this book at all--could not connect with or care about any of these characters. There are a few moments where you feel sympathy for characters for reacting to a gay person being arrested for cruising, but the smug tone throughout the book and the constant jumping between characters left me very cold.

Apr 21, Debby rated it liked it. Interesting and well-written. I was glad when I was done though. Of historical interest-written in in England and was first to discuss homosexuality openly in literary world. Fiction Wh Simon Booth rated it really liked it Oct 13, Akshita rated it liked it Apr 06, Michael rated it it was ok Jul 12,