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Jimmy Eat World's historic album gets a Deluxe reissue that is mostly footnotes.

Today the internet enjoys looking back at this time as a novelty, with quizzes determining which band you are depending on your favourite pizza, complete with the guy from Smash Mouth in the sidebar. But amongst the spiky hair and flame shirts there were some genuine genre and generation defining classics. The Arizona band were dropped by Capitol after moderate success with their debut and second albums.

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When we went on tour, it just seemed to be getting better and better. We wanted people to have access to it so they could judge it objectively. Here on Punktastic, we nailed it with an August review that is still just as true today:. Jimmy Eat World have produced an album that is breathtaking, beautiful and brilliant.

"Bleed American" - Jimmy Eat World

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Bleed American CD (Original)

Bleed American. A Praise Chorus. The Middle. Your House. Hear You Me.

If You Don't. Get It Faster. The Authority Song. My Sundown. DreamWorks Records.

Bleed American Is The Best Jimmy Eat World Album

Sell This Version. Toy's Factory. Universal Music Norway. Jimmy Eat World put out Clarity, their first true classic album, 20 years ago today. Here goes…. Says Ethan Fixell , Kerrang!

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Executive Director. I have to admit, when I was asked to make an argument for the best Jimmy Eat World album, my initial reaction was one of confusion. How could someone make the case for anything but Clarity?

Jimmy Eat World- Bleed American (Live at Reading Festival 2014)

So, sure, the album is personally important to me, having been released during my junior year of high school, one of the most impressionable periods of my entire life. But today, exactly 20 years later, I can still confidently say that Clarity is a perfect record: perfectly written; perfectly performed; perfectly produced.

Bleed American CD (Original) | Jimmy eat world merch

Not to mention the frolicking, fast-paced homages to their punk rock roots: tracks like Crush or Blister. Beyond the masterful songwriting, the album is also an incredible technical achievement. Rising strings and guitars layered upon guitars build texture throughout. While Bleed American broke Jimmy Eat World open to the masses with the more direct, transparent lyrics and syrupy hooks of pop smash hits The Middle and Sweetness, Clarity inspired musicians.

Its melodic blend of passionate energy, loud guitars, and emotionally-charged vocals would provide a blueprint for the third wave of emo to come.