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She was caught carrying a bag with five kilos of cocaine. After the two were mentioned together in a number of articles, Armstrong contacted Frampton. The judges in her case — she received a sentence of 4 years 10 months — were also going to be the judges in his. According to Rusty Payne, a spokesman for the U.

Drug Enforcement Administration, if Frampton and Armstrong were unaware of their involvement, they would be the exception. It is highly improbable, he said, that a person is unaware that he or she is carrying drugs. Frampton acknowledged that this was undoubtedly true — most of the time.

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Of the other 79 prisoners on his pavilion, he thought none were innocent. I think people like me are less than 1 percent. Three weeks before his trial, Frampton hired private lawyers. The new lawyers picked up where his public defenders left off, yet at a significantly accelerated pace.

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On Oct. Giddily, he said that the first thing he wanted to do was to sleep in, impossible in prison because every morning at they do the roll call. He reported that he had more citations than ever. The conversation turned to his long-awaited release to house arrest.

How had the new lawyers achieved so quickly what his public attorney had been requesting for more than four months? Paul Frampton, a theoretical particle physicist who taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for 30 years. This time, he was the one who brought the conversation back around to drug smuggling, showing palpable anxiety about the outcome of his trial.

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He told me uneasily that his lawyers had reported that nearly all drug-smuggling cases that came to trial ended in guilty verdicts. As I was leaving, he stepped out with me into the hallway. Two weeks later, on Nov. On exhibit in front of the judges was a collapsed black cloth suitcase with wheels wrapped in yellow cellophane. One at a. This is millions. Stay at another hotel. You must not tell the coca-goons. Frampton explained to the judges that these messages were jokes.

I had already decided to fly back to North Carolina. He sent 30 messages like this, with specific details that made it seem as if he were referring to a real situation, a considered plan, not fabricating a story on the spot. While for much of his life Frampton seems to have had little interest in money, he may well have seen his actions as a strategy to prove to Milani once and for all that he was indeed the husband of her dreams — a knight slaying dragons. The defense worked to show that far from hatching some elaborate plot, Frampton was unconcerned about the contents of the bag.

Would anyone, even a wacky scientist, behave this way if he knew he was transporting two kilos of cocaine? Who leaves his bags unattended in an airport?

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Frampton, apparently. The prosecution continued to press its case, producing a piece of paper on which Frampton had written:. The amount of cocaine found in the bag Frampton was carrying was 1, grams. On the third and last day of the trial, the defense exhibited love letters Frampton had written to Denise Milani that they recovered from his Gmail account. They were full of tenderness, vividly imagining their life together in Chapel Hill.

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On Nov. With credit for the time he has already spent in custody, Frampton is expected to be released in May Under Argentine law, a foreigner must serve half his sentence but can then be expelled from the country, and the penalty is then considered discharged. It was a hot summer day, and he was dressed casually this time, in a light blue polo shirt, white shorts, black socks and black sneakers.

He was still insisting on his innocence, but a new wariness had crept into his manner. He asked me several questions about myself, as if trying to gauge with each word which version of Paul Frampton I believed.

He reported that U. His lawyers were using the same strategy they had previously, but introducing further evidence, like the complete record of his Yahoo Messenger chats with Milani, which he felt sure would exonerate him. He lost his confidence. The night before, Frampton told me, he watched the Nobel Prize ceremony live in Stockholm. He described to me how the king of Sweden presented the prizes in a concert hall, adding that he had been there once himself. Much better than other ways of getting a lot of dopamine. A typical professor writes in his career.

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