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The majority of us realize that a Christian life is not a passive one, and the words Jesus spoke in the Sermon on the Mount give a clear indication of what one should be prioritizing. Jesus says to hear His sayings and do them! Today there are people the world over who have been led astray, including self-proclaimed pastors who make a living by preaching a message that appeals to the masses: an easier way to heaven! But when the storms of life come along, such as financial hardship, being treated unfairly or being tempted to adultery it becomes evident what kind of foundation people have built upon.

Matthew The time has come to stop relying on phrases that act as an insurance policy for your sinful habits. People who do this are building with the right materials and will experience that their building will stand firm.

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Even Christians experience financial difficulty, temptation to all kinds of lusts, being treated unfairly, etc. But the difference is that those who do what Jesus commands have the strength to go through the trials and emerge stronger on the other side. Their life will stand firm on the rock, not only throughout the various situations of life, but also on that Day when everything will be tested by fire. Think what a terrible loss that Day will be for people who have spent a lifetime building with materials such as wood, hay and straw.

Imagine their disappointment at watching their good, Christian reputation, their monetary donations and all the volunteer work they did for people, literally go up in smoke. Their glory in heaven will be considerably less. But we do know that the grace of God has appeared to all men.

Hi there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading through your blog posts. Many thanks! That is a good quote I just wish I didnt have them they just come and then I get depressed when it doesn't go my way. Well, I guess that just told me! I've been stuck in a rut for awhile and pretty ticked off about a lot of things. I've tried writing letters and not sending them , didn't help btw.

After praying on this I asked to be shown an answer to making my life better. This was kind of a kick in the pants maybe needed Cut the crap, put on your big girl panties and figure it out. Well said! This last week has been really crappy for me and i havent had the best week and i wanted to know what would make me a better person because i felt like hey maybe i am the worst person on the planet and i know im not but i feel really down about my life.

Im a good person and im honest but it dosent help when the world is yelling at you and mad. What should i do? Do i have the right to be mad at those who are hurtting me? Today and now we do need to know things better than we used to do because if we dont we can be easily confused with so many options available to us and information of which require us to discern and not make a fool of ourselves. Today the world is open to only a few of us because we do need to be able to know what is what and who is who. A lot today needs to be dependent upon our abilities to pick and choose and not what we might be thinking or imagining.

Today and now we can easily and with some certainty gain what we do think and not what our erronoues zone might be.

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Everything sounded great, except that faking it can be good sometimes. I'm not sure what that means. It has no basis in the reality of emotional health. Never fake it, not for even the tiniest moment.

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I like to think of myself always striving to be my TRUE self. Not my "best" self. That's because your true self may not seem like your best self to others who don't understand you, but you will know. I haven't had a more powerful experience in my life than when I finally stand up to someone that normalized their abuse of me. Just saying "No, this is wrong. Here's why If you think of being your "best" self, you might think you owe it to the people around you to sacrifice your health for them.

Build your house on the rock

TRUE self is the way to look at it. I've been looking for the right way to make myself happy, and as a naturally pessimistic person, I've got to say this won't work. It's in my blood, it's all I can do.

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I'm trying to change my way of thinking, but everyone just asserts their beliefs onto me. And, what about Daddy?

Build My Life

How did having his wife gone so much impact him, our marriage? So, what to do when faced with those realizations?

I asked myself if I keep moving forward or turn? I turned. I slowed down my career and chose more time with my family. When my kids have to decide between a trip to Disneyland, an expensive toy, or having Mommy home more; the answer is always Mommy. For some it may. So, maybe you are like me and you assess what is a priority in life. Change is hard and takes work but if there is something you really want and the reason is good enough than the work is worth it.

Building a career is hard work and takes lots of sacrifice. We do what we have to in order to support our families, we make choices that are right for our circumstances, and we each have our own paths in life. For me, personally, I make different choices now. I choose my family, I choose me, I choose to spend more time building a life and less time building a career. By slowing down I am living more than I ever have and richer than I ever dreamed. Constant Contact Use. By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: Robina Bennion, Park Dr.

Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. How much do you really need to live and get by on a monthly basis?

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