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Amanda's story

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P my prayers go out to her family in their time of need. I grew up in poco, I went to school starting in preschool and leaving in junior high. I can relate to her and it not something I would ever wish upon anybody. I never told my parents even after I moved away it still continued. This is a vicious cycle that needs too end I have to young boys in school and I am scared fopr them that they might endure bullying the way I did or even worse.

My condolences to you and your family Carol. You clarified her age of 12 when her mistake was made too young to know better. In her youtube one card in regards to the fight where the combatant was egged on by the crowd the person probably did not want to fight but the gang mentally over rode common sense.

Amanda’s Story | Healthy Mom & Baby

Do unto others as you would have then unto you. Peace be with you Carol. This is to carol. In my opinion I believe this man who did this should be caught and sent to jail. What he did was unexceptibale. He robbed this little girl of her life, her happiness, her soul, and her family and friends. The amount of hurt she had is so strong I can feel it myself and I wish I would have never happend. She was so beautiful and deserved so much better.

She is a beautiful girl…Amanda will always be in our memory. Hi my name is Azalia Rosado I live in Boston ma. I heard about Amanda Todd and is painful to me to said that this has to stop is a lot of young people and kids suffer this problem. We have to do something.

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  5. When my son came out of school crying without stop I realize something is happend and he explaind to me what happend. The same day I went to the school and thath it I stop that right of way. I know if people down there put the time and the support for all kids and young people this gonna stop.

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    We had to put our hands and talk because this problem is not gonna be ended like Amanda say. I just want to share my story because I did it and my son is good in school with good grades and good friends.

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    I always talk to him and check him in school. Thanks and god bless u and the family. I am truly sorry. I am devastated because I know I could have been there for here.

    Amanda's Story: In Her Mother's Words

    I have never felt this way about a news story. Mamatoo, why are you second guessing the decisions her family made. Unfortunately, there is almost no in-patient care for kids with mental illness in this province. What care there is short term and emergency based. Homeschooling is not necessarily the best option for children especially those who can not be left at home safely while a parent works. This is a tradgey for Amanda and her family. The last helpful or useful thing any of us can do is sit in judgement of her parents and family based on news reports and gossip.

    And how about all those students that were there to see her get beat up? Where are they now…? We have rules for riots that happen downtown, and consequences for them regardless who they are..

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    These children, regarless of there age… Need to speak up, or learn in place a disciplined action… How could these teachers just let her lie there? Especially knowing that that it was there co- workers daughter!.. I am sure there was a lot of time in between for someone to help.. I say shame on all involved that day.

    Fortnite Family - Amandas Backstory - #3 (Fortnite Roleplay)

    I am currently a student teacher in the maple ridge district, about 5 weeks away from brin certified. When the family is ready I would love to collaborate and create an anti- bullying program that focuses on cyber bullying… If u guys see this I would love to help an work with u guys on this in memory of Amanda… My sister went to Westview secondary and she too was bullied horribly and I would love to create more awareness!!

    This a horrible heartbreaking story, i feel i want to scream. At first, she did well. But then she developed meningitis — infection of the membranes around the brain.

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    For 24 hours she was a very sick baby. And it was six weeks before should could go home to Seymour. When your baby's entire life has depended on constant monitoring, taking her home can be very scary. Instead, we follow up with regular developmental evaluations. The advantage: the earlier a problem is caught, the easier it is to treat. Christine Butler is in charge of the Follow-Up program. If a child is born two months early, when her chronological age is 8 months, her corrected age is 6 months. At each visit, Dr. Butler spends more than two hours evaluating development.

    Does the 6-month-old sit alone? But if there is cause for concern, she can refer the child to specialists. Familiar with area rehabilitative programs, she matches the service to the unique needs of the child she is evaluating. Amanda progressed extremely well. But just to be sure, at six months, Dr. Butler referred her to pediatric neurologist S.

    Nallainathan, MD, for testing, because hearing problems often surface in children who have had meningitis. Happily, the tests indicated no hearing loss. Amanda is a professional and engaging speaker on impaired driving, traffic safety, and decision making. Drawing from her 15 year career in law enforcement, her presentations have been described as attitude changing and life altering by several businesses, schools and organizations.

    Amanda has a unique way of captivating and engaging her audiences through an effective blend of humour, hands on demonstrations and dispelling myths on impaired driving and the decisions we sometimes take for granted. You save lives and you have changed mine. Thank-you with love. There were many speakers over the weekend that changed my perspective on distracted and impaired driving.