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How might the Trump administration affect marijuana in Arizona?

No more than twelve marijuana plants in an "enclosed, locked facility. Yes, state-licensed nonprofit dispensaries may produce and dispense marijuana to authorized patients on a not-for-profit basis. Yes, the act provides a limited reciprocity to 'visiting qualifying patients'. In order to qualify, the patient: 1 must not be a resident of Arizona or has resided in Arizona for less than 30 days , 2 must have been diagnosed with a medical condition recognized under the Act, and 3 must possess a medical marijuana registration card or its equivalent that was issued pursuant to the laws of another state.

The out-of-state registration card has the same force and effect as a card issued in Arizona except that the visiting qualifying patient may not purchase medical marijuana in Arizona. Final rules for the program, physician certification forms , and a frequently asked questions FAQs are all available online at the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. Unless you have a medical marijuana ID card issued by a marijuana doctor a licensed M. If you do have a medical marijuana card, you can possess up to 2. Current Arizona law views marijuana, called "cannabis" in the laws, as a "Schedule 1" controlled substance.

That also includes different forms of marijuana , such as edibles and concentrates. This means that if you have any marijuana on you, you'll face felony charges under Arizona law A. The severity of possession charges will depend on how much marijuana you have.

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It is illegal in Arizona to purchase marijuana unless you have a medical marijuana ID card and obtain it from a state-run dispensary see below. If you have a medical marijuana card, you can purchase up to 2. As a result, Arizona will remain medical only. Currently, some Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries are open as early as 8 AM and close as late as 10 PM.

The hours of medical marijuana dispensaries are unlikely to change in the near future. As the law stands now, only those with valid medical marijuana registration cards may consume marijuana legally. If you smoke medical marijuana in Arizona, you have to do it privately. Smoking is prohibited on all forms of public transportation and in any public place. You also cannot medicate at a dispensary or it could lose its license. However, Arizona does allow you to consume medical marijuana in edible form in public, so long as you're not operating a vehicle or doing anything else that could constitute negligence if you're high.

Driving under the influence DUI is a misdemeanor first offense punishable by fines, a license suspension, probation and even jail time. In order to use medical marijuana, you must be a qualifying patient who has registered with the Arizona Department of Health Services and received a registry identification card medical marijuana card.

To qualify as an Arizona medical marijuana patient, you must meet the follow criteria:. If you meet the above standards, the next step is to schedule an appointment with a doctor to obtain a Physician Certification Form. Once you or your doctor's office submits your application, ADHS should mail your card to you within five business days.

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Note that you'll need to renew your card every year. If you're visiting Arizona and have a valid medical marijuana registration card from another state, you can possess and use marijuana in Arizona. However, you won't be able to get medical marijuana from an Arizona dispensary with an out-of-state ID card due to statutory limitations.

No matter how much marijuana you're allowed in your home state, you can only possess and use up to 2. Patients with medical marijuana cards can obtain marijuana through dispensaries or growing their own, if approved by ADHS to cultivate. The ADHS website has a list of state-licensed dispensaries to help you identify the one closest to you or you can visit our directory on PotGuide.

If the nearest dispensary is 25 miles or more away from your residence, you can grow up to 12 plants. Remember that qualifying patients can only purchase and possess 2. Additionally, medical marijuana cannot be smoked in public places, such as schools and parks. However, qualifying patients can consume marijuana in edible form in public places. Under existing Arizona law, you can only grow your own weed under two conditions: First, as we mentioned earlier, medical marijuana patients can grow up to 12 plants of their own if they don't have a dispensary within 25 miles of their homes.

The plants have to be grown in an "enclosed, locked facility," which the law defines as a "closet, room, greenhouse, or other enclosed area equipped with locks or security devices that permit access only by a cardholder. ADHS-designated caregivers can also grow and dispense medical marijuana for one to five medical marijuana patients.

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To be a caregiver, you have to be 21 years or older, agree to assist up to five medical marijuana patients, and have no previous drug felonies. If Arizona legalizes marijuana in , recreational cultivation will become legal. The proposal that might appear on the ballot lets you grow up to six marijuana plants at home for personal use, with no more than 12 plants growing at a single residence at a time. Recreational users would also have to respect the same facility restrictions as medical marijuana growers, cultivating only in an "enclosed, locked facility.

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