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Armstrong emphatically concludes her book. I couldn't agree more. Provided of course this is done in good faith and without rewriting the historical truth, let alone violently suppressing critical minds and dissenting voices. Submission of reader comments is restricted to NY Sun sustaining members only. If you are not yet a member, please click here to join. If you are already a member, please log in here:. There is an adage that people in glass houses should not throw stones at others. Islam is a world religion followed by a fifth of humanity.

Military couples commit their lives to Jesus Christ during marriage enrichment week in Alaska

From the UN member states at least 54, which is one quarter of the world nations - are Muslim States. Islam is also a year old religion which has been followed by some of the greatest minds of mankind. But not withstanding let us look at the recent record of United States and Christianity.

Amongst the founding fathers of USA was George Washington, a man who killed defenceless Red Indian such as they were called prisoners of war -in cold blood in while serving as an officer- a war crime by any standards. In the late 40's it is the only country in the world and to date, the only country to have used nuclear weapons against two heavily civilian populated cities populated- when there was clearly no need since Japan was on the point of surrendering anyway.

Subsquently the US glorified itself by dropping seven times more bombs on a small insignificant country called Vietnam then the entire arsenal of bombs used in the Second World War. Recently it has attacked a Muslim country which had been its ally called Iraq killing , civilians according to the highly acclaimed peer reviewed medical journal called Lancet of the UK.

The US is currently led by junta of supposedly God fearing Christians who led their country to war with Iraq on lies and deception of the so called " weapons of mass destruction". So on this basis the world must seek to deal with the US on the grounds that it was founded by war criminal and the genocidal behaviour of the Americans has not stopped. Notwithstanding might I remind the author of this book on the Prophet of Islam that there were four of the greatest genocidal monsters of the 20th century of whom three were Christian, namely 1 Benito Mussolini The Roman Catholic fascist dictator of Italy 2 Adolph Hitler, an Austrian born Calvinist Christian responsible totally for the Jewish holocaust and who used the Crucifiction of Jesus years back as an excuse to commit genocide of 6 million Jews never mind the 50 or so million who perished in the second world war.

Then there is the former Priest of the Christian Orthodox denomination of the Georgian Church who eventually went by the name Josef Stalin and who also was responsible for the genocide of millions. Might I remind you that none of these monsters were Muslims and in the entire history of Islam with all the wars for the last 14 centuries would not produce a figure of genocide which would rival the humanity liquidated by these Christian monsters individually or collectively.

SURRENDER · EXODUS (long) – Dear Mushka

Might I also remind the author that when Catholic monarchs took over Spain, the Jews and the Muslims were given a choice to either convert or go into exile. The Jews chose to go into exile with the Moors to modern day Morocco. But these are inconvenient facts I guess. Hitler was an atheist who openly expressed his wish that the Germans had converted to Islam as it would have made them more warlike and violent. His immediate subordinates were either atheists or - like Himmler - Nordic Pagans.

Stalin renounced his Christianity, became a Marxist atheist, and persecuted Christians along with adherents of other religions. However, Muslims in jihad in imitation of their so-called prophet have massacred 2,, Sudanese Christians and nature worshippers and , Timorese Christians in the last 25 years alone, which doesn't count the 2,, Armenians murdered by the Ottoman Caliphate, the 1,, Hindus and Sikhs murdered during the partition of India in "reprisals" for, at that time, non-existent massacres of Muslims, the murderous jihads of Tamerlane, the estimated 80,, Hindus and Buddhists in India who died during 1, years of Muslim jihad, slavery and oppression there.

Karsh was very accurate when he described Armstrong's narration as travesty of history, I add, and truth too. Muhammad declared to his followers before his death: that there should be no religion left in the Arabian Peninsula other than Islam, hence was his hastened genocide against the Jews of Medina and Khaibar. One more thing Karsh forgot to mention in regard to the genocide of Kouriaza tribe, that Muhammad had ordered a huge mass grave to be dug, and males who had pubic hair be beheaded-I presume that Mis.

Armstrong knows that male kids as young as 10 year old have some fine vellus hair on their pubic areas- in front of their family members and clans. The merciful act of Muhammad continued for more than one day, till his Allah's mercy and compassion was accomplished, by beheading the males of the tribe, although the tribe had begged him to let them mass transfer to a far away place after giving him all their belongings, his altruism deemed that beheading them is more beneficial.

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Would Karen Armstrong like to reconstruct the scene of this genocidal barbaric action in her imagination??? Let us do it together:. The males are lead and made kneel down on the edge of the long mass grave, among the wailing and crying of their wives ,sisters, female kids, and male kids with no pubic hair. Male kids pubic areas are rechecked and a few fine vellus hair were discovered on a couple of them.

They are snatched from their mothers and joined with the other males awaiting their barbaric end at the edge of the mass grave. If Karen Armstrong did not know what happened to Kouriaza tribe- while she claims to be a historian-that would be a ctastrophe, and if she knew, the catastrophe is very much greater.

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  6. Can anyone make an appointment in receiving? How can I keep track of my pet once I surrender? So well done. Dialogue is always realistic and true to the timing of the story, in great differentiation between characters. Dialogue especially advances the story well. One thing the author does very well is pauses in dialogue, the taking of a breath, the pregnant pauses that happen in real dialogue and in real emotional exchanges. Excellent talent here. Nicely done.

    I was drawn to this book as someone who struggled with infertility issues in my own marriage and was impressed by the authenticity expressed by the author. This is a spiritual book and there was a sense of hope throughout that with faith, things would be as they should. The best part for me as a reader was that I was immediately drawn to the characters, rooting for them to catch a break and find the peace and happily ever after they were searching for.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a thoughtful read which will remind them in the power of faith and love.

    I did read it and I enjoyed it! Must have been hard for you to write all the sad things that happened to your characters! I have experienced many of the issues they dealt with, either in my own life or with close family or friends. Congratulations on turning some wide-ranging research into attention-grabbing fiction. Keep writing!

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    Naperville, IL. A friend recommended this book to me and I was soon fascinated, but not as much by the plot as by the characters. They seem so far apart in all their attitudes, and her inability to have children brings out the worst in Vito. And, when Toni eventually has a daughter, a miracle in itself, Vito becomes a good dad to Isabella, showing that he can change and become a better man. The priest is also a rock for Toni.